Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2/14 - Birthday road trip

Headed NORTH this morning. Met up with Doc Miller at the bait shop. Got what we hoped to be 10 dozen live shrimp, and headed over the ferry at the St. Johns in Mayport.

As we were in no man's land on A1A north, had a heater hose problem. Steam off the big Dodge Cummins everywhere. But easily fixed. Just needed WATER!!!!! Well, just so happens we we made it to where Kayak Amelia is. I found a ole gallon jug along side the road, and filled it up several times from their hose.

Back on the road after an hour.

We get to the boat ramp in Fernandina. We back the boat in the water and I hit the key. The Honda turns over but doesn't fire! W.T.H!!!!!!!!

"Oh, no. Not another problem?"

Well, after another hour!!!!!!!!

It's figured out that all the bouncing on this road trip loosened the "engine cut off" switch lanyard. So the engine wouldn't start. Once it was back and properly afixed. VVRROOMM...The Honda started and we were finally off.

"Really, who would think that bouncing down the road would loosen the safety cut off? Not me. But it sure did. Road trip lesson learned."


We came to slaughter T-R-O-U-T. That was the plan.

Here's what actually took place.....on my birthday road trip, with my float-freak buddy Doc Miller.

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