Thursday, November 29, 2012

11/29 - Mountain Timers, in Mayport

Had Tom & Margie from Colorado aboard the Jettywolf today. They won a free trip to J-ville, via Visit Jacksonville, and I was there fishing guide for the day.

We departed at 7:30am. But before they arrived I took a few photos as I usually do of the conditions:
WIND "HONKING" the flag at the Pilot Station

FULL MOON, up and glowing at 7am!

NO FEAR....I specialize in fishing all kinds of K.O.D. - "kiss of death" days.
As Dr. Phil says on TV. "This ain't my 1st Rodeo."

No pun intended, but many moons ago when I got started in this business, having to fish on days that someone else choose, and then those days not really being under very good conditions. Was really the first, HERE'S YOUR SIGN, that taking the public fishing, wasn't as easy as it sounds.

But that was a long time ago. These days it's the norm, and I really don't sweat it at all any longer.

So with that said, I did what I call the "MOON OVER MILL COVE".  It's protected from the wind. When the tides extra high, I can go about anywhere in that shallow "mud hole", and in the fall and winter. There's always some action in there.

I told Tom and Margie......"we need a SLAM. Redfish-Trout-Flounder!"  And Margie told me, she's never fished a day in her life. And if she catches a fish. It will be her absolute, first.

Hmmmm, that's good to know. But, not uncommon either.
B-A-M...well her's her first ever fish. A keeper 16" Speckled Trout. Which was the first fish caught this morning.
And she didn't stop there. She kept catching!
Hubby Tom, finally played catch-up and scored a few also. They weren't all keepers (over 15 inches) but I was just glad a plan was coming together.
The two caught a few more Trout. And when that action slowed. We made a move about 100 yards.

Margie then nailed this 23 inch Redfish, while Tom caught a few more Trout.

Then, Tom had 3 Flounder damn near in a row. All keepers that hit the ice.

Each one was larger then the last.....

As the tide slowed, it was time to move on and go into the river and hide from the wind. So we hit the Croaker hole. Last Monday it gave up some big Croakers from 12-18 inches. So let's see what happens today.

Yep, solid 13 inchers, along with a few smaller ones. So we kept 4-13 inchers for the fish box.
Tried something new.....putting all the fish we kept on a "stringer" so they'd all be easier to hold up for a photo. Even though, now we can't really see them all very individually. Hmmm, maybe a 1/2 a good idea?
Margie, wants everyone to know that the Gal who's never fished a day in her life before, caught the largest fish. By "pointing it out to everyone who see's it." Her Redfish.
As it turned out, they didn't want any of their fish. They didn't have the time to head over to Singleton's and have them fried up for lunch. So they let me have them.
And I cleaned them all up, and had them hit the oil by 4:00pm at home in my deep frier, that's permanantly ready on my back porch.
A few cold PBR's later. They were all done, and ready for mass consumption. THANKS, Tom & Margie!!!
Next up: a 1/2 day with Tom O. and his little son on Friday morning.

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