Wednesday, January 2, 2013

1/1 & 1/2....The New Year....on to #17

Ya know what I don't like more than anything? It's how time flies by. I caught myself sitting on the edge of my bed yesterday putting on my socks in the morning and thinking about how fast time passes us by. And how short life really is.

There's so much I'd like to do, places I'd like to fish. And no sooner as we just blink (so it seems) it'll be summer and hot as all hell!  I'll be complaining about catching less Trout, and sweating again by 8am.

And this year will mark 17 years of charter fishing here in J-ville. And how old I'm quickly getting without doing the things I want to do.

All this went tru my mind as I put on just two socks!

Kinda heavy huh??

Well with that said, here's what YOU may have missed. I say may have missed. Because I didn't see YOU there.
The B&M bait and tackle New Years Day Bash & Fish Fry.

As usual it was great. The food was unbelievable!

There was so many people vehicles were parked up and down A1A, plus the whole parking lot. Pitty the person who went fishing at 1pm and needed ice and bait with a boat in tow!!!


Parking lot jammed....and Alan's old Ford!
THE CROWD...and all the food!
1/2 - with Ed and Nancy
Had regular customer Ed B. from Michigan back on the Jettywolf along with his girlfriend Nancy. We had a rising tide right off the git-go. But on spot one it was dead low tide and just started coming in, very slowly.
It was a good spot to show nancy the how's and why's of Float-rigging for Trout. And of course some bluefish were present. So fish #1 was a Blue, but right off, fish #2 was a good keeper Trout via Nancy! 


And it was more than evident to me as we boxed 5 Trout on the first spot up to 21 inches, that the BITE is all about LOW tide!


It gets this way....especially as the water gets colder. Yes, you can pick and poke around. But the LOW tide is where it's at!
As the tide came in we had to work hard, really hard to pick up a few more trout, toss back a few, and get eaten alive by bait stealers.
The moral of the day was work for the bites. And keep on track.  But as the tide got higher the bites slowed. Even my go-to spot only yielded one Trout, and it was where the wind and seas were pushing into the jetty rocks. Which is usually the ticket (?)
So right when ya think you know what's happening......Mother nature shows you another side. But either way we had a good time. No serious "kicker fish", like picking off a Sheepshead, or even getting a Redbass on the float-rigs. No Yellowmouth Trout either.


But at days end Ed had a 1 gallon bag full of nice fish fry fillets, and it was much much better weather than it is in Michigan. And I hope he brings Nancy along again.
I always say, "bring your best gal".  You could be surprised at how good she fishes! And Nancy hung right in there!
(dang, my camera wasn't having a good day. The photos are not up to par)

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