Sunday, March 17, 2013

3/17 - "Wicked Jettywolf"


Steph said...

Very nicely done! I would have loved to been out yesterday, no wind, flat river..but alas, no tow vehicle yet..That is some camera system. How easy is it to edit into a movie like that? Excellent editing, fun to watch. And all single handed! Loved the fish on the arti's. Looking forward to the next!

Capt. Dave Sipler said...

Ya ever see my favorite show? "wicked Tuna" on the science channel. Well, this was done in comemoration of.

Yeah, I had at least 14 hrs in this one from start to finish and learned alot. Stuff most folks would find boring. And the mistakes I made cost valuable footage too.

It's NOT easy to edit with all the footage I had, I almost lost where I was. Next time I have to "story board" what I want and then use the clips to make it.