Thursday, August 29, 2013

did you know?



Did you know...

Louisiana Fish Fry mix or Zaterains Fish Fry Mix. Moist pile of Speckled trout fillets, in a one gallon bag, both shook together. The mix dry straight out of the box. Let sit in the refrigergator for a day. Then, let free to swim in Peanut or Canola oil, in a large black cast iron skillet with  a inch or more of oil. Fried to floating freely at 375 degrees, and crispy on the edges. (that's how I do it)

Is enough to have your tongue come outa your mouth and slap the back of your neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Add a very cold "ICE CHILLED" 16 ounce can or bottle of your favorite malted brewed type beverage, or even better yet, some Strongbow Hard Cider, some cole slaw, or potato salad, and you won't make it to the sit down. You'll be eating right where ya stand.

Maybe have a separate burner going with boiling water and some gynormous 12-14 count Mayport Shrimp dropped in it head and all.....It'll be pick-peel-eat heaven!

All this can be care of Jacksonville's Best Inshore Fishing

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