Sunday, September 1, 2013

Finally...last day of August

Trout friends, at least Big Gators vanished. At least where I can go to find them. No "topwater" bites at all. Maybe a few swipe and misses from some small fish. But as usual here in Bazzarro world. I didn't get any hook ups on my new all black and chartreuse tail Kick-A-Mullet, and neither did Todd. And new resident to J-ville from the mid west. He said, "it's better than shoveling snow!" 

So after a "sun-up" cast fest on several spots. It was a HERE'S YER SIGN that the Trout vacated the area.

And since Todd's never seen the inlet. I ran all the way back from where we went to go somewhere to hook the brother up! The action at the N. Jetty seemed stereo-typical of what it's like in the summer out there. (can't wait till WINTER!!!!!!)

Caught only a few fish to use as baits, set the out for the "man in the brown suit" and had no heavy Sharkin' tackle with me. This was a complete after-thought!

Fishing Jacksonville, you have to remain Rigidly Flexible. Especially this time of year...

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