Monday, September 2, 2013

9/2 - from 1st to last cast......HOLD-ON!!

Had Bill and his son Luke aboard the Jettywolf today. My yesterday charter cancelled on me. Which has me now going with a Holiday week, 1/2 up front NON-returnable deposit. Because, ya just can't do business this way in this town, where you live from Holiday to Holiday.

So today we headed out as the sun came up and "Yes", there were shrimp boats right outside the inlet.

1st cast of a float, attached to a 200# mono leader "crimped" then to a "crimped" on 14/0 circle hook.
I cast it behind the shrimp boat over the nets, right where the Flippers are piled up, and it was.....

I couldn't believe it. The float went down instantly. Then the shark came right at us. It was a monster Spinner shark. It went air born two maybe three times corkscrewing 5 feet out of the water! Right behind the boat, then again, and then the next time I thought it was coming in the bpoat as it corkscrewed right behind my boats swim platform! All three of us couldn't do a thing. And we all thought it was coming in the boat. I had my hand on the throttle, but I was stunned, along with my crew.

Then it spun one more time and busted the leader clean.


We had more instantaneous hook ups. Drag smokers, and one caught us up in the shrimp net. Then, another young Luke fought for over 30 minutes and then I took over. And it tried to whoop even me.

It was the largest Blacktip of the whole summer. 6-7' long and when I tried to use the dehooker pole and release it it just ate through the 200 pound mono leader and took off.

The action was unbelievable and non stop.

The action and size of these Blacktips was so good we went back to the jetties and sat for a little while before heading in. My crew was done.

Get to do it all over again on Tuesday. When ya'll are back at work finally. With just one guy.
The river was a zoo. And on the way back to the ramp only two idiots tried to run us over.

If they only realized they will get the "shit end of that stick" when they hit 1/4" alloy plate against fiberglass.....I know. Because I've seen it.

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