Wednesday, July 30, 2014

7/30 - Fun 2 hour KIDS Trip

Had the Shannon Family aboard....for a 2 hour Kids trip. Lot's of Croakers, a few Whiting, Catfish, and hookup on a Shark that ended up breaking off the whole rig.

Then, off to a shrimp boat to see what was going on behind it.

B-I-R-D-S!!!!!!  getting yanked under water by hundreds of Sharks frothing the water behind the shrimp boat as they dumped over some bycatch. We saw Sharks big and small and Dolphins big and small. A few really tiny baby Dolphins.

Awesome weather. Flat puffy clouds just offshore.
Another Fun, Educational, 2 Hr. KIDS trip!
Only from Capt Dave's Sport Fishing.
aboard the KID friendly JETTYWOLF.

7/29 - ON WATCH!

Lots to learn about possible NEXT Tropical Storm:


Monday, July 28, 2014

7/27 - Just Jetties....

Had Thomas and Curtis aboard for "jus' jetty fishing" today in the blowin' 15 knot due WEST winds that was a huge pain.

A few Blacktip Shark bites and hook-ups (LOST), a 30+ pound Redbass, lots of Croakers (bait) and a few real nice sized Whiting, and a 100 pound Nurse Shark. Rounded out the day.

The wind was the problem. Not a great direction, and kept blowing us off anchor.

Here's some PICTURES of the day. No video today....sorry. Wore out from editing others.

Starting off the morning at the bait shop, then sat in Navy traffic for 30 minutes.
Wonder why the hell I moved 5 minutes from the boat ramp, when I can't even get to the damn boat ramp from all the squid traffic. Not a fan of the Navy. Also lost valuable fishing shoreline, that I make my living from, in which I can't fish any longer. Thanks to them also.

A reason to fish outside the jetty rocks....SHIPS?

Here's the Big Redbass: OVER 30#'s

Here's a small catch that Thomas made. The cute little Octopus. These guys are smart and so clever.

After loosing a few Jetty Blacktip Sharks. Thomas caught a 100 pound Class Nurse Shark on a mutilated via a Blacktip, what was a live Croaker. Which was perfect food for the Nurse Shark.

Fishing got really tough as the day wore on. So we headed back to the dock at 1:30pm

Wednesday-Thursday -Sunday, at this time.
-hope the wind stops.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

7/26 - Jacksonville's Mayport Jetty Shark Fishing

The ZOO is finally over!
Greater jax Kingfish tournament(s) and that weekend Red Snapper season, all at the same time.

I guess we can get back to "REGULAR'ness?" And the boat ramp can go back to normal?

Shrimp boat sharks, have all been small to damn near nothing worth doing.
But, as the tide falls at the they come. (Blacktips and Spinners, and other drag smokin' mystery giants)

While just fishin', your line starts to move away at a very fast pace. Whatever you have hooked up will get eaten. As soon as that tide starts to fall along the outside of the rocks.

99% of everyone out there, is not prepared.

After loosing rig after rig. We stepped up the tackle. Ronny and I worked (2) absolute freight trains. One on light tackle and one on what should have been the perfect tackle. Only to have broke off rigs again!

So, I stepped it up to 9/0 reel with a "unlimited" monster rod. To just get Ronny any SHARK!
He was basically the "newbie" on the boat.....and he sure did get an education today.

From: Sea Bass (of course) to Bonnethead Sharks to Freight Trains, to Blacktip Sharks.


And a cooler full of decent "fish fry" Whiting they left me, and a Jetty Spadefish.

NOTHING FANCY, 2 pounds of dead shrimp. Croakers for bait, a lot of re-rigging all day long. And then a stuck anchor at days end that needed to be "perplexed" loose out of the jetty rocks.

Ronny was feeling a bit seasick most of the day. Sure glad I didn't run to a offshore reef to  do my Sharkin'. The word first thing this morning was once past the Sea Buoy it was very swells very close.

So I spun around and went straight to the North Jetty.


More to come. THIS WEEK.

So.....stay tuned.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

7/23-COBIA vs. CUDA, while Shark Fishing

SINGLE PERSON "SOLO" CHARTERS are kinda special to me. Especially when it's my ole customer Chris. Talk about a laid back, fun guy to fish with.

He said to me, "Fish ought to be like women. Don't go looking for that specific one. Just go, have fun and if it's meant to be. You'll find the one you're after!"

Too many people want a laundry list of, "I want this, I want that..." 
That's not the way fishin works.

Just have FUN.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


I feel sorry for the folks that "Do Not" do their homework, and visit this reports blog.
Before booking their day aboard the's not like I see reports like these on any other charter service website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

7/20 - Just a short Viddy-O.

Here's a few photo's from Friday. We sharked, we bottom fished. We sat thru rain & wind. We tried for big Redbass and had to use 16 OUNCES to hold the bottom (Huge Fail) there's just times you cannot fish on the bottom of the St. Johns River!!!!!!!!

***coming soon......7/22/14 offshore 500 pound Tiger Shark catch video!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

7/10 - It's called "FISHING"...with a bit of Agony sometimes.

The rest of the story went like this......

We caught some Sharks, all small ones. No big Blacktips behind the Shrimp boats.
Then, barely caught some Pogies in 36 feet of water, for live baits.
Took them up in the river for Bull Redbass fishing.
Hooked TWO giant unknowns that we think were bull Redbass..and lost each one before seeing them!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

7/8 - Mayport

Yesterday, "yeah in the middle of the summer!!!!" they are building a brand new boat ramp in the middle of the two boat ramps where the wasted space of that grass berm was, at the Mayport Boat Ramp.

Naw, couldn't do it in Feb. or March, that makes too much sense!  So, this means a giant barge with a crane will be the newest obstacle for us to navigate in the swift current of the river for who knows how long.

I contacted the City Dock Master and asked, "Are ya kidding me? I hope that barge isn't sitting there during the Greater Jax Kingfish Tournament hustle and bustle?"

His response was; "The barge will be moved out of the way that week."

We'll see how all this takes place. Plus, we're supposed to get more floating docks.

I'll add video and photos I'm sure.  Gotta "watch dog" these things. Because the whomever is usually clueless.


I do monthly CYBER-ANGLER website reports.  I kinda went over board on this one. Since I wasn't in a hurry to get it done.

Here's a LINK to it.


CROAKERS, (aka: Croaka) have shown up at the jetties. GREAT for kids to catch. And cheap and fun baitfish to catch. Hardy as all hell. A dozen live Croaka in the livewell will catch everything from Sharks, King Mackerel, Snappers, and giant Redbass in the river.


Still looking for someone who'd like to (2 persons) do a "pursuit" of a 500 pound Bull, Tiger, Hammerhead Shark fishing trip. OFFSHORE!

Chum, bait and wait for the MAN!  I have the tackle. But you must have the willingness to wait on the bite. No BS'n around. GOAL:  Catch a Newspaper worthy sized Monster Shark, sweat, and Video, Photo, and release. Fishing and patience experience is a must. Most likely won't be instant gratification, but ya never know?


Saturday, July 5, 2014

7/4 - Independence Day-Jacksonville Fishing

WOW.....after the passing of Arthur, the inlet bottom on either tide was "carpeted" with Hardhead and Sail Cats!  We tried twice, in the morning on the falling tide and later in afternoon on the flood tide.
Yes, in between there were a few Jacks, And Croakers and Whiting but not many.

AND ZERO Blacktip bites on LIVE Croakers or (BIG Redbass) bites on the bottom inside the jetties also.

So. The passing of Arthur did disturb the bottom at the jetties, for sure!!

MORE trips coming this week to include "KIDS TRIPS" and a few regular 6 hr days.

(as in days not Hours!)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

7/3 - Post Tropical Storm Arthur,"tackle talk"

Want to try your hand at those Okuma rods (for Redfish) ??
$15 each or $25 and some 16oz. Pabst Blue Ribbon (4) pak and they are yours.
904-642-9546 (8am-8pm only) 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014