Wednesday, March 30, 2016

3/30 - lots going on....

Besides having what seems like a huge amount of "tire kickers" calling every day at noon. This year
is about on par with every other elections year.  (Never the same as others)

Went from wacking those big Whiting on Friday to fishing with a couple from NY on this past Saturday, in the off and on rain, and barely caught any Whiting. Plus, no Reds or Drum either.

Maybe I ought to go back to float-rig fishing for the Trout.  Just a JOKE....yeah right, in between the teeth of the green scourge fish.   Blues?  No thanks.

But it would be kinda cool to take a few people who can actually cast a spinning reel, though.

Then we could do something besides bottom fish.  Once I bottom fish for two weeks straight, I'm back to.....sick of it.

Tuesday was Cataract surgery on my right eye, left eye will be soon. What a hassle to be running back and forth to the VA hospital in Gainesville.  Just to get the surgery took two or three times prior, driving there. Now, I have one more time, next Tuesday and hopefully done for awhile. And hopefully better sight.  Right now my eye is throbbing a bit, blurry but getting better, though.

"Tired of bottom fishing".....isn't really the proper way of putting it.

I like it because "EVERYONE" can do it. No special skills needed.

My mentor; Capt Fred Morrow, bottom fished that river and those jetties for a numerous decades. His thing was being the "king of simple".

BUT, I"M NOT A PARTY BOAT!  Still fighting that daily. Everyone thinks I am, and wants me to carry 6 people or even 16. They just don't get the concept of inshore light tackle fishing.

So, I'm working on getting one of these:

Mounting it on my bow deck, adding a aluminum anchor sprit that I'll have welded to the point of the bow, and now BOTTOM FISHING ISN'T SUCH A HASSLE!

The spool holds all my anchor line. Free's up space below for storage rather than anchors and rode. Plus, it holds up to 15' of chain.  Something I'd love to have but certainly ain't pulling up off the bottom at the jetties or offshore.

I was thinking "Jack Plate" for the motor, which ends up costing the same.  But really, how often would I use that?

This is better than a Trolling motor, I think.  I don't have to carry 2-3 more batteries. Which Trolling motors demand.

Instead I'll just push a button lift the anchor and make a move.........saving my shoulders and back.

There's a ton of details that go into buying and installing this "Drum anchor winch" on my boat. I have no way of getting power to my bow deck up front. So I have to get a chase welded in, and into the console where my batteries are.

Get the bow sprit welded on at the same time. Re-configure my ladder on the trailer that'll be in the way of the anchor hanging off the bow, buy new anchor line and chain, and I'm saving my back, after a few grand invested.


Friday, March 25, 2016

3/25 - Carlton Family Fun

Cooler full of Whiting at the Jetties for the Carlton Family, with the "kicker fish" a 12 Pound Redfish in deep water.  Fun, from start to finish. As the boys wore themselves out, by 1:30pm.

Bottom fished the Jetties (inlet) all day with just shrimp & cut bait. Finished up with a big bag of tasty Whiting fillets.

BOOK YOUR DATE. BEFORE IT GETS TOO HOT. Today was cool and over cast.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

3/23 - Two little Scampers

Had Mike D. and his son Brandon out again today and they brought friend Cruz with them. Loads of Whiting, a few Seabass, and two Black Drum. Fishing Shrimp at the jetties.

got home and then had my tomorrow charter call and want to reschedule, which was already rescheduled from monday!!

then, booked for friday and with thursdays weather as nice as it was today, I'll be sitting at home.

so ya say you wish you did what I do for a living??

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

3/22 - Coastal jigging, Micro Jigs, Jacksonville Fishing


Saturday, March 5, 2016

3/5 - from private stash

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Friday, March 4, 2016

3/4 - Surely not yesterday...

It was cold, overcast, and windy. Hmmm, sure wasn't like yesterday!!!!!!!!
I so wanted to actually have a day when the tides weren't wacky, the sun was shining, and the wind wasn't howling. I can live with cold, if my customers can.

But NOOOOOOO. We get a crappy day with zero sun, blowing hard out of the North and quite cold. I go into the ICW and head for my spot. I can tell already with 3 hours till dead low, the tide isn't even moving that well.

The Trout don't bite. Well, we did have one 16 incher and a 12 incher Yahooo! Nothing on the Vudu Mullets, nothing on the Sonic Baitfish, and bluefish eating every shrimp on the float rig!

We sat and feed the fish. I had guests from Thailand and the Prop designer "Phil" from Turningpoint Propellers aboard the Jettywolf. The folks from Thailand weren't pro fisherman, so we stuck with the float-rigs and hoped for some action as I moved around more.

The main man's wife caught the largest Bluefish, so she was very happy.

What a trooper she was out in a skirt in that cold wind.  They at least went home with two bluefish, a large Float-rig caught Whiting, and a 16 inch Speckled Trout after our half day of fishing inshore.

I am so aching for a decent day. Seems like it's been weeks since  I've got into a good bite of decent fish. Something is always keeping me from getting there. Well, thats what happens when I don't pick the days. I just have to work with what I'm given.