Sunday, July 31, 2016

7/31 - JULY IS OVER!!!!!!!!!

But, just because July is over. Doesn't mean the heat is. Although we are a month closer to NOVEMBER, my favorite month of the year. (which should be my busiest, but isn't. Because it's always something.....too close to the Holidays, is what I always hear)

June and July is official, 'Kids fishing trip' months. So it was good that July goes out with a great 2 Hr. Kids Trip today.

We done lost count of the number of fish caught, and I was told the Sharks counted as 5 other fish.
Let's see... we had, Catfish, Croakers, Spot, Jack Crevalle, Pigfish, Sand Trout, and Bonnet-head Sharks.

Dead shrimp on the bottom, it was that easy. But the "tide" plays alot into the success. We had a great tide this morning at 7am.

Get a bad tide, and it may NOT be "instantaneous gratification". That's the way it is around here.

I had long, long time customer Dave C. and his grandkids. The last time I had them they were much younger. I was shocked when I saw them this morning!! How they've grown.

Here's some before pics from years ago:

now here they are (with help from Grandpa') reelin' in some pretty stout Bonnetheads in the deep water of the Jetties:

 Makes me feel pretty dang old!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

7/30 - the story behind "GULP"

Doctor Gulp's Most Frequently-Asked Questions

Remember back in ’88 when a new trout dough called PowerBait showed up? Know anyone that still swears by the original Power Worm? Well, John Prochnow (photo) developed them both, along with thousands of other scented plastics for Berkley. He is, you could say, the king of fish-friendly fragrance. Prochnow actually started his career developing scents for soap and shampoo and other things that your wife doesn’t mind, unlike the Gulp! juice I spilled in the closet the other day. Yes, Gulp! is Prochnow’s baby, too.
Last night I had a rare chance to sit and talk with him, and I wondered, given that he is the brains behind an innovative bait line that garners both high praise and skepticism, which questions anglers ask most about Gulp! So here are the queries you, the angling public, fire at Prochnow on a regular basis. - Joe Cermele

Q: So what are Gulp! baits made of anyway? 
A: “Gulp! is made of a water-based polymer, unlike many other soft-plastics that are oil-based PVC. That allows us to use a wider variety of smells, because our attractant is also water based, and oil and water don’t mix. Naturally, fish can smell water-soluble liquids better than anything else, and the material allows the baits to hold and release much more scent. I liken Gulp! and other scented plastics to eating lunch on a fishing trip. You have a ham and cheese sandwich in a plastic bag. You take it out and eat it and it’s good. Now, if you were to bite it through the bag, all the ingredients would be the same, but you’re going to taste the bag, too.”

Q: Hey, is there really a difference between Gulp! and Gulp! Alive? 

A: “Yes. The liquid in a bucket of Gulp! Alive has a high level of hydrating modifiers…a fancy term for chemicals that allow the juice to get absorbed faster. We say that Gulp! Alive baits are rechargeable because those modifiers are always trying to maintain equilibrium. So if you put a bait back in that’s full of water, the chemicals want to get back into that bait and equalize.”

Q: OK. Then can I put regular Gulp! baits in my Gulp! Alive bucket? 

A: “Sure you can. It may make them a little bit softer, but the Gulp! Alive liquid will get absorbed the same way.”
Q: I think Gulp! baits are too soft. What can I do?” 
A: “Rig a bait and let it air-dry for 15 to 30 minutes. It’ll firm up, and though you might be sacrificing some action, you’ll have a very durable bait. Just be careful not to dry it too long.”
Q: I like lots of action. Any way to give Gulp! Alive baits more of it? 
A: “Put the bucket in the sun. As the liquid warms, the baits will absorb even more and get softer. But just let the bucket warm. If you leave it for hours in 110-degree heat, the baits will get mushy.”

Q: Should I just toss Gulps! that have dried to rock-hardness? 

A: “Well, if they’re completely dry, they’ll never get back to 100% flexibility no matter how long you soak them. But they will rejuvenate enough to be used as chum pieces or dead-stick cut baits for, say, catfish.”
Q: So your baits are biodegradable. How long do they really stick around? 
A: “That all depends on the environment. In a well-run landfill, a Gulp! bait will be gone in 8 to 10 months. In saltwater, they generally last one to two years, and about the same or a little less in fresh, again depending on current, water clarity and temperature.”

Q: You invented these things, what’s your favorite? 

A: “Easy. The 3-inch Gulp! Minnow in smelt color. It just catches everything that swims in freshwater. A Native American friend of mine helped develop the shape. We actually copied the bodies of smelts caught in my home waters, the Missouri River in South Dakota. That same pattern also happens to be our top seller.”

Friday, July 29, 2016

7/28 - Dozen Sharks

Had a crew of two guys and two girls who wanted ACTION.

Well, although it wasn't as hot and humid as other days. We went behind the Shrimp boats and they got plenty of ACTION.

A Dozen Sharks, with several good sized Blacktips with one having a outstanding size and girth.

It was a lot of fun. With a lot of "I.G." - instantaneous gratification thrown in.

By noon, we all were longing for a different species. But the Sharks is all I ever catch behind the Shrimp boats. It would be really nice to get a Cuda at least, or some Bonita's.  But Sharks is all it ever is. So at Noon, we high-tailed it in and back to the dock.

Too much sun, salt spray and fun. Everyone was whooped.




Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I like "comparisons" rather than "reviews".  Video reviews is such a over used term on Youtube.
And really there's just a handful of Youtube creators that actually do super reviews. And it's never on fishing tackle. But rather gadgets, smart phones and electronics.

I'm planning a comparison video, coming soon.

NEW, American ingenuity compared to Japanese ingenuity. And if you don't think there's a HUGE difference, you may want to stay tuned for the video.

Here's a sneak peek:

what's the differences?

Saturday, July 16, 2016

7/16 - I don't wanna be a, "Head boat"

as in: "not this"

Sport Fishing, "YES". WHERE LESS IS MORE!


7/16 - Summer = S.E. Seabreeze, Bathtub water temp.

Had a call for a Saturday, but wanted to depart at noon or 1:00pm.


Where am I supposed to park on a weekend at the time?  On a Saturday?

Then, it'll be windy. Not to mention maybe "stormy", and so dang H-O-T!

Common sense says DEPART as early as possible.

I do 7am depart, back by 1:00pm

And many people can't handle that.

Last few trips: 

Run & Gun fishing behind the Shrimp boats has been super "I.G" - instantaneous gratification!!!!!!!
Problem I have is all the Sharks have been small the last few trips. No 100 pounder type Blacktips.
You're supposed to be joining the 100 pounder club, when doing this.

The sharks have been on the small side, and I even "dropped down" the size of the tackle used, because of it.  Yeah people have a great time battling these 3-4 footers. But the real excitement comes with a high flying Blacktip or Spinner Shark that's a 6 foot plus and weighs in at a hefty 100 or more pounds.

I have plenty of video of the larger sharks. But not many this summer as summer's past.


It really depends on the T-I-D-E you get according to the day Y-O-U pick.  You can always "consult" me about best dates........"But really, who's actually gonna ask me?"  NO ONE!!!

I prefer a rising tide while we're out there. Bringing in cooler cleaner green Ocean water, versus hot dark brown water. But heck, that's just me. Your fishing guide!

Species lately, on all kinds of tides:
-Black Drum
........more Sharks and Rays.

Yep, just the other day we had 4 Black Drum, 2 were decent fillet'ables. And this was with some guys who really weren't "avid anglers" by no means. We picked thru the Junkfish, but persistence can get you some decent pup Black Drum. Not super whoppers. But then again, super Whoppers aren't as good eaters.

The Whiting size has dropped off significantly. Back in April & May they were huge.  Croakers of all sizes are out there, except the giants.  We actually caught many Croakers that were the perfect GATOR Trout sized baits.  But it took hours to do so, if you were to get enough to then try them for any Trout.


This took planning and strategizing, and many hours rigging up in my HOT garage with the fan blowing on me at maximum warp speed.

This is a 26 Qt. FROSTBITE cooler from Icey-Tek, with a hole drilled in it, in a strategic spot, mounted my 12V Double Bubble aerator to the side of the cooler with my Weld-bond epoxy & fasteners, lengthened the wires, and covered them with shrink wrap. And the Orange ammo box houses two 12V emergency exit light batteries (one as a spare) found on Ebay or Amazon for $16-$18.00. And now I have a "highly" insulated live bait tank to house those precious, expensive, LIVE Shrimp.   I plan to add a divider in the middle of the cooler, along with a thermometer, also. It's small and light, so I can change out the water easily.  With HIGH hopes that even tucked under my leaning post will help keep the water cooler, in the shade.

On certain trips I'll be re-introducing FLOAT RIG FISHING, along with using my new Spinning reels for Jig-N-Shrimp fishing. And of course I'll carry the trusty bottom fishing tackle.

 I pretty much just gave up on Float-rigging, because of the lack of any serious Trout at the Jetties. But I don't care. I will try other places, along with trying around the rocks.


I remember years when it was JULY, and we float-rigged the Jetties and had 12 Flounder from 3-7 pounds!!!   On live Shrimp.  That hasn't happened since. But ya never know. And I don't mind trying with a 2 person charter.  

One July, fishing the Float-rigs in the rain we even got into these shiny "hub caps".

Of course, these are always the #1 fish when Float-rigging with Live Shrimp!!
We had (4) beauties like this "just off the beach" around Nassau Sound many moons ago. The same day we had the (12) Flounder at the jetties in JULY.  Guess that was back before "Global Warming"

W-O-W, have things changed.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

7/10 - rod sale....1/2 PRICE! new posting




(although upside down and not that great, because cell phones make for shitty cameras, at least my iPhone is really shitty!)

1/2 Price Rod sale - Shakespeare Ugly Stik ""Tiger Lites"" 

check out the giant MANTIS SHRIMP I caught at the Jetties the other day. It was over a FOOT long and one bad mamergamer!

Guess they like "micro jigs" too..........

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Avet EXW Pro (wide) 50 2-speed

Avet EX 50 2-speed

Spooled w/ 100 Pound Power Pro as backing and then 100 pound Mono (a lot) on top, of both, w/ 400# wind-on leaders.
Matched up with MINT condition (vintage) Ugly Stik stand-up 5'6" all Aftco rollers, XH 80-130 Lb. class Rods.
additionally; equiped with genuine Avet reel covers.
$1,000.00 cash for both
(Not separating rods and reels)
or call 8am-8pm 904-642-9546

Monday, July 4, 2016

7/3 - In the river.....

Jig-N-Shrimp combo meals....Started out past the Dames Point bridge as the NEW MOON tided flooded in the river.


the water down there had us fishing all the usual spots as the wind blew like hell from the SW.
without a single bite on a shrimp.  Welcome to bazzaro world!!!

Two guys, "spinner tackle" casting and casting.

And as my Dad always says; "If Dave isn't catching, how the heck am I supposed too?"

Yep, and I wasn't getting a single bite either. Fishing a 1/4 ounce jig and a Matrix Shad, soft plastic.
OH how I'd love to have the guys from Matrix Shad over here in the summer and show them how well they work around here. Of course when they fish (their product) it's in the clean clear waters of the Gulf and or Bayou's off Lake Pontchartrain Louisiana, waylaying Redfish like stacking cord wood in the cooler.


Tried a few spots without as much as a Jack or Ladyfish. The "here's your sign fish".  Gotta at least catch them, and when you do. You're in the "correct water".

So off we went back eastward, towards the 100% Atlantic Ocean water. By now the tide started to fall and we were off to the races on plenty of Jacks and Ladyfish....AND MANGROVE SNAPPERS!

Largest at 8 pounds really pulled on the light spinner gear.

Largest Mangrove 14" (largest of the summer so far) off submerged rocks.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

7/1 - The Atlantic Ocean

"some day when I grow up. I will be a Gulf of Mexico, coastal Angler!"

Today, was a total nightmare!  I had one guy aboard the Jettywolf. A young guy who I thought was a "tad salty".

I was WRONG!

The plan was to go to my favorite set of offshore ledges (favorite because they've produced and are close)

BUT. When I was down to about 4 knots, and was getting passed by the Majesty "party boat". I turned around.

It was so sloppy and rough with really nice 4 footers breaking every once in awhile, as we made it 5 miles offshore. While listening on the radio to the party boat Captain complaining about the state of the seas off our coast all summer long. He was doing nothing but repeating EXACTLY what I have said all summer myself.

- Not a single glass calm day so far this summer.
-Remember when JULY meant calm seas?
-This isn't good for anyone (the Ocean today)
-"don't bother coming out here, unless you want to take a beating"

And just think, the party boat is what? 70 feet long???

We turned around at 5 miles, after sucking too much fuel, getting soaked, and dropping off a few "comers' that came over the side of the Jettywolf!
And it's a whopping 7:45am.  The day before was calm, what happened over night?

So I turned around.

The plan was to catch some Cuda's, maybe a Kingfish, and drop out a "wicked Tuna rigged" chunk of bloody Bonita on a balloon for a REAL Shark.

I turned around, and went to the "OLD" Spoil Area.

Yep, no one ever pays that area any mind, anymore.

Do you know that that are is only 30 feet deep, and is surrounded by 50+ feet of water? It's a huge hump from all the dumping of sand out there.  It used to be a great area. I would catch big Spanish Macs out there. Football Bonita's, a Kingfish every once in awhile. And the area has yielded it's share of summer Sailfish and giant Sharks, for many people.

We got there and it was a lot calmer. But my one crew member was down for the count, sea sick.
And after a futile attempt at setting up a big Shark bait, and waiting. He needed "land" or at least to get much closer to it.

The day was a disaster, and one long boat ride in rough seas. So he finally came back to life and caught a few Sharks (small ones) behind a Shrimp boat.

Moral of this story;  "You're fishing inshore, the Jetties, or the beach." aboard the Jettywolf.

"I'm not doing this again"