Sunday, March 29, 2015

3/29 - Jacksonville Fishing; JETTYWOLF MOMENT whats coming up

"JETTYWOLF MOMENT" (usually a short informing video)
-Wow what a weather change
-What's coming up, soon
-1st ever Jetty Sheepshead on a Capt Dave's SLAB sooon, in first 5 minutes on the spot.

YES, unlike many of my competitors. You can come here and get DAILY video reports and much more.

No 6 month old "blablabla" Reports, here!

Charter info:


Friday, March 27, 2015

3/26 - Jacksonville "SPRING" Fishing Charter

Fishing "newbie" Darrel tries his hand at real fishing, Mayport Style vs: Iowa style!
(his thumb was not experienced, and was a problem. NO you can't just stop these fish on Light Tackle!)

But we had a day of it out there as it was on and off rain all day till the end.

C'C'mon and try your hand at REAL light tackle sport fishing for BIG fish. I'm there to help ya. But not catch them for ya.

Spring Break ain't over yet. - all you need to know.

Come git ya' some!

3/27 - Flip-Box by Sport-Brella


fold it up afterwards and stow it away. Just what I have always wanted. Recycled material, I like that. Perfect size.

Stand by..."Cause I'll be working on this for YOU."

Thursday, March 26, 2015

3/24 - FOR A KEEPER!

Tough day on finding "keeper fish"......especially any Trout. But we had a lot of fish, just short of the Florida bogus regulations. Float-rig fished everything but the jetties. We tried and it was all wrong.
The current, the wind wasn't doing us any favors.

EITHER are all the damn Bluefish, that have infested my favorite place and boats name sake!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

3/22 - Just photos...lots going on with 5 today..

Had the Tony T. clan aboard today. 3 adults and two Jr, anglers. Age range from what I was told, 78 to 6 years old.

The bluefish are the absolute surge of the ocean right now. And getting anything other than them biting off your hooks while float-rig fishing is a complete miracle!

But miracles obviously do happen and we had a decent box of fish...But if the Blues weren't there "OH WHAT WE COULD HAVE HAD!!!!"

My crew caught a 5 pound Yellowmouth Trout. Serious monster Yeller! A Speck that was a  19-20 incher, and several other Specks. And the rest of the day we fought the Bluefish. They are like eating machines, and locust all wrapped up in one 6-12" demon.

Right when all is good and we're having a ball catching good trout, here they come. Which forces me to trout fish up in the river and I'd rather NOT do that because I like fishing the Jetties.

We set out a dead man rod with a dead shrimp on it also at one point and had 3 stingrays and a Bonnethead shark. So....the stingrays are back too. Which means, no bother bottom fishing!

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Fishing almost every day.......

I wonder if I could keep count of Bluefish bites versus Good fish bites.

I doubt it.

Monday, March 16, 2015

3/16 - What a coming!

10 pound Sheepshead, caught on the float-rig with Live Shrimp. Only person to do that on my boat was me, twice!

Also had a box full of 2 pound Yellowmouth Trout and Speckled Trout.

VIDEO coming soon.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

3/13 - how many times do I have to say it...COME PREPARED!

 I suppose the most repeated statement I make is; "COME PREPARED!"  You're in the OUTDOORS, not your office!!!!!  Like any outdoor activity the weather is NOT always going to be perfect. I warned my crew today 4 times to "come prepared" with rain gear just incase. It was a 40% chance. And yes it rained hard for 30 minutes. But that 30 minutes ruined their whole day! Because they came UN-PREPARED!

Be a Boy Scout, buy yourself a simple Frogtogs rain suit for $30. You may need it during a Hurricane, a flood, changing a tire in the rain, who the hell knows what. Keep it in the trunk of your car by all means. - your full time guide since 1996

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

3/10 - SPRING "GATOR" SEATROUT; with Capt Dave

Had the Shuptrine Brothers aboard the Jettywolf for some serious T-REX Trout fishing.
It's been one of my tougher weeks I've ever had. Don't know why. I've had trips where we worked our tails off for damn near nothing.

Then, all of a sudden on Tuesday it was like BLAST OFF on sweetheart Jetty Trout. I never saw it coming. Just had a gut feeling to try out there again.

And talk about two great guys to have aboard.
Damn we had FUN!

Call Capt Dave 8am-8pm and reserve "in advance" your two person Light tackle charter.
YES, two persons is the best day, most quality day, for sure!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

3/7 - Ain't outa the woods yet!

March weather couldn't be anymore TRANSITIONAL!

Hell, I was just writing my forecast for the Websites Home page and it happened! We went from hot, to cold in a matter of 12 hrs?  80 one day 40 the next?

We ain't outa the woods yet, folks. Not till MAY.

Had the boat sitting at the dealer since Tuesday. From what I gathered via my internet investigations is I have a failing o2 sensor on the 250 Suzuki. It throws up a code and a warning sporadically.
So Tuesday, Weds., Thurs., Friday it sat there, and I told them I'm picking the boat up on Friday no matter what!

Saturday charter, Monday charter. And no other way to pay the mortgage!
Then the winds are supposed to be so high on Saturday, we already re-scheduled till Sunday.

I get there (Boat dealer) Friday around 1pm and they say, "Yep, it's the o2 sensor." But they are back-ordered. We'll have one next week. Which means yet another long drive across between fishing days.

Every outboard I have owned since back when I had a Yamaha HPDI 200 2 stroke, thru Honda's and now the Zuki has problems with o2 sensors. What's up with that? Is it because of pollution Bull Shit?

What's up with the billowing black soot smoke I see pouring out of every Tug boat and ship on the river. And don't get me started on the United States Navy!!!!!  Did ya'll know they had a fuel/oil spill inside the Navy Basin not long ago of 25,000 gallons? But according to the NAVY they caught it all and it wasn't a big deal.

Who are you going to trust? The US Navy? I certainly wouldn't. They are huge polluters.

Here's some Retro photos of BEFORE and AFTER, the building of Blount Island, and cutting that straight line thru Mill Cove. Huge destruction!  That everyone has totally forgot about.




WEATHER MAYPORT out to 20 miles:

Saturday: NE 15-20 knots GUSTY Small craft advisories till 10am

Sunday: NE 10 knots

Monday: EAST 10-15 knots

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3/2 - Jacksonville Fishing; "FOGGY JETTY TROUT"

Hit the river with a float freak......ANDY. The bearded fella. 100% FLOAT FREAK and good at it.
Left late, around 9:30 and fished the last of the falling tide in the river and it was D-U-L-L
catching a too many "shorts". So we then hit the jetties, and waited, and waited and waited some more for the tide to turn, and then as usual it was a higher water bite.

No Reds, No Sheeps, No 3" Seabass, nothing except SPECKS.
(The perfect fish)

Would have been nice to have some diversity. But I was glad we got into what we came for.
Targeted species, at least.

There's sooo many "dink" trout around. That ya gotta take a butt load of live shrimp, so when you do find the nice keepers, you still have enough bait.

SUPER PLEASURE to have such a "float freak" like my new friend Andy aboard the Jettywolf.

I love getting float freaky....."Do You?"

Then, C'C'mon and book your March date. (they are gonna get bigger and badder you can bet on that.)

It's all about jus' having fun.

I'll teach ya the "Trout catchin' chicken wing flapping dance". It's all the rage.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

3/1 - Jettywolf Q & A

"HOOKED25"   25% off
(non-sale items. Codes expire December 31st 2015)


Helping out with a Youtube Rugged Shark campaign.  So that's the reason I can offer you the 25% discount coupon code.

And I noticed ALL Rugged Shark shoes come with FREE shipping if I'm not mistaken.
Gotta love that!

I'll also be doing a video where MY very own new Rugged Sharks will be highlighted in a Video on my YOUTUBE channel.

See ya'll out there...


So book your charter NOW. Yes, many dates are already booked during the middle to end of March, because of Spring Break.

Oh how I'm looking forward to Black Drum, Trout (of course) toss in a Pompano here and there. Hopefully the BIG Yellowmouth Trout will fire off, and BETTER & MORE action while using my "Slab Spoons".......Gotta Love the Slabs!

Plus I want to do some Offshore Reef "MICRO" Vertical jigging. Don't know what thats all about?
Then ya have a good excuse to stay tuned to my YOUTUBE channel, and watch what Micro jigging is all about.

HINT:  Xtra-Xtra Light tackle vertical jig fishing!