Wednesday, January 31, 2007

1/31 - a different day indeed, COLDER

Ya know I could be watching American Idol right now, but here I am again. Letting you all know what you missed.


Compared to yesterday, today was REALLY COLD! Burning cold.

Yesterday, we didn't have a 20 knot NE wind blowing, and never relenting. But like I said, I'm gonna wear-out the last days of Trout season.

So I went back to the only spot I can "consistently" find them, and whacked my 5 keepers 15-17".
No big ones, and I had to throw back several at that spot.

But I cannot figure out why I can't find any 15 plus inchers, anywhere else in this creek system.

I caught a ton of Trout, but as soon as I leave this one area they all are small.

The whole day was different than yesterday. That wind direction made everything a struggle.

Tuesday, the wind was light from the NW.

Oh well, I can still bask in the great day I had yesterday. No pic's to share, nothing was worth taking the time to do a photo.

I guess, I'll take a break for awhile. Had loads of charter calls today, and can ya believe 2 of them were for the same days I'll be in Miami at the boat show? It never fails. I get NO vacation for several years, and as soon as I plan a very brief one (3 days), that's when people call to go.

The BORG were calling!

(and when the limit was 14" there was too many 13")

Okay, despite the cold and the wind. I went out with a bang. But just not as loud as previous years. (oh, how I long for the ole days....hahahaha)

Let's blame climate change.
Everyone else can use that excuse, why not fisherman?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

1/30 - Creekin' it, in the cold

Down right chilly today. I was maxed out with the fleece outer wear.
Immediately had my Trout limit of 5 from 15" to 19", but they were all skinny fish. Basically went back to the same place I took Travis the other day, and tried it again. The trout were seriously scattered along a 100 yard piece of the creek, way back in the salt marsh.
Then as the tide got really low and I had my 5 Trout in the box, I worked my way around and float-rigged some deeper holes. Catching an absolute ton of 12-14" Trout, at the slack low tide.
Then, as the water barely started to move again, I re-anchored and floated just outside an exposed oyster bank. I got a great hook up on a big fish and had it one for a nano-second. So, I pitched up there again.....float bobs a little and I come back with a bit in half shrimp. I pitch up there again, and the float takes a dive. And I'm hooked up to that fish with a few lives, but those lives just ended. And that 7 pound Sheepshead puts up one hell of a battle.
The bite was fast and furious as the tide poured in over the oysters beds. I also had no less than 8 small Redfish, 15 more small Trout, and two small Flounder.
As the tide got high I switched over to my home made (and a lot better) Cajun thunder, clicker float with a 3 foot leader. But I call mine, the "Capt Dave's custom thunder" rig. I don't get to use it very often. Because I'm not in very shallow water very often. But, I ended up on a huge mud flat with high mounds of oyster's and islands out off the grass line. I pulled up on that flat when it was just barely 2 feet deep, and as the water rose, the fish followed, and I found them all in one spot, with my "CDCT".
I had a blast today, and had to have caught at least 30 fish, on 48 live shrimp. But still only ended up with my 5 Trout, and the Sheepshead in the box.
It's really something that 26 foot Plate Alloy, boat of mine. It floats in hardly any water.
It's no Gheenoe, or Kayak but for a 26 footer with a 225 HP Honda on the back, you'd be very surprised where I can go. And do it with lots of fishing room. That's the difference between 26 feet of 1/4" Aluminum, and a fiberglass boat. Plus, I have no fear of oyster beds, either.
One more day till the Speckled Trout closure for the next 28 days. I just had to go and get me some for the plate. And that Sheepshead will taste better knowing I got it on a float-rig off a shell bar, in a creek. And by the way.....there's a whole lot more up in those creeks I didn't catch.
I had other Salt marsh "7-striped Jetty Snappers" chewing on my live shrimp too. I just couldn't connect as good as I did with the big boy.
Go wade the hard bottomed areas of flooded marsh grass off the ICW sometime in Sept. & Oct. if you want to see for yourself how many Sheepshead "DO NOT" hang out on pilings, rocks & docks.
I just may have to go tomorrow too. We'll see.
-hope to have you aboard,
Capt. Dave - "the float freak"

Monday, January 29, 2007

1/29 - Old School Vs. New School.... float-riggin'

I had a customer snap the tip off a $220 rod the other day, while sliding his stopper knot up the line to the tip. I'm not going to go into "how he could have avoided that", but lets just say I wasn't fast enough to stop him in mid stride.
I suspect that know one knows what kind of quality tackle I'm handing over to them, each day. Although, I tell them in dollar amounts what replacement cost of each rig is, while running replacement my How-to. But it doesn't phase many that one rod and reel with line COSTS more than their entire charter. I may not have to pay MSRP, but either way. A car rental company doesn't either before they rent you the car, but go by that same car yourself.
Gary Loomis the owner/founder of the G.LOOMIS rod company had a saying; "I can make a rod that you will not break, but then again, you won't want to fish with it". Gary was not only a smart man, a master Machinist, but an avid angler. He knew what other avid anglers wanted in a rod. And since I was a kid, I dreamed of owning a set of G.LOOMIS rods. Because he built them for specific purposes, specific species, and for specific anglers. I knew when I was teen, I was one of those anglers. Always looking for the edge. My rod is a sword, in which I go into battle with. I was not some rich kid, where all I had to do is ask for something and got it. I patiently waited and worked my way up the ladder, and used what worked to the best of it's ability, till I could afford the best.
And today, that motto is still there with me. The only difference is I can now afford to hand you my sword(s), and only hope you too will take care of it, and know the difference between great rods, and just adequate rods as you pursue the days species.
My Float-rig rods have an "Action", that (almost) no matter what you do you cannot pull the hook on that big ole Speckled Trout. The rods are forgiving. But in skilled hands, I can take the same rod and whip a 20 pound Redfish in a matter of minutes, still not pull the hook, and get the fish to the boat, with maximum fun. IT'S CALLED, LIGHT TACKLE FISHING.
But, when I see rod tips broken. G.Loomis Rods dropped on the side of the boat, rods smacked against the outboard, rods smacked sends shivers up and down my spine. And if ya listen closely you just may hear me grimis under my breath. Because high modulus graphite is made for sensitive-feel, light tackle fishing, not as a boat oar. These rods are light in weight, and strong on fish. Sensitive because of their high tech materials, and designed by avid anglers for avid anglers, not a weekend party-barger.
My tackle used, is by my choice. No one gives it to me. It's not free, I have to pay for it. And I strive to educate my customers, on the finer ways of the fishing life-style, I enjoy.
So with that all said.....what about Old School vs. New School when it comes to Float-rig fishing?
Well, I'm doing New School, right now. You're using my G.LOOMIS high dollar, graphite rods designed for poppin' cork fishing for Redfish & Trout.....literally designed for what we're using them for, for the one exception that we're not popping our cork, we let it float in the current. The top four rod guides remain large, rather than taper smaller, so your "stopper knot" can easily slid in and out. The action is for the size fish that we normally catch around here, and are extremely light in weight so anyone can hold the rod all day long.
The line I'm using is Super Braid line (gel-spun synthetics), not monofilament. The biggest difference is in the fact there is hardy any stretch in super braid, and it floats on top of the water. Versus mono that stretches like a rubber band, and sinks plus gets water logged. My reels are a subject that's kind dear to me. I've been a user of Abu Garcia reels since I could hold one as a child, fishing for Bass and bluegills and light saltwater. I grew-up watching people like Roland Martin, and Bill Dance, and watched them cast a bait casting reel, all day long, not a spinning reel, which was originally designed for people who couldn't cast at all. I was a bait caster man, through and through. And to this day, hate spinning reels with a passion.
My reels we use are Abu Garcia - Chrome Rockets, commonly called bait-cast reels, or "casting" for short. Of every single Abu Garcia reel I have ever owned and used in saltwater. The chrome rockets hold up the best....WHY? Because they are not stamped Aluminum, but rather "Chrome over Brass" where it counts most, when using them in saltwater.
Most Abu Garcia reels are built for fresh water fishing, I believe. But many of us use them in saltwater, because they are like a Timex watch. They can take a beating, and can keep on performing. And yes, a Chrome Rocket isn't cheap...$200 plus dollars MSRP. And believe it or not, many of mine have come off of Ebay. Yes, I have to search and make deals on Ebay, so you can fish with what I consider the BEST! I also love an Abu Garcia reel because I can break one down to parade rest in a matter of minutes, clean it, and put it together just as fast. I've been doing it since I was a kid.
Now lets go Old School on rods for Float rig fishing. Many moons ago, Float fisherman used longer rods, 7'6" to 8'6", rather than the 7 footers I have you using. Number one, it was because of line stretch. Remember, I said monofilament stretches?? And old style mono stretched more than 20%. So if you have a float drifting out 100 feet behind the boat, when a fish grabs the bait and runs, and you go to set the hook the mono can stretch 20 feet before the line is at it's breaking point or before you can get a good hook set into a big fishes jaw. So what do you want to compensate for all that stretch? A LONGER ROD, so you can swing a hook set higher and get that line tight, faster taking up any slack and stretch.
That's why I constantly preach, REEL, THEN LIFT when you have a fish pull your float under. I want you to get used to getting that line tight fast! Even though you are not using mono, but super braid line. It's just good practice.
Another reason, for a long rod when float rig fishing is that no matter what your casting skill level is with a bait casting reel, such a my Chrome Rockets. You'll be able to pitch your float-rig away from the boat further. A longer rod many times is a way to "crutch" a un-skilled caster, for the short term. Another reason maybe also, that when I have 3 on the boat, two can hold out the sides of the boat as one person goes down the middle, drifting your floats back.
Can ya see where this is going, yet?
I ordered 4- custom made 8'6" float-rigging Old School rods, made out of plain old fiberglass, so they hopefully won't break as easily. So as I can experiment with them. They won't be as light weight, and the action may not be as "light-tackle", when it comes to a big giant fish. But we're going back to Old School tackle as far as the rods go. I'll use my same reels, the same line the same floats etc. But the rods will be different. A foot and a 1/2 longer, and with foam grips instead of cork handles. I meticulously went over every detail with a local rod builder yesterday afternoon. And drove home the point to him that these have to be Old School, and have to be durable.
Because honestly, I don't think know one cares what kind of rods and reels I give them. Because if they did care, they'd take better care of them.
We all know that Float rig fishing isn't going anywhere on my boat, it's my staple. Because it works. The technique catches fish, there's no doubt. People who have never fished a day in their life can catch fish this way. And for me, it's not only a way to take those same people catching, rather than teaching them how to cast all day long, or pull their sinker out of the snags all day long. It's like fly fishing to me. You can always take it to the next level and consistently work on your techniques. Just as Golfing is Golfing......but what Tiger does is more than Golfing sometimes. That's how I look at the Float rig. There's always a bigger species to catch on it, or a different species to target with it, and it goes on and on.
So when these new custom Old School rods come in. I'll be mixing Old School and New School together, and hope we all are happy at the end of the day.
This will be a test to see, what I like better. I'll report when I get them and have customers use them.
Hope to have you aboard,
Capt Dave

Saturday, January 27, 2007

1/27 - We earned these Trout!!!!!

Holy MOSES!!!!
Travis R. and myself, out like two ole buds, chasing the ever illusive OVER 15" Speckley bastards for the Fish Box.

So we left out at 'sun-up', 7am.
It was beautiful out, not nearly as cold as yesterday. Sunny, warmer, and I had all the hopes in the world for Travis to catch some decent Trout. We were supposed to go originally on December 9, but that day was a small craft advisory. But hell at least there was a lot of Trout chewin' then. But I knew we'd not be able to fish, so we rescheduled and Travis picked today.

First off "east of the boat ramp" we headed. Because the general rule for Trout Trackers is about Late Nov. early December is to concentrate all your efforts closer to inlets. But, forget about it if you fish the St. Johns River inlet. Because they just are not there in masses. (they were, and then of course they disappeared)
We went to a few spots, never lost a bait, and I caught a Bluefish, and a 3" Sea Bass. That was it.
And when I get pissed, I change zip codes. So off we went down river to some hopefully Bluefish-less waters, and warmer waters.
Nope, same temp 57 degrees. As far as 5 miles west of the inlet. Still no bites.
Now, it's at least 10am!!!!

I'm so pissed that I'm ready to go to home depot, and quit this gig. So on the way back I get a premonition, "Ahhh, lets go up here and see if I can slid into this's been so long since I've been in there, probably 5+ years", I told Travis.
So we went for it. The first leg was okay, we had water. Remember now, it was dead low tide starting to barely come in. And then we reached the first mud bar, and Travis jumped up on the bow deck and searched the water pointing which way to head, as did I from the helm. I'm heading in here all by my photographic memory. We twist and turn through the creek and head over mud bar #2. The depth finder went blank as we drifted over 2 feet of water, and we could see the bottom, again.

Then, we made it to the next turn and after that we were in! I knew exactly where we were and and then we were safely in after that. So we moved in towards the Trout spot, where we (me and some buddies) used to mess them up on just 1/4 oz. jigs and Creme Lil Fishie's. It's always been a January creek. And as soon as February came, we'd stop fishing it. All this took place when I used to have a smaller boat as my second one.

By now it's at least 11-11:30 am...we are fish-less. But I'm not a wimp, I'm a Trout Tracker at heart. And I do not give up. I'm a die hard. And Travis came here to float-fish and see the in's and out's of it all. So, this was about the last ditch effort for the day. But I was willing, hell I only had Travis on the boat, it wasn't like I would do all this to go "party boating" with 4 passengers up in this creek.

We anchored up, just below two dudes in a flats boat pitching jigs and plastic baits, drifting in front of us. Travis and I dropped our floats over the stern and as soon as they got behind the boat 20 feet Travis reeled in a nice fattie! Then, he did it again....and then I got a chance.

By now the two flats boat dudes, came drifting down the side of my boat. Pleasantly, I asked, "Have ya'll been catching them?" They said abruptly, "Nope". I said back, "well I made it all the way up in here, and since I did we finally caught some and they are the first ones all day." They said nothing back and smugly just drifted by us and continued casting their lures.

I figured they were pissed we were here...being I'm 26', and probably don't belong up in this creek. Or it was because they caught none and we did in the first 2 minutes. But I've fished this creek for 20 year, and wasn't bothering them.

Either way, we continued wacking some decent keeper Trout and some throw backs. Then, like a light switch. IT WAS OVER!
I told Travis, "ain't this just great, they wanna play this game, the teasing game".
Been there done that got the T-shirt, and the bruises. But this was all new to Travis, and VERY VERY old to me. So we moved around and caught a few more and then in a matter of a few hours, the current was gone. Because it was a very weak incoming tide again today. So the further we ended up into this creek system, the less current we would have. Because with such a low high tide today, there's just not enough water to make current all the way back here.
After thinking about it we could have just tossed out some shrimp on jigs near a oyster bar, after the Trout quit, and sat it out waiting on a Red or a Drum, but we stayed at the float rig. Working hard and moving around.

So we ended up with 7-8 keepers up to 19 inches, just shy of a two person limit out of all the ones we caught. No Reds, No sheeps, no other fish at all, maybe a few more Bluefish that's all.

So is today the last hurrah of the Trout, till Feb.'s closure, for Dave? As I said before, I'd at least like to go out with a big bang, and load the box for someone. Or even myself.
I ususally do end January with a big bang of Trout, but it's obvious this ain't you average January, either.

Although the water is cold, good and cold. And yes, anything below a solid 60 degrees is a tough day on them. So this maybe it.

The ole January Creek.....damn, I cannot believe I forgot about it. That's not right......I never really forgot, just never thought I could put my 26 feet of boat, up in it at dead low tide. But sometimes ya just gotta have some balls.

But then again, this ain't your average 26 footer either. It's the super tank...the USS Speckled Trout!

Friday, January 26, 2007

1/26 - "E" for a huge EFFORT

Had Cliff, Martin & Dave aboard today. Cliff & Martin were from Canada, Dave a Jax. Sheriff's Dept. deputy.
Never got the relation between the three, but it didn't matter. They were all good guys. And man I love having people aboard from far away places. I really like talking to them and hearing about where they are from.

Ya' know I had Whiting at Nassau Sound in mind. But of course took the float-rods, just in case.
Well, I couldn't help myself when I got near the Sound, I stopped at a great Trout spot....or more like, "I've wacked the hell out of them there many a time". In January thru February. Mostly on MirrOlures. So we fished it. And instantly had Trout hooked up. 14-1/2 after another. With only two keepers only. Even this place was off. Damn, what's going on? This same spot is where I've taken people numerous times for limits and limits of big fish.
Like I said in an earlier post, none of this measures up with any of my log books for other years in January.

We BARELY caught the last of the falling tide. So after about 12 trout, we moved out to the innards of the Sound, deep up into the sand bar country I went, and found nothing but high winds and NO CURRENT. Tried another spot same deal.
Looked at the tides. Very 'low' a 3.5' incoming. And what's the story???
"if there's less than 4 foot of water movement, there's probably gonna be no current" Right??

Okay, hell with this. The guys seemed to really like the float-rig fishing, so we went back to it.

The tide was incoming now, and we barely could catch a cold. Picked off maybe 6 more Trout, that were all small, even went up in a creek off the ICW. And the Bluefish are everywhere.
The "scourge" of winter fishing species. I hate them more than blennies at the jetties!

The theme is clear, crystal clear. And my best laid plans of fishing the sound for Whiting went awash as soon as I got there......14 miles north!

And man, it was cold ride North, at 7am.

We caught fish. But certainly not like I wanted and I'm sure the guys wanted. But after it warmed up we had a nice day. A wintry chill was in the air even this afternoon, but the clear skies and bright sun was nice.

Tomorrow....I have Travis a solo guy along, and will be sticking closer to the home turf. I don't think he's all that interested in Whiting, so we'll probably beat up the jetty rocks.
Maybe I'll even get to take a picture or two.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

1/24 - Stick a fork in me...I'm Done!

I don't know anyone who takes as much pride in being as thorough
as I do. I loose sleep over contemplating the questions of where are
they, how can I better catch them, how can I better help my clients
catch them. I live it, breath it, it's a lifestyle. Hunting fish on the
Float-rig. Shallow, deep, and in between.

I believe it's the best overall fish catching technique
in N.E. Florida, and just not for Trout.

Some get it, some don't. Some can do it easily, some can't.
But everyone (my customers) stays active,
stays fishing, and in pursuit
while learning something,
other than how to cast.

All I have to say is......I'm very disappointed.

The float freak is very very upset.

Again, I gave it "one last try" today, before forgeting about it till something really changes in that river. I never had such a bad January day in my whole life. I caught ZERO trout, in 6 hours. Frequented a few areas at different tide phases than I usually would. But keep in mind I only fish places I would take a charter too, 90% of the time. Places others could catch some too.

Going back to bottom fishing. And Whiting is on the agenda too. (they're biting) That's what we'll be doing in the days to come.

Because there's a serious 'lack of Trout'.
ARE THEY JUST GONE, from the Mayport area?
According to all my log books for the last 10 years they would still be biting. At least the Yellowmouth, I find on the south jetties.

Don't bother. I know what your thinking.
I go by the book. My books. Don't care about what is in other reports or where anyone else has been or done.
I use my detailed logs to double check what and when, constantly.
I've seen this 'pattern' coming, even as I wrote reports on my old forum.

Do I dare too open up last years books???
Do I dare post the pics of last January 2006 either.

Okay just one. That's, PETER TELFORD up there, a happy Float-Freak!
With his 16 pound "XLB" - Xtra lighttackle battle, Float-rig caught Redbass from Jan. 10th of 2006.
Haven't see any of those in January of 2007 except a few slot fish, but not a heavyweight like that.

Here's January 2006: (in between the high winds, cold and Gales, and post-holiday empty check books)
the 1st.....a Trout riot! Limits, limits and limits to 4 pounds.
the 10th.....Big Redfish 16 pounds, some really nice Trout and even Sheepshead.
the 17th......Lots of wind but still Sheepshead to 7 pounds, yellowmouth Trout and Speck mix.
the 28th....Box of Specks even on a tough day, but 4-3 pounders, 20-Yellowmouth, a Redfish and Flounder!
the 29th......two person limit of Specks to 3 pounds.

Nothing else. The Float-Freak was happy.
Now he's not.

1/23 - cold 1/2 day.....searching

Had a call on the 22nd from Mark D. to fish on the 23rd. I was open and as I looked in my "Florida Sportsman Tide Planner" as I always do to check the tides, I figured we couldn't even leave till 1:00pm. Because we had a 11:45am high tide Mayport time. And even that would be pushing it. Remembering that most of the bites have been coming only on the low water.

Man, this is a tough time of year!

So Mark, Skyler and Tom met me at the ramp at 1:00pm. And we went into a creek to start off, and do some acclimation. I first have to show everybody what we're going to do and how to fish the float-rig. Plus, Skyler and Tom were'nt dressed all that well. They may have been from the north country, but it was chilly out there. Mark was in his full foul weather attire, and so was I.
But the other two weren't big time fishermen. And didn't have foul weather gore-tex on.

As usual, we caught a few 12" trout while practicing the float-rig, at the first of the falling tide in the creek. I say, 'as usual' because that's the way it seems to be. The creeks have alot of small fish in them. But we didn't catch alot, because the tide was still up in the grass as we were there.
I had a feeling, this was going to turn out just as it did. A SEARCHING, in searching for a bite! As I went from one good spot to another. Hit one spot and of course the Bluefish were everywhere, 10" Blues eating our baits and that was all. One spot we stopped at, we had zero bites. And although not right now it seems, this spot is a tournament Trout spot in March & April. Like this town would ever have a Trout Tournament??? Thats a laugh.
Then we found a few....along the Navy Base. Fat 18 plus inchers. And caught 3 back to back. And then not another single bite. What the hell, did we catch the 3 that swam by? I guess so.

I then picked up and tried the jetties. The tide was haulin ass there, but Tom picked a Trout from close to the rocks. Now we have 4 in the box, and should have 14!!!!

We left out and went back along the Navy Base, and the current eventually died out on us, and it started to get dark.

So we headed back to clean the fish we had.
They asked me "Is there a place, that will cook your fish for you?" And believe it or not, I didn't know of any. I don't get a request for that very often, so I haven't gave it much though. But as it turned out, they stopped just out side the boat ramp in Mayport at Singleton's Seafood Shack, and they had Trout dinner there prepared by them. I found this out because Mark called me back later and wanted to say, they really enjoyed the Trout and how good they were.
See....I'm glad he called. So now I can send folks over to Singleton's if they want to have their fish cooked for them, and that's called F-R-E-S-H fish!
It sure would be nice to not have to do so much searching to find some fish on a 1/2 days trip, were time is of the essence.
Next up is Friday & Saturday....I hope they wear there Gore-Tex, because all aboard is gonna need it, along with some patience.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Late Jan. Doldrums????? 1/22/07

Welcome to my new daily reports (rants & raves-observations-commentary) blog. With the new year, comes out with the old in with the new. The last report forum I had was plagued with technical problems. So I had enough of it. And opted for this format, and getting to it from just a link on my Fishing Reports page of my web site.

Well, I'm perplexed. Ever since Monday, January 15th, the Speck fishing has taken a nose dive. And if I could figure out why, I might be a millionaire. But most folks don't figure that, "we're gonna tear them up son, Capt. Dave's gonna put us on them." Yep, I certainly will, but "you can't catch'em if you don't get bit!" There's no guarantees.

Yesterday, while out solo I did see an ole acquaintance catch a monster Croaker. He said it weighed in at 4 pounds even on his boga-grip scale, and was 20-1/8th inch long. It was huge, as far as Croakers go. He kept it alive in his bait tank, and I hope he followed up finding out if it would be a new state record. It's got to be close.

Again, I tried my luck attempting to "un-lock" the secret of fishing the incoming tide with the float-rig in the river. I caught a small Sheepshead, Black Drum and a Trout....but that's far from learning the secret to momma natures flood tide vault. And then on the falling tide (new moon screaming current) many places were just "un-float-able". But I did manage 2- 18 inch, Yellowmouth and Specks, and a few throw backs. Then, the ESE winds blew hard. And blew me right on to my boat trailer and back home.

For now, I have a 'late notice' 1/2 day charter at 1pm, tomarrow. And then I have pre-booked charters on Friday and Saturday later this week. The weather report is for VERY cold mornings this weekend. And yes, because of the tide we have to leave at the crack of dawn.
Bundle up folks!

And here we go again. I always like to go out of January with a bang. I want to teach the local population of big Trout, who's to be reconded with. Just before the February closure, for harvest. It's a personal thing, I'm always setting goals. I can only hope by this weekend, we'll be able to do just that.

Heck, it was just two weeks or so ago. I sat along the Mayport Jetties and had numerous 18" to 26" (up to 6 pound) Speckled Trout just rippin' my float down, and a few slot Reds that I left biting!

I guess since this report blog is kind of hidden away amongst my "real" web site pages it may not get the views that the ole forum did, but that's okay with me. I just want my customers to know where they can track each days trips. On an always updated format without ads for Viagra or get rich quick schemes, getting in the way.

I always feel most Fishing Guide's reports are filled with fish jumping in the boat, exaggerated lies, and you should have been here yesterday antidotes. But is that really the way fishing is? Not really. I like reports that cover..."the good, the bad, and yes even the UGLY".

All I can say is......check here often, to get up to date info on what's happening. And then you've done your part, I'll do the rest.

Hope to have you aboard soon,
Capt Dave