Tuesday, October 29, 2013

10/29 - Time to get "Jiggy", with it.

Falling water temps. have me not only ready as ever to do some Float-Rig fishing. But, at the same time I never leave the dock without a super light....yes, "TRUE LIGHT ACTION" non-stiff, super fairy wand jiggin' rod.

I'm talking a 1/8th to 3/8th's ounce rated rod. Which was hard to find before Academy Sports came to this town. The good thing about Academy Sports (if there is one or two) is that they brought the Gulf Coast mentality to Bazzaro world, Florida. Lots of Cast-Away LIGHT rods, along with lots of affordable H&H tackle items, such as corks and jigheads.

I say Gulf Coast mentality. Because prior to Academy breaking out and heading due East to Florida.
Thier heritage has always been, Gulf Coast States.

Yeah, around here it's alot of super fast action, stiff as a board, casting rods.....GALORE! And way too many spinners!

Exactly what a TROUT angler doesn't need or really wants. Especially, if you're a Texas "wader".
Another thing people don't do much of around here. Just too much M-U-D.

I love wade fishing. And wish it was easy to do more of it. I guess extreme current, excessively high tides, and again M-U-D. Can keep ya from doing a lot of it. In Texas, imagine Mill Cove completely wade'able! That's the Texas Coast.

Maybe the reason Academy Sports has Stingray leg guards on the shelfs. Floating stringers, and short handled dip nets, and lots of waders.

Okay....I got off topic for a moment.
Back to jiggin'.

From what I gather over my 30 years of jetty fishing. Not a lot of people use a light jig and soft plastics along the BIG ROCKS.  But rather think that's exclusive to a creek somewhere.

Want to stop catching Junk fish?  Get rid of that Jig-N-Shrimp combo meal that catches it all along the BIG ROCKS. And pin on a soft plastic instead.

OPPPPPPPPS, did I just not include all the Sheepsheader's out there???
Oh, I'm sorry.

But, this is my report, and my blog. SO I WON'T BE TALKING ABOUT SHEEPSHEAD. But rather a predator fish, like Trout, Reds, Flounder. Not a grazer-fish, that is a bitch to clean and yields no meat.

My favorite set up for jigging is of course as mentioned. A Super Light 3/8ths max rated rod, and a super quality low profile casting reel like a Shimano Citica or Curado. Spooled with 15# braid, to a long 15-20# Mono sacrificial leader, to a loop knot and a H&H tackle 1/4 ounce "Tout head" white jighead, with a Matrix Shad in Green Hornet or Avacado color.

1/4 ounce- H&H "tout head" White at: Academy Sports


My Favorite's, The Matrix Shads from www.docksidela.com

I guess being a micro manager has my liking this combo is; Notice that the face of the Matrix Shad is FLAT. I like that.

Notice, that the H&H "tout head" jig has a FLAT back end. That means the soft plastic and jig head go together tightly. Notice the "double barbs" on the H&H jig heads. That means that the Matrix Shads are held tight to the jig heads.

Add the two together and you get cast far as hell, along with sink fast, sleek and LOADS of "wobble" from the Matrix Shads.

Also, the Matrix was designed by guys who catch more Trout than all of Jacksonville will in a year, in just a couple months. THEY know their Trout! They fish where TROUT is KING, all year long. Just not in the late fall and winter...and "Not Sheepshead."

October is almost over...."already?"

Time sure passes quickly.

And with each passing day I'm pining (to yearn, suffer longing) over cold Trout filled days like this >>>>>>>

Monday, October 28, 2013

10/27 - BIG B-I-T-E-S...C'mon and get you some.

Had a late call Saturday as I took a break, and laid around just editing my last video of the Kentucky boys, out at the jetties. (see video below this post)

It was three guys here in Jax. at a training deal. They were from South Florida, East and West coasts.

WELCOME to bazzaro world Florida, fella's!

Needing a release. They said, they wanted some action, big Reds, and a all day trip.
I easily obliged.

Early Sunday, we departed.....once I got out of the baitshop parking lot in which I got blocked into. And ended up being "late".  Yeah, usually I'm in the water and waiting on YOU. It was the other way around this morning. That'll not happen again.

I tried, not being an hour early. Didn't want to stand around in the chilly morning air at the boat ramp.
So I left a half hour later than usual from the house. By the time I got to the bait shop to just get ice. It was a weekend zoo.

Lesson learned.

Either way. It turned out to be a great day. Lots of BIG Redbass. One "keeper", which is the first keeper sized redfish I've had someone catch in a long, long time.

At least, 4-5 throwbacks. And it all started with a 25 pounder. (and all the over-size Redfish were caught by the least experienced guy on the boat. Ruben, was the Rookie. But had the best hand all day long.

Jeff, had his ass handed to him when I decided to take a live Croaker and pin it to a 14/0 circle hook and let it swim behind the boat. He used my Shimano Tranx 500 PG reel on a heavier Ugly Stik, to do close quarter battle with a Blacktip Shark, that went 75-90 pounds.

ONLY AFTER, Steve hooked up a giant "spinner" Shark while catching large Seabass. On my lightest Ugly Stik!!!  And had it on a 1/0 Matzuo sickle bend hook we used for the Reds, Croakers, Seabass, Whiting, and Yellowmouth Trout.  He got 4 complete "SPINS" out of the monster. Airborne, splashing, and twisting like a Olympic athlete, before parting the 50 pound super braid line. WHAT A SHOW!

As I said, the guys must have caught a hundred Croakers, and Seabass. No matter if we used "cutbait"
versus using shrimp to try and stay away from them.  They were ravenous. But provided endless action all day long. Between, big fish hook-ups...many were lost. Which is part of the game. Especially, if you have never fished at our Jetties before.

You will loose some huge fish. It's just that way. And we lost as many as were hooked and brought to boatside. Bent hook tips, broke leaders, straightened hooks....

The Mayport Jetties right now can be one hell of a challenge.

This ain't anything like that Lake, Pond or River, back home. That's for sure.

Here's some GoPro Hero 2 photos of the day. I normally don't use the GoPro to take photos. Just video's. But, from now on. I'm going too.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

10/25 - 1st real day of cool'ness.....

But as has happened before. We get alittle shot of cool. And then per the forecast it's gonna be 85 again later in the week.


Either way, here's some "highlights" of some Kentucky boy's, fishing the BIG ROCKS on Friday aboard the Jettywolf.  Havin' a Goooooood Time!

Are you ready. Cus, this just is the start of Capt Dave's granite boulder season. C'mon and fish where the rocks have names, and with a guide who won't do any long boat rides. Jus' more fishin'.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

10/23 - BE PREPARED from now on!

The Jettywolf can fish some pretty nasty places. (ie: slop-chop & roll) And many times where it's slick calm, is not where the fish are.

I don't purposely anchor in rough spots. But I do prefer to fish the inlet 99% of the time, this time of year. There is those days when it's not so called "rough". BUT, yes the boat will be going up and down.

You are responsible for your comfort. I'm responsible for finding bites.

It's now almost WINTER. With that comes coolness, non-calm-waters. Wetness, winds etc.

Come prepared!

If you are prone to any Sea-sickness. Take sea-sickness pills. And follow the directions on the box!
Which is taking them 12-24 hrs before getting on the boat, and one a few hours before getting on the boat in the morning.

This will save your day! 

Walgreens, Walmart, and many other in and out fast places will carry Bonine brand and many others.
Even if you have never been sea sick before. And are not used to a moving boat. It's highly recommended that you do something!


From here on out. Flip-flops are not the recommended shoe. Rain "wet gear" Jackets, comfortable shoes such as Sneakers are. On Cold morning there nothing like a HOOD. I call a hooded sweatshirt a fisherman's friend. Hats, can be forgotten. But a hood on a comfy sweatshirt is a life saver.


-What ever to eat and drink in a PLASTIC BAG (no coolers please) Can's or Plastic. No Glass!
-Pre-made food items only. Don't try and prepare anything on the boat.
-Hooded Jacket
-Rain jacket, for any wetness.
-No "Gilligans Island" backpaks, duffle bags needed, or luggage. No place to store all that!
-Comfortable shoes.
-It's your decision if "shorts" are the clothing of the day.
-Watch what you eat/drink the day before your trip. Heavy Alcohol consumption is NOT recommended.

Even I, as your Guide/Captain, "chief bottle washer and anchor puller", follow this list. I want to be Tip-Top every day I'm out there.

From here on out till next April. Conditions on the water will change rapidly. But at the same time, the fall-winter season is too nice to not come prepared.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10/20 & 21 - High Light Reel...

These full moons this time of year. Heck any moon, this time of year is a ass-kicker. Add in a Nor'easter blowin'. And that was the last two days.

Thankgoodness!!!!!! It wasn't with a full boat of 4 plus "me". But rather just Fred from Va. and I.

Float-rigged, Jig& Shrimp fished Day One.  Bottom fished, Shrimp and Cut Croaker bait Day Two.

Here's the high light reel:


Saturday, October 19, 2013

10/19 - Her Birthday went well....

Yep, ya mean your boat doesn't get a birthday present each year?

What are you, just a owner?  Not a friend?

You only get back, what you give when in a life long relationship.

And when you own a Life Long boat. that's exactly what it is.

So the Jettywolf gets a bit of a make over after 7 years. There was a learning curve. Don't know why I'm passing this on to you. You probably have a glass boat, with St. Johns River camo on the bottom, and think it looks good...hahahahahahahaha.

But either way. I'll share. Because it's the kinda guy I am. And of course, I shared with my brothern over on aluminumalloyboats forum.  Where like minds hang out.

So here ya go:

10/18 - KILLER FULL MOON, but BIG fish for those who wait.

7 year old, Lil' Nick reeled in 3-Bull Reds up to 20+ pounds, helped out with a few Nurse Sharks and was "Chief Croaker Catcher", fishing with Dad-Kevin and Grandpa-Dave. Total of 4-5 Bull Reds at N. Jetty.

Departed at 11am, and it still wasn't late enough for the tide be down enough. But when it finally did.......GAME ON!

I love using light sinkers and the Light Tackle...."Bending Ugly's is what it's all about!"

Friday, October 18, 2013

OCTOBER 18th 2006

-Jettywolf's Birthday Today!
 OCTOBER 18th 2006

Unlike any of the "other" boats around here
she's a inshore, river, inlet, offshore, work,
pleasure, machine made just for ME!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

10/16-17 - It's all about getting EAST, for me.

Did a three boat 11 person charter group yesterday. My 4 guys got hooked on the Croaker bite we started out with and that was only because the crazy Full moon tide had the falling tide smoking.
So we kinda hid out. But the two other boats caught a total of 5 Reds.

So, today I had two guys, brothers. And they were fun. And easy going for sure. Plus, the wind was damn near zero (light and variable) the two words any fisherman loves to hear about the forecast.

So I headed DUE EAST......ahhhhh, the jetty rocks. My boats namesake. After days of wind and big seas. It was good to be back.

Looking for giants in the way of 100# plus Blacktips. We caught loads of Croakers which are carpeting the bottom out there. Dead shrimp=Instant Croaker!

After filling the livewell. We drifted live Croaks over the end of the rocks. At first they were harassed by Jacks.  No big Shark bites.

But then again, it was one whacko Full moon tide out there. We didn't even depart till 10:30am, because I had a eye doctor appointment I couldn't miss. (So cut me some slack if you see typos here)
My left eye is blurry for some reason all of a sudden.

But to make a long story short. I let the pics tell the story.

It was a great day!

Small Blacktip smoked a live Croak on the surface

Big Red hook-up on the light tackle

Gotta love the "fairy wand" bend of the Ugly Stiks!

BIG 25 pound Redbass that ate a Croaker intended for a Blacktip shark, that was free-lined behind the
boat with NO weight. I guess this Redbass came off the bottom, for a snack?

LIGHT TACKLE, 3 ounce sinker......NOT a 20 ounce, which would be needed in the river's current.

Total 4 Redbass from 22-25 pounds, a small Blacktip, loads of Croakers, Yellowmouth Trout, Whiting and Big Seabass.

More days to come....

Sunday, October 13, 2013

10/13 - Hungry mouths...abound!

My last two trips were interesting.

I had a dad and son, just a day or two after catching my first of the season Jetty Trout when out solo.
So I was excited. But when we got there and started working the float-rigs. No Trout. But plenty of larger Mangrove Snappers, that's for sure.

We left the big rocks in search...I decided that we'd pull on in along the Navy Base. You know, the US Navy Fish preservation, you're a terrorist zone?  One boat was already anchored up closer to the basin and no one seemed to be harassing him.  So i slipped into the area that yielded me loads of Trout over the years prior to the US Navy Fish preservation Zone, and also produced my 1st 10 pound Trout.

Mere seconds went by and here comes the feds...or whatever those base cops are. He yelled something over the car speaker never once getting out of the vehicle. I yelled back (*&&**^%$) and slowly and I mean slowly pulled my anchor.

I guess you're okay if you are not in sight of the towers that over look the kingdom of the Navy.

Ya know, there's NO SIGNS POSTED ?  If I moved here with my bowrider from Indiana how am I supposed to know that the Navy is looking out for my welfare, via the Army Corps??????

You can read all about it "HERE"

No economic impact? I believe they are dead wrong!

So we moved on and caught more Mangroves, alot of Croakers, and finished the day up pulling Jacks from under a dock.

My Jr. Angler had a really good time, as well as dad. And they went home with a good sack of Croaker and sweet Mangrove fillets.


The next day out I was hired to fish the Underground Utility Contractors Assoc. tournament.
I've done the tourney several times. But the two years that stand out the most is when it was really cold in the morning.

This past Saturday it surely wasn't. And was 85 degrees again by the afternoon.

First off, I didn't know I could depart from anywhere I wanted. So I left Mayport and had thought I had to pick up and drop off my guys at the Dames Point Marina, where the even was held.

Since it was a 9 mile ride in the dark at 6am. I figured there was no way i was running back to Mayport. So I hung around down there and fished that area of the river....VERSUS heading to the Jetties where I really wish I was. I found out I could have had my guys meet me at Mayport and then after fishing they could drive to the Dames Point Marina.

I would have loved to just bottom fish, and maybe do some Sharkin' for fun. But instead we burned through 6 dozen shrimp in a flash, and pitched Mud Minnows. Croakers and Mangrove Snappers ate us out of house and home. And we had 4 Flounder on jigs and Matrix Shad plastics. Keeping three okay Flounder. Never caught a Trout all day and I figured no Redfish. Since I never catch them on my Trout spots anyhow.

We fished the same area's I fished during the heat of the summer. And we sure could have used live Mullet!!  I'm not a mud Minnow fan. But then again, I'm not a fan of spending hours getting enough Mullet either. And my crew didn't seem to care either way.

One thing I hardly ever do is fish that far down river this time of year. I live by the Trout fisherman's motto; "Closer to inlets in the fall/winter. And further from inlets in the spring/summer." 

Reserved for:  Oct. 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22
-for everything from a 3-boat company charter I booked, to a one man charter for 2 days in a row.

Sure hope I can just turn EAST out of the boat ramp those days.

Friday, October 4, 2013

10/4 - They just aren't off Boca Grand

Supposedly this one came from around Ponte Vedra beach.
I've seen them caught in the Gulf on rod and reel, around Boca Grand Fla. Because they eat the Tarpon there.

This one was caught on a commercial boat. But that doesn't mean I'll need to use a tarpon as bait, does it???

Maybe not this big...but I'd like to catch and release one larger than this:

That's for sure!

Who's in??


Thursday, October 3, 2013

10/3 - Still available


1/2 OFF

7' Med.-Light SHIMANO TREVALLA  <<<casting rod>>>
jig rod, makes a great bottom rod also. Can handle 4-5 ounces.

Warrenty: if it breaks take it to Strike Zone and get another over the counter, or they'll get you one.

$50.00 cash, no taxes, just come pick up west of Mayport


JUST ADDED........can ya say 'POON ROD?

8' <<<casting>>> SHIMANO COMPRE "Musky" rod XHEAVY
perfect Tarpon/Monster Snook casting rod.

Cork grips, super nice eyes, carbaloy "tip-top" guide.

2-6 ounce easily casted, with this Xheavy bkank.
IE: BIG BAITS slung a country mile with this rod. Had plans on using it for poons.....LIKE NEW.

8'0" Extra Heavy
Fast 20-50lb
2-6 oz.
1 piece
5.0" foregrip "cork"
14.0" rear grip "cork"
Tip+9 guides silver Fugi-hardloy!

$50.00, no tax. C'mon and get it. 

8am-8pm - 904-642-9546

or email me at:


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

OCTOBER 1st....hurray!!!!!!