Tuesday, December 23, 2014

12/22 - Jacksonville Trout fishing, bad weather and too many Pelicans!

Considering Monday was during a epic New Moon tide (super high tide), a 99.99% chance or rain and lightning. And escaping the attack of the Pelicans at the end of the day...

The Clark Bros. whacked'em like no ones business. No less than (50) Speckled and Yellowmouth Trout (weakfish). No monsters, but we weren't worried about that.

Monday, December 22, 2014


Ya ever wonder why getting a USPS package from California takes maybe 3 days....And getting something from the east coast takes a week or more?

The USPS is a federal agency. So it only makes sense that when they do something, they do it good and ass backwards!

From South Carolina...just two states NORTH. It's been almost a week already.
NO WONDER, when the package goes all the way south to Cosmopolitan Florida, passes Jacksonville on i-95!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the hell, is my package on Vacation?  SNOW birding it?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

12/18 - SLAB SPOONS; for Jacksonville Fishing

Since I've been using these, and really like how they work, while using some I got on Ebay. I also decided to be prepared to make my own.

It took quite awhile to gather all the bits and pieces. So today was the 1st day of pouring some Slab Spoons.

Next, is painting them? Decal them? I'll play with that next and show you what I came up with.
I know mine won't look like the Pro's that make them for mass sale. But, even the most basic flash, or color will work.

It's a lead lure, yes. But really, for my purposes it's more like a very heavy Jighead, that I can add my own hook style and size. That also provides some serious fluttering when jigged in deep swift water, here in the St. Johns River and at the Mayport Jetties.

Add, a piece of FISHBITES, a strip of belly off a small fish, or even a shrimp. To add some scent as an added attraction, in our deep dark, brown waters.

Next video:  Some R&D on a few finished products.

12/18 - Pouring my own SLABS, cuz they WORK!

I'm not a "flats fisherman", show me a "flat" any where near where I fish. And I'll give you a box of 1/8th ounce jigheads!

The Mayport Jetties, and the St. Johns River is a unforgiving place, with too much current and depth. So over the years, trying to maintain a "LIGHT TACKLE" attitude, versus just chunking heavy lead to the bottom and starring at our rod tips.

I've searched for other ways....and here's my newest find.

If you've see some of my latest video's:

3- Guys Fish Fry Day: http://youtu.be/3xsn8rz3cdU

Too Cold for Sissy's: http://youtu.be/eERMrUicZ5o

Thanksgiving 2 days: http://youtu.be/ao17dB40a5g

You'll see us playing with the idea of something much heavier, so to get on the bottom. Versus, using a standard "jighead", that by the time a jighead gets over a 1/2 ounce, the hooks become way to large for my liking, and a jighead doesn't provide and action or wobble. So stealing from the Freshwater world, of vertical jigging for Stripers, Bass, and Walleyes. The idea for the SLAB SPOONS on the Jettywolf was R&D'd extensively and is on going still.

So now, I'm ready to try and make my own SLABS

-Got the lead....check
-Got the pour pot....check
-Got the molds....check
-Got the wire forms.....check
-Got the decals.....check
-Got the paint....check

Video coming soon about production of such SLABS. That catch fish and are so simple.

I likes that!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12/17- It's HOT in winter; Jacksonville Speckled Trout Fishing


(and possibly had the day of a life time)



www.captdaves.com - "where this is what makes my world go round"

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

12/15- Jacksonville Winter Fishing is; "Fish Fry Time" aboard the Jettywolf

NEED I SAY ANYMORE.........F-U-N with friends & family, right now!!!

"these boys were a lot really fun to have aboard the Jettywolf, and had a fish fry planned."

Saturday, December 13, 2014

12/12 - Kinda like the Jaguars?

Well, finally a nice day.

Too nice, I guess.

The fish only wanna bite when it's 25 knot winds, maybe raining, and cold as hell.

Had James and Marty aboard today. Good fisherman from up north in NJ & Del.

They shocked me because they were so early. When I pulled into the boat ramp parking lot they were there already!  That's a freak thing. Not many of my charters go that way.

I'll skip all the dull details....but there wasn't diddly going on at the jetties. We attempted to float-rig fish, bottom fish, pitch slabs (jigging), then back to K.I.S.S bottom fishing, where by then 6 ounces would not hold bottom, but anchors DO!

I had to leave my anchor out there in the rocks. I made it almost 3-4 years without having to cut one off. But this time it wouldn't budge!



So we went back to the ramp to get a spare out of my truck. At least I'm smart enough to carry a spare.

By this time, we've caught 2 Toadfish & 8 Seabass! Yee haww!

Head up river and it was basically the same, a few dink Trout, a few dink Yellowmouth, fast dying current, and one keeper:

So we came back to the dock and I fed 4 dozen live shrimp to the birds and went home.

Yep, I felt like the Jaguar's owner.

Except, if he looses an anchor no biggy. For me loosing that kind of coin is a royal pain in the wallet.

And not winning  on the fish, for these guys just had me drinking a few more PBR's when I get home.

The Jag's owner probably just buys a bigger boat after each Jag loss.....

Did ya see that thing??
Had footage of it in my last video.

NEXT UP:  Monday at 7am sharp.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

12/10 - two of Capt Dave's Christmas gift recommendations:

#1 - a charter aboard the JETTYWOLF


Here's a wonderful winter example:

#2 - The "JUS GRAB IT GLOVE", if there's a Angler in the family or a dear friend is addicted to the fish. My not supply them with the best fishing innovation since the Ugly Stik rod.

You see me use mine daily. And I will NOT EVER fish without it.
Learn about the benefits here: http://www.jusgrabitglove.com/  or here on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL, where I always use it.

In the Jacksonville area, you can find them at Academy Sports and Outdoors in the fishing section.
-Pick which hand
-Pick a size
-it's that EZ.

Monday, December 8, 2014

12/7 - Bad weather; Can't keep the Jettywolf on land!!!

Well, Mitch was supposed to go on Thursday....when Nick & I went. But then couldn't.
So he picked Sunday instead.


At 10am it was windy cool but fine. By Noon the wind started to howl, by 12:30 it started to "Fog rain"...not a down pour, but yes everything and everyone was wet. And the temp dropped and the wind blew 25 knots N.E.

BUT, did we have FUN?
You bet.
Did Mitch catch some fish?
You bet.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

12/4 - Winter Trout Fishing; Jettywolf & W.M.I.M.at it again.

As the "worlds most interesting man" said........get in on this N-O-W.
Because so far this year the Trout fishing has been so slow (due east), ya never know if  it's gonna last.

WINTER, means go time in FLORIDA.
This just doesn't happen in the middle of July so EZ.
When you and the chilrenz are here, for a sweat session!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

12/4 - YOU MISSED IT....again!

Ya'll are missing it again.

Prelude to video coming.

Don't wait till the last second to book your Holiday charter fishing date.
Don't be one of those people.
You have zero to loose by planning ahead.
And everything to gain, that's for sure.

904-642-9546 - 8am to 8pm 
For reservation info

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

12/2 - DAMN, it's December already.......

That means the cool weather months are about 1/2 over already here in Jax. Florida!
Which makes me very sad, because I love winter so much here, I wish It would stay cool or colder than 99.99 degrees all year long.

Damn, that's depressing.  So much fishing to do.

I guess I just need to go without YOU.

Monday, December 1, 2014

11/30 - A JETTYWOLF MOMENT; Flutter Slab Spoon R&D

Started the morning with Butch T. and family....we were at the Jetties when Butch started to not feel all that well. Butch wasn't a young man, but he was a tough ole guy. So after about 15 Whiting and a big Bull Redbass hooked up and lost.  We went back, just incase Butch wanted to bag the day. He didn't want to quit, and he wanted his son and son-in-law to continue the day.

But they said, "No Way".  The ole man wasn't gonna sit in the truck all day long. So we basically did a 1/2 day.

So afterwards I went to where we were going to head to anyhow later on.

Up in the South "ditch"......the I.C.W. also known as the Ghetto Cruiser Hiway!!!!!
OMG, the traffic.  That's why I hate the I.C.W. on weekends.

But I stuck with it and caught about 20 Trout, dropping my limit in the box, and caught one pup Redbass. Using and doing R&D, with my box of "slab spoons" with FISHBITES, and trying out this Flutter Spoon you see in the video.

FISH FRY at Dave's Ranchero Delux Fish Camp, this week......Mmm, Mmm, Good!

Interested in this unique Fluttering single hook Slab Spoon/Jig??
You can see it "HERE"