Friday, June 29, 2012

6/29 - Just in time for the 4th. HEAT

Well, had two good guys on board today. First day out after a week of rain & wind.

The St. Johns River looks like a mud hole, with water in it.
-Two Tropical Storms
-Incessant East winds every day
-Enough Rain to choke every tributary

With that said. We departed at 7am and I headed straight to the jetties. Off the south tip, there was every Pogie in the county. Guess they got washed outa the river. They were from the bottom to the top of the water. Why I cast-netted some, is beyond me. Hopeful thinking I guess and a habit. I dropped the net over the side and instantly it swam away with 500 Pogies in the net. I only wanted a dozen!

I anchored up just off tthe south tip. The ground swell was still rolling in and the river current was extreme. The nasty brown water was ripping out the inlet. But we baited up with just dead shrimp at first, and on the initial drop to the bottom was a 13" Yellowmouth Trout. Pat and  Brett dropped over the side and came up with yellowmouth and Whiting.
I thought........"we're in the meat!"

But that's where it ended.

Every bite after that was Sail Cats, Saltwater Catfish!  Yep, when the water's nasty, and after every storm. The Catfish show up in droves. Carpeting the bottom.  Reminded me of fishing in St. Augustine. Because that's one area that has too many Sail Cats.

BUT any day now it could change. Here's a story from years ago:

You'd have to be around for quite awhile to remember this from years ago. But I remember a mid summer storm, where the week afterwards had the Black Drum and monster Croakers, piled up at the end of the jetties. Boats would be anchored so close that if a fish ran and popped to the surface, someone in another boat could net your fish for ya!

It was EPIC.  Limits of nice Drum in minutes. I know 1/2 of the Jax fisherman, didn't attend thier own JOBS, that week. Cause it was crazy out there. Here's a pic of myself and Capt. Roger Walker (Past President of the Jax Offshore fishing club) With our Drum limit and also 65 big Croakers he took to the Fire station where he worked.

But....that was a long time ago. Maybe, just maybe in a few weeks something like this will happen.

Back to Brett, Pat and myself. I moved around the south tip area trying to get on somekind of decent fish bite besides the "kittycats". But that never happened. The guys didn't understand the magnitude of what kind of effect all this has on a fragile river and wanted to go catch Speckled Trout.

I told them a week ago we had one 4 pounder. But we'll go try. So after a few more futile bottom fishing attempts we found soft enough current to actually drift a float out. We fished small Pogies and Live shrimp on the float-rigs, and the only fish caught was a JACK.

Can ya believe that?  A Jack Cravelle! Haven't seen these in at least 2 maybe 3 years. Sure we've caught 6" ones up in the river. But it's been years since we've caught a decent sized one.

(Remember my article?  "Jacks, your lost but not forgottten" I did a few months ago. )

Well, Brett caught this one. Yes, O-N-E!

Compared to a 6" mini Jack. This one was big.

We had a few more bites. But it wasn't like we were catching targeted species (Trout) so we moved on and hit aother spot.
The next spot we never lost a bait and by now it was REALLY HOT. The guys could see this was gonna be a genuine struggle. And they decided to go back to thier hotel downtown cool off and call it a day, at 1:00pm.

So I blasted back to the dock and bid them farewell. And decided to head out solo.
I went back to the jetties. The tide was struggling to flood in. The current on top was eastbound. The current on the bottom was westbound. I anchored on the inside of the North rocks and pitched out a shrimp. Never had a sniff.

But, now it was mullet running into my line. Millions of big mullet were rounding the north tip. From top to bottom, it's been along time since I've seen the mullet so thick. And no predators to eat them, except maybe Dolphins.
We always seem to have more baitfish in the summer than actual fish. I never understood that.

So it was a waste of time out along the rocks so I came in and run to Whiteshell. Tossed a float-rig in between a gap in the submerged rocks and caught 5 Jacks. Wow, Jacks again. But as fast as I caught them they were gone.

By now it felt like 100 degrees. No breeze, and hot sun. Just in time for 4th of July week. After all this I conceded and headed home.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6/27 - There she goes...!!

Bye, Bye trouble maker! I actually saw the sun.

Finally...there goes Debby. Off the coast and just in time to start BIG holiday week called The 4th of July.
Next up.....that summer heat ya'll love so much. 100 degrees in the shade  in during that BBQ?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

6/24.....this week??


I was wanting to Trout Track down yonder at the Buchman Bridge again, this week sometime. Guess not, and it's probably a DEAD zone once again after all this rain and B.S.

MORE INFO: here  I'm juggling charter(s) this week.

Friday, June 22, 2012

6/22 - Nice day!

Had Steve W. his wife and two kids aboard again today. They fished with me last year in July. Steve really likes to run out off the beach and do Sharkin' behind the shrimp boats, like we did last year. But the EAST winds, swell, and thunderheads I saw this morning, along with the non-shark action I had behind the shrimp boats the last time I was there. Had me saying.......Hmmmm, I'd don't feel all that confident, about that kinda day.

Well, we sure had a time of it in the river too. All this rain, all this wind. And it sure was hard to find consistant action for my folks from Texas. I have the patience to sit and work a spot. But that's asking alot with kids aboard. So I was steppin' and fetchin' all day looking for something, somewhere.

Janna was the hot rod at one spot, just before the tide died, and when it did it was like a light switch. We went from perfect current to NONE, and wind blowing the boat. But she nailed the ONLY Trout of the whole day.

It's really too bad no one hooked up with 5 or 6 of these. The fish was a nice four pounder aroound 22".
So we kept moving and moving and more moving.

Why is it I have found Trout packed so tight that we actually caught over 100 in a day, after past Tropical Storms?
Bazzaro, doesn't even seem to discribe it.

No Jacks, just two Ladyfish all day for the "littlest one", our youngest crew member.

Both of these Ladies, really put on a show. Jumping high and alot.
And they actually stayed on the hook, which is always surprising.

I was so happy when the float went down and the drag pulled and then this beauty came up to the surface and made one Jr. Angler very happy!!

At a solid 10 pounds and 32-1/2 inches, made this "LIGHT TACKLE" float-rigged Redbass,  oh so "Kiss'able".

I love seeing the kids get big's a bonus. Because all I'm hunting for is action.
Well, that was one tough situation for me today.

I got back to the dock, and who was there? My buddy "Pencil-Neck". Ready for some tid-bits from filleted fish. I had to take this photo, since Pencil-Neck was standing about a foot from my face!




Thursday, June 21, 2012

Garage Sale Saturday 6/23

"Possible weather maker" - starting Monday?

Saturday June 23rd - 8am Garage sale:

Premium rd. Jax - can't miss it.

Alot of stuff has sold already. But then again there's some stuff left and more coming.
Clearing out....slimming down

Example of items still availible "cheap":
-2 Man Tent - never used
-Welder (portable auto feed wire)
-Sony Stereo system (5-CD player, Amp, 3' tall speakers)
-Sand blasting cabinet and canister
-Giant brand adult road tour bike
-Anodized aluminum comfy boat deck chairs
-Fiberglass dock box
-Rod & reel
-Ugly stik rod
-Lure & floats
-Tackle bags
-Table top scroll saw
-Trailer hitch receivers and balls
-Propane tanks
-Trailer tire / motorcycle tire bead breaker
-Kitchen applicances etc.
-Stand-up, storable, Motor cycle trailer ($1200)
-2005, 225 Honda outboard 30" shaft ($7000 obo)

904-642-9546 - 8am-8pm

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6/20 - Day 1 of summer

Well, it's the first day of summer. *per the calendar*
Here, it seems like it's been summer for a long time. Like they say, if that was "spring" who needs a summer?


Let's see. We've had a tropical storm, with more wind then rain. Then a lull, then huge daily rains. And then lately, day in day out with hard East winds.



Hmmmmm, that's special. Uncertainty??


Really want to get back down south, around the Buchman Bridge area.

There has to be some normalcy down that way by now. Last report; was a buddy saw two guys with a few 4 pound range Flounder, and a few Trout that he said were,"MASSIVE". And they caught them, not even in the river. But a tributary.

But still, I have to go see if the area is Charter Worthy.
Meaning is there enough, a-c-t-i-o-n.

It's EZ for me now, "have Cummins Turbo Diesel, will travel!"

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

6/16 thru 6/18 - Inccesant EAST winds...

Started out the Father's Day weekend on Saturday, with "Moose & Litl' Moose" (actually Jason & son Mathew) it was Mathews 9th Birthday. Was supposed to be two dads and two sons. But regular customer Jason's buddy ended not coming with his son. Kinda a good thing as it would have been so tough on me in the conditions with two kids and two dads.

The forecast was for 25 knot winds, and it was!!!  The morning worked out fine, and the sun finally started to shine  as we float-rig fished for Trout. But by the afternoon. It was HEINOUS. Thank goodness for hiding spots. I went to a nice hidey hole and we had fun catching another Trout, some school sized Croakers and some whopper Croakers. And a few small pup Black Drum. It was FUN.  When I can find B-I-G Croakers. I'm all about them. Because too many times, the action you can get from them is addictive.

While float-rigging, we caught the first Mangrove Snapper I've seen since the winter of 2011, when water temps dropped so low, and either sent them packing, or killed them all. Used to be they were a nuisence. Now they're kinda gone...just like the Jack Crevalle's (??)

Then, on Sunday I had 4 kids. The winds were less. But by afternoon, not that much less. Tried and tried to get on a big bite of something! Or anything to keep 4 rods bending. Whoa it was tough! No matter where I went and what I did, the tide, wouldn't move much. We had a less than 4 foot tide to start off with and then the winds were holding the water up in the river. The guys caught some Croakers, and misc. species. But it was even tougher than the day before, especially trying to keep four rods, bent.

EAST winds, are not good for us around here. By the end of the day, we hooked a big Redbass that got off the hook, after eating a mullet. Then, finally we hooked a decent Trout on another mullet, along a rock pile. The big Croakers from the day before were not on the same spot. I did so much running from spot to spot, it was ridicules. But I worked as hard as I could. Bad conditions, made for a really tough day.

 By Monday, the winds laid down, FINALLY. And it was really nice. I had Terry H. and his two sons 8 & 10 years old. Zachary, and Gregory. The plan was just to keep the kids busy. But still, the "angler" in me wanted to target certain species. Keep lines in the water as much as possible. But I still couldn't find any larger Croakers again. And wasn't going to run 10-12 miles down river! So we fished from the White shell area to the big jetties. Again, the very weak tides were a problem. No current was the morning problem. But by the end of the day, the current was 6 ounces and wouldn't hold the bottom. Which was too much weight for the small kids.

But, they had a B-I-G day! Catching Ladyfish, Seabass, Whiting, Pigfish, & Croakers. But again, couldn't get into a "wack'em and stack'em" situation, anywhere. So I just succeeded that the tides were gonna beat me, again!!

At the jetties as the tide finally started to fall....
"here comes the wrath of day after day of H-A-R-D East winds." 
Giant mats of sargasm weed. Pouring out the jetties. The kids were all about looking at it and picking the small crabs out of it that rode in all the way from the distant offshore Gulf Stream.

Friday, June 15, 2012

6/14 - More kids....

Did another 2 hour "Kids Trip", with Fen Tan and Family, visiting from outside Atlanta. (sorry didn't take any pics)
We needed to start early, so we departed at 8am. The fishing started off slow as the tide was so high, as the Nor'easter started to blow. As predicted for the morning.

The kids were GREAT. One litl' girl was so intent on catching a fish she stood with her hands on the rod as it sat in the rod holder while staring at the rod tip.

They caught Croakers, Yellowmouth Trout, Spots, and Seabass. Then, we took a ride to the jetties, so they could see inlet and the big jetties......."and the rough sea conditions outside the rocks." 

The kids had a blast, and so did Fen and her cousin.

My "Two Hour Kids Trips" are perfect for the little ones who certainly can't last out there all day long. But, I remember taking a 5 year old out with three adults more than once in years past on a all day'er. Which was a bit tedious for the child, and the Captain. I will admit.

Any time we have small kids aboard, they need so much attention. That the charter really needs to be all about them. Not the adults. But some parents and grandparents, would probably disagree with me. Because I hear all the time that, "My litl' Jimmy is such the fisherman in the pond at grandpa's house. He can fish all day long over there....."

Yep, that's all well & good. Because I thought I was Bill Dance and Roland Martin all wrapped into one, when I was 7 years old too!!!

The difference is, this isn't a pond. This is on a boat. And there's no "Spongebob Rod & Reel", and the tackle belongs to me.

So, let's make it for the kids. Do one of my 2 hr. Kids Trips. And you can help me out, turning these kids on to fishing versus video games!

No matter what, that's the goal.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Slimming down, once again!  Here's a list of things for sale, cheap. Kinda like a Garage sale, which I will also be having.
But thought I'd cast this out to you also.

GARAGE SALE: Saturday June 23rd 8am
13111 Premium rd. Jax
off north end of Girvin rd.

But here's a quick list:

-2005 HONDA 225 outboard motor, 30" shaft, right hand rotation...CLEAN!! $6800 OBO


-Mechanic's parts cleaner tub, has motor to recirculate degreaser. On legs, clean ready to be used

-Small band saw, table top unit.

-BULK, make offer, tackle

-Small micro-saw, precision cutting, table top unit

-1/2" Drill motor, and circular saw

- Sand blaster bottle for abrasive, and sand blasting cabinet

- 4 Shakespeare ugly stik customs rods. Tarpon/Shark/Grouper rods

- Vehicle ramps

-Motorcycle helmet

-One 2-piece spinning rod Fin-Nor

-One rod and reel combo, push-button Abu Garcia, Abu Matic, perfect for Jr. Angler

-Various tackle bags, and soft plastic lures, offshore trolling spoons, etc.

-Box of various salmon stalker floats for float-rig fishing, and rattling floats.

- Various size trailer (reciever) hitches and balls.

- Two Tow rope, straps

- GIANT brand, adult 5 speed cruiser bike cross country type with rack and bags.

- Coleman Green cooler 120 qt. and smaller 12 pak cooler

-Table top belt sander

- 19# "BOX" anchor, for pontoon or flats boat.

-Various hand and shark/tarpon gaffs

-Auto feed MIG welder

-Fiberglass dock box.  Fill it with goodies.

-Hole saws

-Two bench grinders, one with stand

-Fishing hooks in BULK, circle hooks

-Rod holders, one perfect Kayak rod holder

-Two surfing "aprons" walk the beach with your tackle

AND MUCH MORE......coming!

If you're interested in coming by  for 5 minutes, and looking at the tools and tackle
just email me: or call 904-642-9546 for direction.

5 minutes from Mayport, off Girvin Rd.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012











6/11 - "was busy"....

This started off as being a banner week (end). Originally, I had Friday thru Monday reserved. Which was great. But when it's all said and done. The only people I actually got out were "REGULAR CUSTOMERS". That's why my regular's get the best treatment I can provide.

Last post was about fishing in the rain on Saturday. Then, my Sunday charter cancelled, which shouldn't have because it was a beautiful day. Not all people understand Florida weather, patterns...."that's why you are hiring ME!".

Then, I had long time customer Dave C. along with his wife (her first time out) and the two grandkids. It was a super nice morning. Calm, sunny and the kids had a ball, because there's tons of small fish out there willing to bite.
Perfect for the little kids. (under 10-12 years old)

Because of all the rain and storms, we now have the perfect KID situation. Usually, as in past years it's hot, no wind, and not all that great of fishing for small kids who have a small patience level.

But, my last two trips have been for the kids, and it proved to be pretty dang good (comparitively speaking).

Today, the kids made it or would have made it longer than Dave and his wife! They never once complained and were a joy to have aboard and we fished almost a complete day. From up in the river and finished at the jetties/inlet.

Catching Whiting, Pup Drum, Croakers, Yellowmouth Trout, and several more species. Just bottom fishing. And  as their fishing coach. I can see the kids shine! And quickly get better and better as the day went on.

Well, I start next weekend with another REGULAR customer and his buddy, with their two kids too. It's that time of year folks!

If you have real little ones. I can also do a 2 hour "kids trip". But other than that, the day is at the regular price. But small children "ride for free". So there is a bit of a discount for a 6 hr day if "One" child is aboard.

Here's some happy kids (5 & 9) who caught fish after fish:


Sunday, June 10, 2012

6/9 - Our best shot.

Back when there was no rains, the sun was shining, and the wind wasn't blowing in May. No one wanted to go fishing.

Today, I headed out with regular customer Jason and his 9 year old son Preston. My whole plan with Preston is to keep him catching, aka: "Busy".  If the chance for some big fish fishing shows up Jason is all aboat it.

I live five minutes from the dock, but am always the first one there of the regular weekend charter fleet. It's dark, when I pull into the bait shop and get some supplies. Then head to the boat ramp..........WHY?  Why do I do that?  I guess, I think just incase something goes wrong I can give my customers a heads-up, before they get all the way to the dock. Being early and ever ready is in my DNA.

But usually, I sit there, and sit there. Today, on the last of the falling tide the boat sat slamming into the dock as a SWELL pushed all the way in the inlet and up the river, as the tide fell against the 15 kt. ESE winds. (remind self, put buoy back in boat to use as a bumper!!)

Ya know, the CITY was going to give us more docks at the Mayport Boat ramp. Teeing off the ends of the docks already there. Last year they even drilled down to see what the bottom composition was before they were to pound down pilings.
But that's where it ended. Who? Besides myself  (and Lt. Mike a buddy in the Sherriffs Dept. who asked me last week about it) would pay a small annual fee for the boat ramp to be much better?  IE: cleaner, better docks, fish cleaning dock, running water, better lighting.

Yeah, it looked like rain. But not a drop fell as I waited for Jason and litl' Preston to arrive at 0730 hrs.

Here's the footage at the ramp at 7am:

IF I have kids aboard, it's usually all about them. So we fished shrimp and Preston caught everything from Croakers to Whiting, small Jacks, Ladyfish, SeaBass, & Yellowmouth Trout. When we left the dock, the "jetties" were certainly not in my sights. But then again, I went "WEST", tossed the anchor and here it came.

We sat in a Epic down pour!  Yeah, me in new leather shoes that "may be" dry by July. And as the day went on, it was on and off rain all day.

I commend Jason & Preston as they both made the best of it. It was either today, or Tuesday. So that's like saying, "6 of one a half dozen of the other."  Because the forecast looks no different!!

My Sunday charter cancelled. As I sit here at 7am with no rain or even a breeze at my house. And of course I have two more kids on Monday's charter. Paying the bills sure is tough this summer, so far!!!



 The sun just came out...what is that? Not used to such bright light.

We really should have been out there TRACKIN' T-REX TROUTZ.

I only had one person, and since Beryl have not tracked trout outa Mayport, yet!!

By the way, no one books any charters outside 2 weeks time. As per my policies:
That means any cancellations looses deposits, if not re-scheduled. outside 14 days!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

6/7 - Mystical Morning....

Well, I had plans to go do a little fishing this morning, before the burial at sea I was doing for some folks at 9am.
So I get to the boat ramp and talk to my customer......

(Yeah, I do all kinds of other boat for hire services. From Burials at sea to taking construction companies out to inspect bridges, surveyors, land buyers, you name it. The Jettywolf can usually do it.)

I tell him, "It looks like it's about to rain any minute." As he said, "well, we'll probably be early ,instead of 9am." So I figured I best not go toss a bait. But as soon as the boat floated off the trailer he came some serious rain. So I sat and waited. Rain jacket on, shoes soaking wet, I sat under the benches with the roofs next to the dumpster and watched the ever dilegent Seagulls pick and eat the Maggots that were crawling out of a drain hole at the bottom of the dumpster. Real boat ramp entertainment, huh??

Then, my folks arrived. We eventually took off towards the jetties to head out offshore a bit. But as we went, the sky opened and the blue shined through. And as I broke the jetties the sun shined and it got warm. My crew did what they had to do. A double burial at Sea. And let go some flowers also. And right then, two Dolphins came up.  And headed straight for my boat. It was kind of amazing! The sun, and then the Dolphins, and we watched as they swam right up under my drifting boat.

Hmmmmm...a somber day. But it made me think, this was something more than just good timing.
There was a complete circle around the inlet of clouds and rain.

With a hole of blue and that was right above us.


On another note and as my continuing devotion to Alloy Education on this blog. I present to you the METAL SHARK 40 FEARLESS

Yeah, "IT'S ALLOY", aluminum for you layman. And of all places.......Florida Sportsman!

Yellowfin's maybe all over the TV and all over the magazines. But I have the guts to say, they're just another "Florida Bitch Magnet boat".

I stood in AWE, when I saw this boat in Venice La. last Feb. TUFF hardly discribes this boat. The "double consoles" is what kicked me into if I had the casholla, I'd have one in my stable for sure!

Check it out here


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

6/6 - everyone is the same? Usually.

No charters lately. Because every one wants the exact same dates......and that was Friday thru Monday.
So reports are coming. Crossed fingers for good weather and a bite?

Thought I'd toss this out there. A gimmick? You be the judge. Personally, I like Floundering with a float-rig, or a carolina rig. Egg sinker and very short leader.

Check this out:



Monday, June 4, 2012

6/3 - South, still s-l-o-w

Spent all day between the Buchman Bridge and the Fuller Warren Bridge on Sunday and it was really slow all morning.
Then I lucked into a nice 21" Trout on a Mullet chunk. Prior to that it wasn't till 8:30am before I caught even a Yellowmouth Trout. Otr a bite!

Had some Whiting and more yellowmouth, small ones after the tide turned during the late afternoon. But basically, it's not worth fishing down there, still

IT WAS!  Till tropical Storm Beryl blew through. And really ruined it.

So, maybe later in the fall it'll be worth fishing. Or if the Tarpon show up down there thick.

No lack of Mullet down there. Saw no one shrimping.  NO JACK CREVALLES, but of course I caught 3 Bluefish!

Here's a few pics:

Friday, June 1, 2012

5/31 & 6/1 - Where's the ___? Fill in the blank

Had a great, and I mean great crew on Thursday. Brad R. his dad from Chicago and Brad's 9 year old son Logan.
Yeah, it was day two after the storm. I had planned to fish from now on, down river out of Goodby's Creek. But after spending a 1/2 day down that way and couldn't even give away a live shrimp. I had to call Brad and tell him, forget about that!

So we departed out of Mayport. And ran to where I've always caught trout, especially after a major storm. About 10 miles south of Mayport. But as we fished down that way it was very evident, that there was NO difference between down river at the Buchman bridge, or south of the Dames Point in Arlington!  Zero action.

My crew were fishing newbies, although Stan, from Chicago Bass fished back home. Add difficult conditions and this style of fishing being your first time........well, there's always a learning curve. So we went to Float-rig fishing and were on a decent trout spot.  Stan hooks up  BIG TIME, and I see a "swoosh" in the water. I'm thinking  the storm had 40 pound Redfish cruising this bank????  No, that was dream land. Instead Stan was hooked up on a Manatee!!  They sure can swim fast when they want too. And it took off with several of it's buddies.  If we were somewhere else, in another land, it would have been that "kicker fish of the day" and actually been a BIG fish, rather than a 1200 pound mammal!!

Then, later I was casting for Logan and he hooked up on a really nice fish. But it got off the hook. Then we tried several other places, had a run in with some asswipe in a Ranger bass boat who believed the river belonged to him, (and pay back do come) and then I was seriously fed up and ran all the way back to the north jetty. That was a total waste. All that running and fuel.

Fishing shrimp on the bottom keeping it as simple as it gets, just to prove to myself that the storm really had the waters all messed up. We had a Croaker or two. Which weren't at the rocks before the storm. Had  a Croaker eaten by a shark.
Then had a 27" Redbass, caught by Brad. And then Stan had a good hook-up and had a shark eat his fish below the boat.
Logan holding the Redbass.

Brad and Logan and the Redbass
Brad, Stan and Logan and the Redbass

Friday June 1st:

Had a one man solo trip. And with what I know now. It was stay at the jetties and hunt for action. Turned out that Stanley C. had some time on his hands before heading home to Texas.

So we made a b-line straight to the jetties. No need to go up river and chase, WHAT?

The morning got cloudy fast, then cloudy and windy. But we stuck to it. I wanted some live mullet, because the day before they were everywhere. Other boats milled around looking for bait, I gave it maybe 15 minutes and said forget it lets anchor up. I brought the heavy duty tackle. And of course while just bottom fishing with shrimp, we had fish bit in half.

So after being able to catch no live baits, we fished for baits. Catching a Croaker and 4 Whiting. Then, we used these for cut bait. Catching several nurse sharks, and having many a fish hooked up on 200# mono leaders and 16/0 circle hooks and they still broke us off like we were fishing bluegill tackle. Every time, the 65# braid was broke.

Then later we finally hooked up a really big fish? (sharks are sharks, they aren't fish!)
Stan had the shark spooling him and never stopping. I pushed the drag lever on my Accurate twin drag reel up to about 30 pounds of drag pressure and it just kept going. Stan thumbed the spool and the line parted.

The wind and waves were pretty sporty as we tried to stay anchored, which was a chore. But that was really it at the jetties. It was a really nastified day out there. Compared to 24 hrs earlier.


The Buoys that sit at the ends of the south Jetty and north Jetty are not there any more. They were picked up and moved by Beryl.

The red north can is over where the south green can usually is, and the south green can is off to the south west in the sand.

That's how strong T.S. Beryl was at the end of the Mayport Jetties. No surprise there's no fish around. The sharks are fierce and it'll be awhile before the trout can be found again, I guess. EVERY single storm is different. I remember storms where it pushed all the fish to the inlets. I remember storms that had the Trout chewing like no tomarrow in the river.

If life on the St. Johns ain't tough enough already. Now I have to deal with this. My life isn't the same as the every other Saturday fisherman. I depend on that river and it gives up nothing easy especially this time of year.


Right after "Tropical Storm Beryl" : (finished this day at Hooters!)