Friday, October 31, 2014

10/30- THANKS JACK! "A Jettywolf Moment"

FREE BAIT.....many times means; SUCCESS.

On 10/30- I was at the dock early (as always!!!!!!!!) And the Jacks herded the perfect-sized Mullet right to me.

So.....THANKS JACK. Dale, Bob and I appreciated your efforts, later in the day along the Mayport Jetty rocks. Because we had, "I.G." - instantaneous gratification" as soon as these Mullet hit the bottom.

-a well oiled machine; "The Jettywolf"  

10/28 - Fall Redfish Bonanza; Jacksonville "Beach Bull Reds"

VIDEO REPORT FROM 10/28....took a little while to get this all edited and up on Youtube for, your enjoyment!

The Websters, "DEDICATED ANGLERS", on 100's of pounds of Fish during the October Blitz!
Caught on the Mobius action cam, "Hat Cam" action.

C'mon and "get ready"......THE FALL SEASON IS HERE IN JAX FLORIDA.
My time, and I LOVE IT.

10/30 - That's and more aboard the JETTYWOLF

Had past customer Dale and his friend Bob aboard today and it was whoop'n time. Started out this BEAUTIFUL MORNING, on the beach. Then later back at the Mayport Jetties (Inlet) for even MORE action and Variety of species.

Dale wanted Bull Reds....well, he got them!
(it's all about going when they are biting)

It was "I.G." (instantaneous gratification) first thing in the morning with hook-ups taking a mere few minutes. I don't even know how many the guys caught before they were whooped.

"DOUBLE HEADERS" were the norm...


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10/28 & 29th......STAND BY FOR VIDEO FOOTAGE

200- 300 POUNDS OF REDFISH...without hardly breaking a sweat. (except if you're reeling them in)

Stand by for full video "hat cam" footage of 10/28 with Scott and his wife swabbing the deck with Bull Redfish! (working as hard as I can, between fishing, eating dinner, and sleeping to get the edits done)

But on 10/29 it was PHOTO DAY!

Had Chris and Julie aboard the JETTYWOLF, and we caught "beach Bulls" and then went back to the jetties (and even before I used the Jettywolf chum chopper filled with dead Pogies) we still had Bull Redbass on........DEAD SHRIMP on the bottom. Then, when I pressed the Jettywolf's Chum Chopper into action, they caught another handful of 20++ pounders!

YES, I said "dead shrimp"!  Don't leave home without some. I DON'T! And I can prove time and time again, that's all ya need from here on out, till April, for bottom fishing, A-C-T-I-O-N! 

10/29 with Chris and wife Julie:


GO, UGLY STIK!!!!!!!!!!

JETTYWOLF'S CHUM CHOPPER...drawing them in close!


Monday, October 27, 2014

10/25-26: TARPON, REDFISH & MORE; the Mayport Jetties

JUST 5 MORE DAYS TO GO..........

Stay tuned to see what happens.

10/26 - Great Day!

Sorry no pics....but video is coming. Had a very busy day yesterday. So I couldn't spend hours editing video.


Had Matt, Chuck and Bobby aboard the Jettywolf. AT THE JETTIES!

We caught fish from the minute we got there, till the minute we left out of there.
And one fish in particular Bobby fought for almost two hours.

Yep, he hung himself a JETTY TARPON, on a fairy wand spinning reel and rod, loaded with 20# Suffix Braid, and a 20# Mono leader.

After many spool dumping, smoking runs, lurking deep (70 feet down), the fish eventually got us against the rocks inside the south Jetty, and it worked down the jetty. At the end of the south jetty it made it's best move and dove down in the rocks and finally popped the measly 20# mono leader.

We also caught "pup" Redfish, Huge Croakers, Speckled trout, Yellowmouth Trout, Black Drum, 13" Seabass, Small Blacktip sharks, and of course LOST many a species........SEEING WE WERE LIGHT TACKLE FISHING, SMALL SPINNER REELS AND RODS AND USING JIG-N-SHRIMP COMBO MEALS, MOST OF THE DAY.

While only bottom fishing at the end of the day on the falling tide.

Whoa, was it F-U-N!
(Phone Video)
TACKLE TEST:  Okuma Trio 30 cheap spinner reel, Tough as hell Ugly Stik Inshore rod, 20# Suffix Braid, 20# Mono leader via double Albright special connection, Jighead 3/8ths oz. H&H gold hook.

It was cooool, comfortable, no wind, with a nice tide.
Went to the jetties and NEVER left.
Just the way I like it!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

10/25 - MOBIUS ACTION CAMERA; Weather-proof Sleeve & fishing report

Mobius action cam perfect angler hat cam, in weather-proof sleeve!



10/25 - Sheepshead, monster Croakers, 3-Redfish to 16 lbs. Really rather a slow day for sure given how hard we fished, having two kids and two adults aboard, plus me.

Video of the next 12 days coming of BIG FISH caught. But I can't fish every day and do 6 hrs of video editing. So we're back to photos for now.

I worked my butt to the bone. But even Live Blue Crabs weren't even getting eaten!
And the largest Redfish at 16 pounds came off a dead shrimp!


Thursday, October 23, 2014

10/22 - FISHING HAT CAM; Jacksonville Jetty Fishing

By the way......LOOK AT US! For everyone who thought it was too hot this summer, for feeeshin'.
Well, it isn't now!

It's GO-TIME folks.

(we both had on Long Sleeved Shirts!) because it was cool in the morning and we ended up not even taking them off all day long.

So, no reason to say it's not feeeshin' time now.

Ya know....most calls or even e-mails I get everyone thinks fishing has rules.
They want to know exactly what species, how and when. Hell, let me tell ya a secret....
"even when I go with a friend. It's go with the flow." Of course we wanted nothing but Trout and keeper Redfish today.

Wanted light winds, and huge perfect live shrimp, and no wind. But, did we get all that.
No. But as a "Jetty Guide", I fly by my gut. People who have fished with me for years and years already know that.

That's big water out there. Every single day is different. And consistency is a luxury at the Mayport Jetties (St. Johns River Inlet)

See here in this video how low tech, jig-n-shrimp fishing proved successful and just
plain F-U-N.

The Trout will eventually show....Last year it was November. October isn't the time any longer. Blame it on Climate Change.

Each day? Is different from the next.

If you want to go fishing, have fun, and learn a few tricks and tips.

Call me.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

10/18- JETTYWOLF "MOBIUS" MOMENT at Strike Zone's Tent Sale

Video per my, Mobius Action Cam

Just a goofin' around Video.
Aptly called......a "Jettywolf Moment"

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REMEMBER, reserve in advance and as of Oct. 1 have a "wiggle room day" just incase, of fall weather.


So, ya say to your self.....Self, that sure is some fine looking video. And I notice Capt Dave seems to put this pic at the end of a few of his "Jettywolf Moment" video's, whats up wit dat?

Well, for the minds that have to know. I'll tell ya.

It's the best damn MICRO Action Cam around!  No, it's not a GoPro. But damn close if not even better at some things.

Here she be.

This tiny camera is smaller than a box of Tic-Tacs!  Does perfect 1080p High Def video at 30 frames a second or 720p video at 60 frames per second. And takes still photo's too.

The audio is superb, for it's size. and that tiny video cam fit's into that little cradle, and that tripod brass female end snaps into the cradle that has strap holes.

But it gets EVEN better!  Because you can order from England a tiny water-proof case for the camera also!  PERFECT for the avid angler /Video bug, like ME!

Adding the Mobius to my Camera case full of GoPro Hero 2's has been nothing but fantastic. It's easy to use, set up and "hang around my neck on a lanyard" for just those moments I want to throw something up on my Youtube channel.

Here's more info about this Little Wonder:

Best Reviewer, "Techmoan":

Water-proof case review  "Techmoan" :

Water Proof case at JooVuu in England:  (8 days is all it took from when it was shipped to get to me all the way accross the pond!)

10/17 - Daiwa LEXA Reels; "tackle junkie" moment

FAST REELS - FLOAT RIG FISHING = gather up line fast when that float GOES DOWN!
I had sort of FAST reels before. Never had many slow reels for Float-rig fishing.
But now, these Daiwa's are blazers.

When your float goes down.......reel, reel, reel, and when you feel the fish, lift your rod.
Game on!

Ya gottem...unless it's SUPER HUGE and it runs you into the structure and busts ya off, like what happened to Lance, in this Video.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10/14 - OMG!!!!

Today, the wind was howling. A hard southeast breeze. Very uncommon wind direction for OCTOBER! Huge front coming across the S.E. from the west, with passing Hurricane this week way out in the Atlantic produced some of the largest seas I have seen at the jetties (Our Inlet) in a long time. Especially with the strong falling tide, against the S.E. Winds.

I'll guess the seas at the end of the North Jetty tip was 8 foot, if not taller with an occasional "FOLDER", with white water on top! I had to time it, and shoot across the end of the jetty to reach the north side of the north rocks.  Haven't had to do that in a long time.

Couldn't stay anchored at all. The anchor would get snatched out of the rocks/bottom as the boat lurched up and down from the swell on the North side.

Needless to say. It was one tough day. Live well full of perfect sized live Mullet, and no one was interested, even in the river.

The big Bull Redfish bite was better back in June than it has been this week.'s charter is a calendar marker.
1st day I'm breaking out the good ole "FLOAT-RIGS" and we're heading far up river to drift live shrimp instead of starring at rod tips all day with no action.

THE FLOAT RIG:  aka; "slip floats"

(I use ultra sharp Matzuo's hooks)

TARGET SPECIES:  "Action & bites", I'd be happy with. TROUT? I'd be super happy!

We'll also pitch some "Jig-n-Shrimp" combo meal here and there.
A standard way of fishing the shoreline structure.

So far in my opinion, the Big Bull Redfish "spawn" is a real bust.....
I've seen much better years, that's for sure.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Monday, October 6, 2014

10/6 - Shakespeare Ugly Stik Review; Capt Dave talks "Tiger rods"

- Capt Dave discusses his favorite Shakespeare Ugly Stik rods; their great features, durability from a fishing guides aspect. 

He bleeds.....UGLY STIK! (wanna see the tattoo?)

I was on the G. Loomis pro-staff for I believe 7 years, and had more rods snapped in half than I've ever seen before. I've tried St. Croix's, Cabelas brand rods, even some Heavy Duty Penn rods.

I started out in the charter business in 1996 with a arsenal of Ugly Stiks, made the rounds trying out all the High End rods, and eventually ended up where I began. Because they just plain WORK, for me, and my charter customers. Happy to be a Select Angler thru Pure Fishing.

Video: Mobius Action Cam in 1080HD 
Audio: Mobius Action Cam
Mount: GoPro 3-way handle mount

Member of the, HOOKED-UP NETWORK on Youtube.