Friday, August 31, 2012

8/30- Three good fisherman

Had Ryan E. and his brothers aboard and we went and tried a bit of EVERYTHING!!!
From Croaker fishing, to cast jigs and soft plastics to Jacks, Ladies and Trout. It was a big day.

That Full Moon, I guess was in effect, so things were a bit off. As we also tried bottom fishing for big reds.

But talk about three "go at it" fisherman! These guys were relentless, and hard working. They never got tired, and never put their rods down.

We tried to catch a monster whopper Redbass. Fishing everything from cut Ladyfish, to live Croakers on the bottom and never had any love from any Big Reds. But the guys caught lots of small schoolie Trout, and 3 decent Flounder. Piles of Croakers, and we finished the day with Ladyfish, Jacks, and toss in a Bluefish or two. Just casting jigs. 

Here's a few pics.....

Hopedale Louisiana : Post Isaac

I hate seeing this!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8/29 - DID YA MISS IT....?

Wow, a damn good bite. Not alot of serious Trout action. Caught 3 decent 18-20 inchers. But had two back to back BIG Reds well over 30" on top water plugs. Actually, the only subsurface lure I use, The River2Sea Wide-Glide.

Bam, Bam, they chased it and came up and sucked it in, right on the surface!

Caught Jacks, and even a few Croakers and Yellowmouth on jigs and soft Plastic Matrix Shads.




Tuesday, August 28, 2012

8/28 - ISAAC - from the ground

SPORTSMANS PARADISE......hit agin. But let me tell ya'll. I am a forum member of a great site called and those folks in Southern Louisiana, are tough.

They've been dealt some really bad hands lately. But, on the forum, they were talking about how Isaac should kick in the "FALL" Speckled Trout catching season.

That's why it's "Sportsmans Paradise", because give it two weeks and the next video I'll get will be those guys out wackin big fattie Speckled trout, Drum and Reds and Flounder. With noting but a jighead and a matrix Shad soft plastic!

That area is so......Resilient!  Even though they are having coastal errosion effecting the marsh and bayous. They still have 10 times the untouched estuary, what we do here inNE  Florida. But Florida can beat them, when it comes to seawalls and bulksheads !! (South Florida) Which is all part of "civilized" Florida..

 I don't like too much civilization, mixed with my fishing.

Check out this great MSN video: Isaac Now a Category 1 Hurricane
Of course GAS PRICES will go up, there's always and excuse to exploit right?

From my friends at Dock side Bait & Tackle....Eden Isles "Slidell La."

Monday, August 27, 2012

Received 5 brand new River2Sea "wide-glides" today.

Now, if we depart early and at the right tide. We'll head up river and you will use the same lure for dawn, low light, morning Gator Trout, that I've been using.

Thank goodness that this plug is painted on the inside, because I looked at mine yesterday. The same one I have been using now for two months and it's scratched to all hell!  If the color was on the outside, and even with a clear-coat over the finish. It wouldn't look right.

But there's not many plugs like that anymore. So we get more durable lures.
(only wish my Kodak Playsports camera took quality up close photos)
Years ago, I had a fluorescent orange, yellow bodied, with gold foil inside 52MR MirrOlure. (slow sinking w/ rattle bead inside) I loved that lure!  During the spring bite of Trout, (late Feb-May) that one single lure caught over 100 Speckled Trout! Along with the largest Yellowmouth Trout I ever caught, a 7 pounder, at the jetties! Then a Bluefish aka: the green scourge fish, ate it off my line one day.

52MR a "Trout standard"

I'm not always a "lure chuckin" Trout angler. Because not all years are created equal. Yeah, tell me about it!
(I hate presidential electiuon years!)

I got myself another hard to find "spring time Trout" Flourescent orange headed, yellow body with gold foiled inside MirrOlure and retired it. I added it to my collection of 1960's, and very old MirrOlure, MirrOlure competitors, and Pier bait, collection. I enjoy looking at every day.

Sent out to all of you a Presidential Election Year, charter discount newsletter.

Somethings got to give here. I'm taking a hit, no matter how I try to continue to be a small businessman.

I'm hoping that over the next two months, some of you take advantage of what I sent out, by reserving your charter, soon.

Looking around on Facebook....what a place that is!  The opinions and disgust about the President is unbelievable. And people actually believe, the President of the United States is to blame for everything?? And that the whole country can change in under 4 years?? That's what cracks me up!!

Forget about all that. Life is way too short.


Keep small business' running, and hard working people, actually working!!

That's probably the best way to keep America great, on an individual basis.

Friday, August 24, 2012

8/23 - Pluggin''s producing!

Ya know, the more the Trout are chewin', the happier I am. The more the Trout fishing is like it is in Lake Pontchartrain Louisiana, the happier I am.

And right now, the more Trout I get slapping this around......the happier, I AM!

RIVER2SEA "Wide-Glide"

Subsurface Glide-bait

The best BIG Trout plug I have ever used!

Morning, afternoon, evening, it just doesn't seem to matter,
they love this lure.

"if it eats'll eat the wide-glide!"



Went out again "solo" today......for some reason no one wants to go Trophy Trout fishing.

Just shows what a awesome "destination" we are here. Jacksonville Florida? "where's that?"  No claim to fame, here......

The flooding tide waters were way cooler than they should be. I marked 78-79 degrees surface temp. During the rising tide. Been hearing about the cooler water in the Ocean. And as usual I guess it's another round of it, that happens here every single summer!

I was a bit frustrated though. As the tide rose, I was getting big Trout wackin' the hell out of my "wide-glide" and missing it. I'm not talking an occational fish, but every single one! Maybe it had to do with the cooler water?

Because as soon as the tide turned (later in the day) it was a whole different story.

On one spot, I lost at least 3 big fat Specks. How the hell do they get off a pair of brand new Owner trebles? But that's Speck fishing with lures, I guess......

Another spot, the "wide-glide" got hit every single cast! And that was just as the tide started to push eastward. I was hooking up left and right. And they weren't DINKERS!

All big fatty Specks!


A "BOX" 10 - healthy Yellowmouths on jigs and Matrix Shads, and a ton of Ladyfish,
even a few Bluefish (?)

Tropical storms, lots of rain = a great BIG Trout summer.
Can't wait for Fall & Winter!

I received an e-mail from a reader. Who for some reason couldn't do a comment here for this post. Asking "where do you get one of these lures?"

Well 1st of all, I have seen them at damn near "cost" on Ebay. ALWAYS check Ebay first for everything. Ebay's a world market, and if you searched RIVER2SEA Wide-Glide, you'll find many. I use only the 120SS model.

A good 75% of all my tackle comes from Ebay.

 2nd, you'll have to "learn how" to use this. It isn't your average plastic tube filled with BB's. I've experimented alot, with the actions the lure can produce. It is a "glide" bait....not a walk-the dawg, lure.

It twitches and sashays! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

10 days only.....

10 days only.....SAVE $50 off a 2 person charter, and also get a video of your day aboard the JETTYWOLF.

Expires: 8/30/2012

 Must reserve with deposit. For anyone that's never visited my rates page: that's $350 for the day, 2 persons.

-Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to departure time.
-Call 904-642-9546 for reservation info
-email me at:

Saturday, August 18, 2012


I said, this weeks "TIDES" would be perfect for early morning Trout fishing. And they are.

I hope I don't get asked, "When is the fishing really good in Jacksonville?" After a day of winds, rain, or cold, in the future. Because I'll then send you the last 4 video's I made! 

My Newsletters were sent. Post after post, has been made here. Posts to my Facebook. Endless reports all over the web.

I don't know what else I could do.

Well, yeah I do....."I would have to 'shoe-horn 8 people' on my boat at $20 bucks a head, plus change the state fish limits, drag a trawl part of the day, and go 20 miles offshore because they think somehow it's better out there....." to make many of the calls I get, happy.

It's "Capt Dave Sipler's Sport Fishing", and I do light tackle inshore/near-coastal charters.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Outdoor Shopper - Jus' Grab It Glove


How To Fish River2sea's WideGlide

Since I've been using the "smaller" wide-glide, I have caught so many Trout on this. I'd thought I'd pass this on from Larry Dahlberg the wide-glides designer. And made by River2Sea. They've been smacking this even in the day time. Yesterday, it really could have out fished the Catch2000's, (I consistantly hooked up when I made a cast) I had my customers using. I just don't have enough of them (as of right now) or I would have had them working the wide-glide.

Here's more about the wide-glide: "CLICK HERE"




Wednesday, August 15, 2012

8/15 - Early Bird Catches the Big Trout!

WOW, I can't believe it's already the 15th of August. Things sure have went from gang-busters to dead slow around here. I hope it's because everyone "burned their wick" in July?  Now we're back to plain ole J-ville.

Every single Presidential Election Year, is like this for me. 

WHY, does this make people not want to go fishing? That's what I want know. What's the liers on those TV ads every 10 minutes, got to do with fishing? I pay zero attention to any of it. I strive for a stress free life. But that's damn hard to have in the fishing business, every four years.  Things better pick up soon!

And with that being said.......the Trout are on FIRE!

We had a GREAT DAY today. Had Dustin, Jay, and Dreu aboard. We talked about the big Trout bite going on and I told them, it's LURES ONLY. No need for bait, and if you even use shrimp. The bait stealers will eat you out of house and home, so I'm not even taking bait!

The guys were all in!  Then, I said, "how 'bout departing at 5:45am?"  The guys were all in for that too!

So at dark, thirty this morning we pulled away from the dock. I had MirrOlure Catch 2000's tied to their spinning rods.
I told them, I'm really not a night time kinda person, but I sure can get up early like this to catch'em.

Dead calm, and oh so serene.  So, after dropping the anchor very quietly. I gave them some instructions about the lures and the spot we were fishing. I brought my plugging rod along too. And I knew the Trout were all around us, because on my first cast I set the hook on a nice fish, but it got off at boatside, as so many do.

For the next three hours or more. The guys worked on their retrieve of the MirrOlure. I told them, it's a "twitch-twitch, pause". But that's always easier said then done. I believe, I had the spinning reels loaded to much with 20 pound braided line. I am not a spinning reel user, so I'm not familiar with exactly the best line load on my new Okuma 30 high speed Trio's. But for the first two hours, the line was coming off the reels in "clumps". So I ended up with a pocket full of expensive braided line, and constant re-rigging. What a headache! After awhile, and a few Ladyfish. The reels were working better, and the guys started putting big Trout to the boat.

Every fish was a healthy Trout, around 18-20 inches! As even I have experienced man, many times before. The Trout tear off the hooks at boat side or just get away as you're fighting them. We had plenty of that! But, it's all part of the game us Trout fisherman play.  These fish shake and jump, and can get off, easily.

Throw in a few Trout pushing 5 pounds and things started looking alot better. The cooler was filling!!!   And boy does my many many hours of R&D pay off. We sat on the same spot, and had Trout surrounding us. And NONE of them were small "dinks". Like I said, "These are all healthy large fish."

I tried jigs and soft plastics, again. Thought, with so many Trout around us, at least one would hit a jig. This is the second time I've tried jigs, on the spot. And they just don't want a jig. They want surface or subsurface plugs, period!

When, the tide started to ebb, it was pretty much over. And being it was now 10:00am we went and tried our hand at pitching jigs.
The NEW MOON falling tide was strong. And we struggled to get anything more than a few Ladyfish. But I tried several spots. But the bite was really off.

In the heat of the summer, I have found that these fish really like the cooler mornings at high tide. So by Noon, we headed back to clean our fish.

The grand total was 12 Trout from 18 to 24 inches. I was so busy, and busy making casts myself. I didn't take all that many pictures.

But, you get the idea..."of what you are missing out on."

Monday, August 13, 2012

8/13 - Monday'em.


at Sun rise.

Dahlberg "Whopper-Plopper"  & "Wide Glide"

YEAH, I'm addicted!

Finished the day out looking arond and catching more on Jigs and Matrix Shads.

Wednesday, out again with three guys at sun-up.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

8/11 - Nice Saturday....

Had Phil and his 82 year old dad Elliott on board today. They float-rigged with live shrimp, and caught some schoolie Trout. It was a falling tide all day long. Have had better luck on the rising tide. But this was a re-schedule from last Sunday. When it was blowing, raining and lightning from 4am till about 9am. So all that put the kybosh on last Sunday.

Elliott had a great time, he said. He hasn't been fishing since 2009. I personally haven't used bait in a few weeks. And they had a problem with needlefish eating the live shrimp in the shallows. "Isn't there always some fish out there that's always a pain in the butt?"

The bite wasn't hot, but there was a some action. We even trolled jigs and soft plastics around for a little while. And casted around a long dock and caught some shorts.

We took a little while and caught some Croakers, to use as big Trout bait. But had no action on them.

A few ladyfish, about 15 Trout and we headed in to clean the fish. It was a nice day, and then finally got hot around 1:00pm.



-works here too, if you can catch the "right size" Croaker.

And that's another mission of mine. I have the place, now I just have to weed thru them, and get a dozen of small size Croaks.

While surfing the world wide web, I came across super cheapy Chum bags, at Wally World. (LINK TO CHEAP CHUM BAGS)

Five for $2.96. So I dropped by Walmart and low and behold they had them!

So, now the plan is to drop this to underneath the boat, filled with some soft Boston Mackerel, or Ladyfish fillets and see if them Croaks won't come and hang under my boat as I catch them on Fishbites or piece of dead shrimp. Heck ya have to chum up everything in the Keys and south Florida. So, might as well try it to catch small Croaks.

Damn.....more R&D.  All in the pursuit of  CATCHING SUMMER GATOR TROUT!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

8/7 - No Love for Croakers.

The largest Trout of the entire summer, are being caught...and No one want to go. So as I say, "I'll go with ya or without ya'".

It's funny though. I get emails saying; "I want to catch as many fish as possible."

Really.....??  As if "I" want to go out and catch no fish all day?

I make video's, edit the video's, publishing the video's. After a 12 hour day fishing, doing research and development for "customers",  then that night.
I put in another 4 hrs editing, and publishing the video's here.

And the kicker is, I have to tell possible customers, who in which all the work was for. To sign up for my reports, to see what I'm doing.

I guess people are so used to old or no reports on charter service websites.

These reports, video's, photos, are for customers who fished with me, and possible customers, period. If local fisherman sign up, read and enjoy.  Consider it, "gravy on your weekend fishing buscuit!"

Since the full moon. Jig fishing is producing alot of short Trout. That's jigs and soft plastics. Today, I had at least 25 shorts on the jig. Action, oh yeah! But a boat load of keepers. Not on the jig. But, lately I have not float-rig fished. And I'm sure if I did, I could get some larger fish.

Had two monster Trout L-O-S-T again, on live Croakers. I really think, the Croakers are too large. A 3" Croaker would be best. The 4-6" plus Croakers are just too large to get a proper down the throat hookset. A drag smoking Gator Trout that I saw, readied the net for, got off a 7/0 Owner hook, today. And another on a Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Kahle 5/0 shiner hook.

Give me a Treble.....any day!

But, after loosing the second big Trout. I caught a thick 24 incher on my Wide Glide subsurface lure. I have to say, this is the absolute best subsurface/topwater plug I have ever thrown. It's different. That's the key!

I think I'll send these pics to Larry Dahlberg and let him know what a winner he designed.

I caught two Flounder on a jig and soft plastic. Both "box worthy". That I didn't photograph.

I trolled...Yeah that's something I don't do much of. But experimented with. Against the tide, I was able to go slow enough. And found the perfect bank to troll along. Right in sight of a major road. So when I hooked up with this 26" Redbass on the troll. I had every trucker honking at me. It was a great light tackle battle, when I had out 150 feet of line.

Of course, before the Redbass I had numerous Ladyfish. They loved the Glass-minnow colored Matrix shad, with a white jighead!

Not long after catching the Redbass. I had to seek shelter and fast!

I tucked under a bridge and tied off. Because I was stuck between storms to the West and to the East. That contained  lightning. I chilled out for awhile, and took pictures of the storms.

It sort of cleared up. So I headed back to the dock. I did another.....9 hour, R&D day.

For you, the customer.

Friday, August 3, 2012

8/3 - Big Bait, Big Trout. started out as an experiment. Right now the river has some large Mullet around. But damn if I could catch any in my castnet. And as I watch and entertain myself reading Louisiana Sportsman Magazine, and watch Louisiana Trout fishing shows. I saw that the Louisiana CCA - "Coastal Conservation Association" STAR tournament, which is a tournament covers many species over the course of a few months. The current Speckled Trout leading fish, 8.3lbs. was caught on a live Croaker. So with large baits hard to come by for me in the St. Johns River here in Jax. I figured, Croakers sure are plentiful right now.

Plus, instead of chasing bait around with a castnet. Why not just fish for Croakers! I do it when I need baits for big Redbass. Many a monster Red has come from a frisky live Croaker. Making noise "croakin" in distress sitting on the bottom.

And like I always say....."Callin' them in for a free meal that they'll suck down like a fun sized Snickers bar on Halloween!"

Well, same goes for Gator Trout!

This short video I decided, needed a little more. So I added some favorite photos. And photos of today's R&D catch. I had around 20 Trout total. Lost two BIG Trout at boatside, had a run on one rod that ripped the bait off the hook. Had a bunch of "shorts" on a jighead and a Matrix Shad soft plastic, iced down 5 keepers, and of course had a 24, 26, and 28 inch Trout. And only had three Ladyfish bites all day. And caught at least 25 Croakers and kept 10 of the smallest for bait.

BUT, it all came at a price. With the full moon, and the afternoon due East sea breeze blowing 15 knots against a falling tide. What a royal pain in the ass that was!

I was leaving the dock at 5:15am. And got back to the dock at 4:30pm. Many times when I ran into a slump, I almost packed it in. Then, the wind blew really hard and fishing was really tough. And I about gave up, again. I was hot, sweaty, had "casting and anchor pulling shoulder" acting up, and I was tired.

Intead of thinking about all that and the cold PBR, comfy lazyboy and cold air conditioning waiting at home, I stratigised instead. And continued the GATOR hunt.

And I'm glad I did.

But then again.....I was looking for my next 10 pounder.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

8/1 - Trying the "other" live bait, that's in good supply.

Well...this is what I like to do. And since it's the start of a new month and everyone has to re-group from July. I'm getting sometime to do some R&D. (that's research and development) Because I'm addicted to fishing too!

When other guides go hunting, I go fishing. When other guides go on a "family" vacation. I go fishing, on vacation.

Yeah, I'm ate up with it. Be it 100 degrees or 20 degrees. I live to catch these fish every way I can. And love experimenting. Since the per person limit is just 6, hard earned Trout (sometimes.) It pays to play around a bit, and try other baits, or techniques.

So all who think I only "float-rig fish".......Well, this is the 3rd video, that proves otherwise.

You can bet, I've done my homework. When it gets time for someone to pull a date off their calendar and book a date.

And when I find my "favorites" piled up in an area. You can bet I'll be there, knowing every bump in the bottom.
( I do now after three video's, and fishing all tide ranges)