Saturday, November 30, 2013

11/29 - While you sat drinking coffee next to the fire, bored to death.....

You could have been out on a day filled with catching and adventure!

Seeing it was ""USUALLY"" the #1 day of the year besides 4th of July in the 110 degree heat for all charter fishing, in bazzaro world, Florida You would have not know it by the looks of the weather. And of course, the pre-date calls, I hadn't received, all week.

Yeah, I was lucky. If you look at it that way, to have had the same "crew(s)" I had booked this week last year in the chilly, but sunny, calm TROUT FILLED, weather.

Obviously you read the report below this one about Ed, Ronny & I doing a hour and a half charter on Tuesday before it rained buckets on us. Catching one nice trout before hitting the dock, all wet.

Well today, the day after Thanksgiving. I had The Walters, plus one. Dan, Scott's brother along this time, with of course dad.

Yep, the standard manly trip...."because today you had to be!" If not prepared, like a Boy Scout.

Here I am, at the dock, "YOUR CHIEF EAGLE SCOUT", ready to rock & roll!!!

At First Light, I was greeted at the dock by the ole saying; "Red sky in the morning Sailors, take warning. But it didn't scare me or my crew".

Certainly, not a uncommon appearance to the sky, this time of year. Kinda, S.O.P- standard operating procedure! And like Dr. Phil says on TV........"THIS AIN'T MY FIRST RODEO"

It was dead calm. And basically a "here's yer sign" to what's in store. It was chilly...But not frigid. The water and the Coast is always warmer than a Walmart parking lot on the BFE side of town. Us "coastals" are lucky that way, in the winter.

I had ONE plan in mind. Go to the last place I've seen a "LIVE" Trout. So the boat ride wasn't long. But I should attempt to at least mimic last years TROUT slaughter with the Walters, again this year. 

Right??   It's the least I could do.

So upon arrival. The first several Trout bit, and jumped into the fish box within a few minutes!

This is "no throw-back bank"...there's a period of time along this area that there won't be a single non-keeper Trout caught. So I was very happy because we already did better than I thought we would and we're only a hour into the day! 

These fish weren't monsters....But in Capt Dave's terms (that's me) they were "sweethearts"....near and dear to my heart/soul and well being. Seeing I could live happy the rest of my life with over flowing fish boxes of fish like these, caught all kinds of ways.

The box filled up quite nicely as the tide faded away. And we only lost maybe twenty minutes by being visited (another name for inconvenienced by the FWC) with just short of a colonoscopy!! By one of the states finest.  At that tide, we probably only lost out on 3 additional Trout for the fish box and nine fillets for the dinner table.

I brought just enough live river crickets (aka: shrimp) to do the job for the morning. Because once we re-entered the wilds of the river by 10:30am, the winds were a HONKIN'.

We went to the Jetties. It wasn't bad. But the sea spray from the northside of the north was quite good as we sat and caught a few Whiting for the fish box. And NO croakers for Redbass cutbait. Which was the plan. Using fresh dead shrimp I had left over from Tuesday's failed wet charter.

Then, I tried anchoring at the little jetties after we watched 3 guys in a 23' center console up against the rocks, with twin outboards wrapped up in the anchor line....."what a FUBAR that was!"

Trying their best to hold the boat off the BOULDERS as one guy was untangling and cutting the anchor line off TWO props. I offered a hand, by pulling them away from the rocks. But they seemed to have it somewhat under control. Got away from the rocks and later anchored in the I.C.W. and then later...motored away. With the boat owner probably needing to change his "Fruit of the looms".
They probably would have fared a bit better scratch and scrape wise in a USDA grade ALLOY boat.

(But, I'll remain a rogue ranger of the alloy world, till I'm dead and gone, before people wake up to the fact that ALLOY is perfect for our environment around here. Just NOT Alaska. As so many seem to falsely believe.) 

Either way, I couldn't stay anchored at the Little Jetties as the wind was in full 25 knots regalia, out of the Northeast. So I went and tried the other side of the river. And we caught a handful of Yellowmouth Trout, worthy of being dropped into the fish box. To add to the Whiting and Specks, we had. 

I could have took many more photos, I know. But under the circumstances I was a tad busy, pressed for time, and going through Bazzaro world anchoring frustrations. Which leads to less time to get all artsy fartsy, as I'm known for. But less winds make it much easier to play shutter-bug, or videographer.

I predicted many many weeks ago; That it'll be at least Thanksgiving before we see any serious Trout numbers to the east where the Jettywolf roams this time of year.

I may have been correct. A few more trips will be proof or not.

So, given that this IS  the time of year to "don thy float-rigs", large amounts of live shrimp, best fishing outerwear, I expect to hear from ya. 

And prior, you'll need to purchase some Peanut Oil or Canola Oil, a black cast Iron skillet, and some Zaterains Country fish fry mix.

Because, the Redfish, Trout, Yellowmouth (weakfish), and Sheepshead along with Black Drum on the bottom will be the only thing on my mind.. 

Don't you want  to fish with a fishing guide that loves fishing in the winter, and will get you fish no matter what??  I don't deer hunt or watch football either!

Call: 904-642-9546 8am-8pm eastern time please. 

Or email me at: to check on dates for this holiday season.     

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

11/26 - then it got really wet...

I was so happy to have two really great guys back aboard the Jettywolf today. Ed & Ronny from S.C. cam down again. "After last years way-lay on big Trout at the jetties, heck I would have too!!!"

Ed is the killer, and Ronny is the kicked back one.  Ying & Yang, makes for a good duet. With hyper ready to kill Capt Dave in the middle. Last year we had a blast.

Yes, I knew going in what we faced "weather-wise". And so did the guys. But did they cancel, NO.
Did they whine. Hell no.

So I kept it really close. Departing at 7am, in the rain sprinkles.

I told the guys, "We going to a place where if they bite they're gonna be really nice fish. But at the same time, it's been Bazzaro world as far as the Trout this fall. And they may not be there at all..." 

We hit the first spot at break-neck speed. I basically idled over to the first anchor drop. The guys worked live shrimp on float-rigs perfectly.


Then, after we discussed my initial statement about the way it could be, Ronny's float went down with a head shaking rod tip throbbing pulse.

Here's Ronny's 1st take down. A sweet 20 incher.

As the very last of the falling tide (which wasn't a strong one to start off with) slowed down, I kept adjusting us in the area, to the tide conditions and we never had another taker.

Then came the, REAL RAIN!!!

And Yes, I was exactly right!

It was a mix of what I initially told the guys, back at the dock.





Plus the weather.

So as it poured rain, we went back to the dock, our morning was wet and over.
Next up, would be the 20 knot South winds as forecasted. Which is highly unusual this time of year.

So we packed it in, at 9am.

 And Ed said he'd be coming back in December to go to, one place.
Even if had to come alone, without Ronny.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

11/23 - Summer in November & Braided line "Bubble Buster"

I'm not liking it either.
Where's WINTER?

-plus Doc Miller's back in Jax, and catches his first Speck. And that was the last one of the day.
They aren't where I'm at. Might just be an "Off" year?

Many Reds up to 32", first Float-rig Sheepshead. Just enough Yellowmouth Trout.

The Braided Line "bubble buster"

I have been called Captain Gadget, and the tackle-shop-aholic, amongst many other things, I'm sure.
And both I named are certainly true.

Yeah I like gadgets if that's what you call'em. Maybe that's why I love doing video's as much as fishing. "been there done that" , for sure when it comes to the fishing around here aspect. Not a whole lot of new things happening. IE: the Trout limits haven't changed to 25 per person at 12 inches.
Or the Redbass haven't grow to 150 pounds lately. So yeah, I get my "fishing enjoyment" these days out of making video's and practicing being creative with the fishing that is afforded us around here, on a daily basis. Plus, most of all doing Video's with customers, so I can share with "hopefully" perspective future customers.

-Inform, before you Perform!

Okay, enough of that.

Let's talk "tackle-shop-aholic" 

A tent sale at Strike Zone around here is like a fishing community event. I hope you've been to a few. It's a great way to burn hours and hours on a weekday, thats for sure. I see people there that I haven't seen in years usually. And some, well....I see too much of.

I believe 100% in supporting LOCAL business'. I AM ONE. And need your support, too.

(These Free Reports has a "tip jar". Since day one it has gone empty. You know, it's on the top of the right side bar of this blog...?)

But there is times, especially in this charter fishing biz. That I just can't pay MSRP, for alot of stuff. Which most stores have to sell at, to keep that A/C goin in the 100 degree heat, and the employee's fed and happy.

That's where places like Ebay & Amazon come in for me.

If you saw the number of 7'6" Shakespeare Ugly Stik "Striper" rods I just sold.  (TWELVE that were sold for $10.00 each that I wasn't using any longer.)

You'd see. I deal in B-U-L-K. Think of me like the guy in Costco or Sam's club that pushes his cart by you and has those 5 pound cans of Peanut butter & Jelly in it. And you look at him thinking about the jokes you heard that stand-up comedian make about people like him.

Well he could have 4 kids, and 8 foster children!! 

Or he could be like me. Buying in BULK has it's merits. It's there when ya need it!

And I usually need it.

Need proof????????

So yeah, I like getting my Braided line in BULK and I need it cheap!

Here's the Braided line Bubble Buster

-would ya believe me if I told ya, I just got last week 1093 Yards of 100 pound braided line for my Shimano TLD 50 2- speed  big shark reel, I'm gearing up now for next summer, for................$48.00. Free shipping!

Makes ya kinda re-think the word BULK, and the words MSRP or Tent sale, huh?

Now, It'll be here tomarrow. And only took 4 days to get delivered. 

Of course you're thinking. I don't need that much 100 pound Braid. And something must be wrong with it. Yes,the latter is what I was thinking. But, then again. I read the Buyer reviews..."does that throw a hint to where this can be found, yet?"

AMAZON, yes!

I really took my time to read all the reviews. Studied what the good the bad were. And still said. "How can I go wrong!"

The reviews are 95% great. And one reviewer pointed out that, "really, how bad can it be? "You can always return it, and how many line manufactures are there. A handful? That make all the same lines across the Globe?" And if we're talking Japanese braided line. They sure do take their fishing serious over there. So can it be all that bad?"  

So, take it or leave it. It really doesn't matter to me.

Here's the ""L-I-N-K""

Shop and you'll see that YES you can pay a lot less, and save the cash for buying gas or shrimp, instead.

Read the reviewers comments. Look at all the brands you don't recognize. They are the Japanese brand braided lines. But it's easy to see the price differences. And instead of YARDS, the line is in METERS.  So just get B-U-L-K!

That's what I'm doing!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Capt Dave reviews innovative tackle:

Used and approved at:





11/19 - Where the action is:

This BLOG has received:  2,878 Page views in the last 30 days
And still just a few days around Thanksgiving "PRE-BOOKED?"

Folks, it's well over due to get "any" Holiday dates reserved, NOW.

What is offered:
-Safest boat
-weather reports prior
-Photos of day for sharing
-Video of day for sharing
-Report of day for sharing
-Visa/MC/Discover/Amex accepted
-Fish cleaning, fillet, de-bone, bagged
-PayPal a world leader used for deposit system
-Deposits/booking on-line
-Name your own price...

Mayport "Jetties", where the action is!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

11/16 - Went the other way....

There were East winds at the Jetties, how much I don't know since I turned left out of the boat ramp. I went the other way.....Mill Cove.

Had some guys wanting to go. But at the last minute said, "it was going to be too rough!!"

(they knew all that, though they were from up in Canada?)

I see no ROUGH water?

Do you?

Yes, Mill Cove was the nursery "cove" for me. Caught literally dozens of dozens of fish. Trout & Reds.

It's TOO warm.

Where's W-I-N-T-E-R?

This doesn't compare to Jetty fishing what so ever.

Friday, November 15, 2013

11/15 - They'll show....when?

( I love'em)

11/14 - Last Tuesday..."Pre-Frontal"

Took me a little longer getting this done. Been to the eye doctor. Found out my problem was Cataracts.
Nothing terrible. Just not great super distance vision anymore in my right eye. And it really bothers me, because I'm "right-eyed".

So, here's 11/12 Video fishin' report:

Sunday, November 10, 2013

11/10 - A older but still a great Video

I've got so many Video's on my YouTube Channel now. I guess you could say I pulled this one outa' the archives.

"It wouldn't matter to me if we stayed in prepetual winter her in Jax."

Saturday, November 9, 2013

11/9 - Whoa it was windy again....

Had Steve & Karen booked for Friday...which was totally heinous and 20-25 kts out of the N.E.
So, we decided a better day would be Saturday, right?

Sat. Forecast: 10-15 ENE. "Supposedly"

Well, I told them as they got aboard the Jettywolf, "I'm cutting ya'll a break today. You won't get seasick, wet or even need sea-legs. We're going shallow fishing." 

But, then again we won't be bustin' any big Redbass, either I'm sure. I said in my head.

Maybe we'll actually catch smaller Reds, and hopefully TROUT!

So we made our way up river and into Mill Cove. Mill Cove ya say?? In a 26' deep V boat??
Yeah, but a Aluminum 26' boat. Big Diff.

We blasted into the cove and started float-rig fishing. I knew we'd be early, and I was right. There was barely a hint of current. No current = No fish in bazzaro world.

But, we did catch a small trout and a small Flounder.

As the current came.....or was it the blasting winds? I think it was the current, I moved into my shallow water spots where I've taken shelter on deep winter days (WHICH IT CERTAINLY ISN'T, YET) when the winds howling a gale, it's 35 degrees and the moon is full.

And it's always been a savior. But we picked up nothing but another micro Trout.

I was really confused, because as the tide came there was also loads of bait all around. Small minnows, mullet jumping, birds diving.

But no fish in the shallows at all.  (ie: 3' of water along shell bars)

So, I did what George Costanza on Seinfeld did, "if what your doing is wrong, then the opposite must be right?"  Sop we fished 10 feet of water. Another micro Trout. That's it.

Okay, the wind had the boat whipping around. the anchor wouldn't hold in all that M-U-D bottom. Time for a drastic change.

I went for it. We went to the power lines!  There's not only the concrete pilings in the water. There's lots of shell pads or bars to grab onto with the anchor under the power lines.

I scored first. A 16 incher. Finally a keeper Trout.

Then, Karen got one. Then Steve got one. 

As the anchor drug once again. And I just let it go. and we settled into a spot that was out away from all hard structure. 5-6 feet of water.....and we saw lots of small mullet action on the surface.

Floats went down, down and down again. Over and over all three of us pulled trout to the boat from out in the middle of no where'ville!

But we had 20 knots of wind, current going sideways to the wind direction, and were fishing on zero structure.

The Costanza rule......AGAIN??

We must have caught thirty, 14 to 14-7/8th's inch Trout!

Then, as the tide just started to seem to fall. The bite was over. But it was also 3:30pm too.

So we packed it in and headed back, so I could clean our whopping THREE legal Trout.

But Steve and Karen had fun. We did a lot of story telling out there, that's for sure. So time passed fast.

So. I can find some Trout afterall. I almost thought I lost my touch.

Now I just need to find big Trout..."and my prediction is it won't be till Thanksgiving at least till I find them in any numbers at the jetties.

And what kills me is they should have already been there and been thick by now.

Hell it's NOVEMBER. Which used to be my favorite month of the year. 

No Video or Photos today.

Friday, November 8, 2013

11/7 - Lets talk TUFF...

My first "review", I guess you could say of the SHIMANO TR-100G (click here for 1st review video) I was just speaking out loud, because I was surprised at the durability of these "do-all" reels I use for my customers.

Well, it's been awhile. And these reels have been used to death. And now, I'm back again to discuss how damn durable and tough they are.

If you know me, or have fished with me. You may know that I am a "utility" kinda guy. No glitz, No glamour. I like tough stuff, tough boats, tough rods, and tough fish, and don't mind tough fishing conditions.

I like these reels....No, I must be in love, because of how many I own. Sixteen in total..."jus' incase they stop making them. I'm covered."

11/7 - Red after Red.....

After nearly a week of heavy winds (up to 40 mph) and some rain. I really was skeptical about what to do today. But, as usual. My jetties, didn't let us down.

Started on the Northside, and caught some Croakers for bait. But the current wouldn't run over there.
We had a light NNW breeze, and of course residual swell. But we needed some good water movement.

My crew was fighting to stand up straight, and some "elevator" sickness. The good ole Up & Down stuff. Which basically put Dad (Chris) outa commision. He took some Bonine pills, but only after getting on the boat. Which had NO time to get into his system.

By the time I made a move over to the South jetty. He was D-O-N-E.

So the boys put a waylayin' on the over sized Redbass, on light tackle. Doing a few double headers. With fish up to 33" and 12 pounds. They were suckin' up cut Croaker like it was their last meal...and it would have if any were under 27 inches!!!!!

Prior to this weeks weather, the last time I was out there was on Sunday in the 20-25 knot NE winds, (the last video posted) and the water temps hovered between 72-74.

Today, "OH HOW THE WATER TEMP FELT COOLER!" at 68 degrees on my sounder.

Any day now those over sized Bull Redfish are gonna pack it in and start filtering offshore, if they aren't out there yet. The lastest I have caught 30-40 pounders "in the river" has been Nov. 11-14th. And that was years ago.

Maybe today's 28-33 inchers is "here's yer sign", that these are the size fish that usually stick with us at the jetties through out the winter. Yes, I have had customers catch 40 pounders in December. But they are a bit rarer.

The bite was on as soon as we pitched baits behind the boat today. So that means, it was going on probably before we arrived. If I had went there right off the bat, we could have caught twice as many.
I had some jumbo dead mullet, but the Croak's are the key. When I used the Mullet the little fish picked at it bad. But not the Croaker halves.

When the bite shut off it shut off hard and fast. Chris (dad) was really looking bad. So we picked up on the last few minutes of the rising tide and ran up river.

And can ya believe what was up there? Sharks!!

All the way up near ole Pirates Cove.
Yep. Welcome to bazzaro world.

Enjoy the video...


Wednesday, November 6, 2013


 I've fixed and cleaned reels all my life for myself and friends.

Maintenance? Serviced? Parts replaced/fixed?
Got no time? Capt Dave has 30+ years of reel experience.
Especially CASTING reels!
But, I can do spinner reels too.
Trolling reels
Bottom fishing reels

-Abu Garcia

Cleaned and serviced: $30.00 (4 for $99.00)
Parts replacement: Parts cost + $10.00 installation (up to 4 "replaceable parts")
I order parts, install, you pay me back + $10.00

Phone: 8am-8pm (904) 642-9546

Cash. No Checks.

Monday, November 4, 2013

11/3 - It blew like hell....

Day after the "famed" Florida/Georgia football rivalry game, and largest tailgate party, and day of the "fall back" time change.

But for us, it was 20-25 kts. at the Mayport jetties. And it's been a long time since I've seen inside the rocks, (between the North & South Jetty) so rough.

Solid whitewater, folding over swells, tall as roof tops. The marine weather channel said, "8-10 foot seas  EXPECTED".

But, we got there some what dry, and before the push of the rising tide really slopped it up, bad. At one point, the end of the south jetty would go under water for about 100+ feet. Rounding the end of the south was do'able. But you'd need a "pilot boat" or better to go around the North jetty, for sure.

I had shrimp. That was it. We needed "cut-bait", badly. There's no Croakers on the shallower southside, my main cut bait at the Jetties for big Redbass, (Redfish-Red Drum etc.)

So I saw an ole friend, who's a Roe Mullet castnetter, in his little 17' Carolina Skiff, who showed up with the other 10 "larger" boats hunting the mullet. I yelled to him and asked if he could give me a few big Mullet for cut bait. He did. And just two 15" Mullet lasted us all day long.

The south Florida boys, Enrique and Dave were ready to go for anything that will bite.

I knew with this "front" pushing in (aka: full-blown Nor'easter) as the clouds came and went, and winds steady. If I could stay anchored. Because my "reef/rock anchor", kept pulling loose as the boat yanked up on the swells. That we could get some action going......

Hell, these boys were on the JETTYWOLF. We come to take a big bite!

As we lost fish, chased down "mystery fish", and sorted through small Sharks, Seabass, and Kitty Cats.
It ended up that by the time the tide turned, and the wind laid down a bit. The seas inside the rocks totally calmed right down.

And we were all alone!  Everyone left. There was maybe 5 boats out there, when we arrived just after 8am.

But as the tide got lower, we lost all current, the water got dirty, and only the Catfish would bite. So we headed back, after our day of action.


Saturday, November 2, 2013


What a sought after day....the day before the Fla/Ga. football game rivalry.....

I had a customer from Ga. who would come down to fish. "If there were trout to catch". NOT!

I had a call yesterday morning at 6:30am as I backed the boat off the trailer from a guy who was hoping he could get out on 11/2 with friends.

I had Julie wanting to get friend Scott, from N. Dakota out on Friday. Because it was Scott's birthday.

Well, Julie won out. Because the absence of any Trout bites, because of all the Junk fish, still swarming in the 72-74 degree water in November has the Trout fishing FUTILE at this point.

B-U-T......the BIG REDFISH, are sure chewing! Usually, by now they start to slow down. And by the 7th-12th of the month are really winding down the big chew before heading offshore for the colder months, as the baitfish become scarcer.

Probably, NOT this year. Unless something radical happens.

And today, from start to finish it was BRUTUS T. REDBASS, galore!!!!!!!!

Of course, the 1st one is always caught on a piece of dead shrimp as we catch the "carpeting" the bottom ever present Croakers. (the only little fish I don't mind, because they are great baits, and just fun.) Plus, if little Croaks are all over. Most likely, there's a big Redbass lurking around them.

We lost count of how many Julie & Scott caught. From ONE keeper at 27" up to fish in the high twenties. Kept these anglers very, very busy. Using LT- light tackle. The lightest bottom tackle I own.

And it's so much fun watching the rods bend like a horse shoe!  I love my "light action" UGLY STIK Striper rods. They have to be my all-time favorite rods. Because I love the bend.  

Here's some Photo high-lights of the day:

We even took a "rest room" break in the middle of the day. And then came back to the excat spot and worked them over again.......Last hook up, Julie got worked over.

Lookie at the gal, lay into the rod!!!! 

10/31 - All Hallow's Eve, Getting Jiggy.

On Halloween, I had the pleasure of having Chuck aboard the Jettywolf. Yep, a "solo" angler and I.
Chuck was from Wyoming. And an avid fisherman.

To mix it up a bit, I figured we'd go super LT. and jig fish the jetties in the morning. Chuck used a jig-n-shrimp combo meal, and I used a jig and Avacado colored Matrix Shad.

First fish, I connected too was a "pup" sized Black Drum....ON THE MATRIX SHAD soft plastic.


It's super strange that I watch all those Louisiana Video's and TV shows, and they catch Black Drum "CONSISTENTLY" on jigs and soft plastics over there. Fish boxes full of them.

BUT WE DON'T......again. Must be one of those bazarro world things that makes the East Coast Atlantic 180 degrees from the Gulf of Mexico fishery.

Chuck and I had Black Margates, Yellowmouth Trout, some small Redfish, larger Mangrove Snappers.
Chuck hooked a "super Azz hander" and was getting spooled before whatever it was broke his line in the jetty rocks fraying the 20# leader.

Then, he caught a nice keeper Redfish, at 25 inches.

Then, as the tide faded, we tried the float-rig fishing on the falling tide with live shrimp for the ever illusive Speckled trout up in the river. NO matter where we went (as the wind blew hard) all we did was feed very expensive live shrimp to the "SCOURGE FISH" that are oh so present in our over salty so called river.......3" mangrove snappers & pinfish!!!!!!!!

Which, if the salinity was a 5PPT (parts per thousand) versus a 28PPT, I'm sure those Sea water scourge species wouldn't be as present.

So it was futile to try Float-rigging, that's for sure. The forecast for EASTWARD Trout will probably be between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Which is WEEKS & WEEKS late.

Same reason, the Big Redbass weren't thru the roof for me in Sept-Oct. But right now are in actual Full Swing at the jetties.

And that's fine. Because I don't like fishing the river anyhow. It pains me to have to go up in the river compared the BIG rocks, this time of year.