Friday, October 30, 2015

10/29 - Another 10

From the river to the Mayport Jetties. The fish of the week is the week is the 25 pound Redbass.
And where I was fishing today all ya really needed was some dead shrimp......catch a Croaker. Cut the Croaker into chuncks, and BAM...Your on!

And at times all it took was a piece of shrimp!

Same deal as last year, this time. About the only consistent thing I can say that goes on around here.

Makes for great days. Everyone is happy. (Even though it would be better if at the same time we had a chance at a 25 INCHER, too)  But the take home fish are giant Croakers, Whiting, Yellowmouth Trout, usually. No one wanted these fish today, so I cleaned them up and had them all fried up in Zaterains fish fry mix by 3pm!

See Greg here.....he was the camera man on Jose Wejebe's TV Fishing show, "The Spanish Fly".

This here was "almost" a TRIPLE-HEADER!

Probably from here on out, I'll ween off these Redbass trips and work on Float-rig fishing and jig fishing, in pursuit of the "keeper" Redbass, Black Drum and TROUT!

Unless, I get a part boat kinda trip (4 persons) and then I'm sort of forced to just bottom fish and keep it simple.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

10/29 - OCTOBER BULL REDFISH, aboard the Jettywolf

10/29- Who let them dawgs out....

A perfect saying for FLA vs. GA. weekend......Florida better not let them DAWGS OUT!

FIRST "Junk yard dawg" done on the deck at 8:21am.

In between 14 Redbass, there were Yellowmouth Trout, Croakers, a 6' Nurse Shark, and Whiting.
Not bad at all.

"A VIDEO SHORT", forth coming....

10/29 - Float fishing tech tip: (terrible camera)

PROOF:  100% versatility. The float-rig  Deep or shallow.

If it's nasty the Jettywolf can handle it.
How 'bout you?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

10/27 - Jax Climate Change:

I have a saying...."If it's cold and blowin over the Fla./Georgia Game weekend. (I'm in heaven) It's gonna be a good winter season,"

Why do I say that?

Because when it "USED TOO", be cold and blowing by this up coming weekend. We always had a great winter fishing season. At least the "kick off" to the fall season was good.

If we're "sweating" on Halloween. It's not a good thing!

I remember when we had years that by now, we'd have bone chilling mornings. Could be cold (40) and crisp, and I'd still be in "shorts mode". But with the Grundens foul weather suit on. And I remember those charters, and they were great!

Alot of my career has to do with the climate. I'm like a Farmer. But my "crop" is the general public who wants to fish, and the fish in the water that I hope are easy to catch!

If I had a scanner I could fill this blog with photo after photo of those October days. Because that was before the "smart phones and digital age". But rest assured I cherish each and every hard copy photo I have, and love looking through them every couple years, especially with family and friends.

Yep, I've been doing this for awhile.

I kinda doubt that over Halloween it'll be 40 degrees in the morning. When condensation hovers over the surface of the water (water fog). But when it does happen.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

10/25 - Back to "active" fishing......

ACTIVE AS DEFINED AS;  "working your cork or jig"......Not just bait-n-waitin', fishing.

Beautiful sunrise of all places, while sitting at the boat ramp!

Look at that texture in the sky!  "Was it a red sky in the morning Sailors take warning"
NOPE, not till the afternoon when it went from dead calm, no wind, slick water, to rough water , loads of wind and even rain!

Had Rob and Tommy aboard today. Game plan....go shallow, fish the simple corks and a 1/8th ounce jighead and dead shrimp. For.....IT ALL.
But it was too damn calm.

They did get a few drum and a few speckled trout but all were pretty small. With one keeper Drum at 15". Then, it was on too Float-rig fishing.
Loads of small Specks, too many ravenous sand trout. But they did box a few keeper specks.

Then we made a good move. River rock pile. Trout, Flounder and Reds. Between the float-rigs and just plain ole Jig-n-shrimp combo meals. Even a few Mangrove Snappers.

Ended the day cleaning fish in the rain back at the dock. That was just "wonderful!"
But a good day overall.


Friday, October 23, 2015

10/23 - "one outa three"

Blowin, nasty at the jetties, smoking falling tide all day. Guess one out of three wasn't all bad.
25 pound Brutus T. Redbass at Blount island, on a cut piece of "fresh" sand trout. Lost the other strikes from break-off's. Getting cut off while using 50 pound Test leaders. Hmmmm?
largest fish my two crew members ever saw in person. (that happens a lot)

Prior, we fished shrimp on the bottom for an assortment of small fish at the jetties and in the river.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

10/20 - inshore shallow waters

NO KIDDING...we went so shallow I grounded the boat on a shell bar.
"don't try this with your fancy gelcoat boat" the glass doesn't like oysters!

But on the most comfortable and deepest "Bay Boat" in Jacksonville.
I can do that, because I ain't skeered!

Whatever it takes to fish in a 25 knot, small craft advisory, and still catch 'em. I don't care, the reason I went plate alloy!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

10/20 - BLOWIN' again!!

W-I-N-D...normally the worst enemy of all Anglers.  And today was no exception.

BUT we prevailed.  It took all day to get right. But Dennis and I ended up having a real Blast.

Shallow water
Snap-on Lemon drop floats
1/8th oz. jig head
Live or dead shrimp

..........40 to 50 fish later (many just undersized) we had ACTION and that's all that counted.

Trout, to grow up for next year.

Trout to 3 pounds, Drum to 5, and Reds to 23".

WIND BURNT, versus sun burnt again today and it was well worth it. The water was so stirred up, and muddy from all the wind blowing over the shallows (3-4 feet max) that it'll take a week to just clear up if the winds lay.

YES, I see a Bob's Machine Shop "jack plate" in my future soon, as I have the best and largest bay boat out there, in my opinion and of those that fish aboard the Jettywolf.

At one point during the day, I drove up and the boat settled on a oyster shell bar, "crunching shells" under the boat as the boat sat on the bottom, with motor tilted up.  Now thats a bay boat!
NOT worried about my gel-coat!

We fished THAT shallow!! 

Monday, October 19, 2015


(2) insulated Kingfish Tournament "Fish Bags"

USED, but in great condition. Especially the zippers. That's the real important thing.

1 -  a Bellsouth Greater Jax Kinfish Tournament edition bag

1- a C&H brand bag

NOT JUST FOR KINGFISH...they work for Redfish, Drum, Trout, Spanish Macs, Grouper, Snapper, Dolphin, you name it....great for the boat with no cooler room!

$100 OBO (cash only)
Credit cards/PayPal, add transaction fee +


(3) LEFT from sell off of horded tackle, by yours truely!

In perfect condition, may actually have never been used.

Shimano Triton Levelwind / star drag reels 100G model

Will and can catch 99% of all fish that swim in this area. And I probably have, with these Triton reels over the years. WORK HORSE & DEPENDABLE. NO GLITZ TACKLE.

$50 each cash
Credit cards/PayPal, add transaction fee +

retail price $69.99   BUT MINE COME LOADED WITH BRAID

ME AT: 904-642-9546

10/18 - Jacksonville fishing; fall high winds

I'm talking HIGH WINDS!
So bad that we couldn't stay anchored.
But we figured out what to do. And we continued catching.
Not a lot of "keepers".......but we sure had fun, CATCHING.
Which was the name of the game.

I LOVE FALL -WINTER-SPRING...#1 Jacksonville Inshore Fishing time of year.
(NOT middle of summer......sorry folks.)

-think ahead to get prime dates!!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

10/17 - While it blew....

While it blew pretty good out at the Jetties and in the river. My crew and I went back up in Mill Cove.

We fished the shallows, and because the tide seemed to take forever to flood into the "cove", I took a 26' boat with 4 of us into where most 26' boats don't belong...."Because I can".  The Jettywolf , being made of plate alloy isn't the same as all those glass boats. She floats high and light.  We started casting our rattlin' corks and jigs with live shrimp where m sounder flashed 2 feet of zero. Yeah, it was that shallow!

First off we caugh several "pup" Redfish, a few small Trout and then a decent 4 pound Black Drum. A "targeted species for sure".

A PERFECT eater size! And gave a nice tussle on the light spin tackle.  We moved around and had more pup Redfish and small Speckled Trout, as the tide slowly flooded in.

We actually mixed it up. Between live shrimp under the corks and dead shrimp. Doesn't really seem to matter much.

But then we moved on out of the super shallows and fished the so called channel under the low span of the Dames Point bridge, that goes over the cove.  We broke out the Float-rigs and used the live shrimp in 13 feet of water.

Loads of small Speckled Trout, and foot long to about 14" Sand Trout.

As you can see where we were it was windless and even hot! Totally different ball game then out at the inlet for sure. Couldn't believe the difference, when we pulled up at the boat ramp at the end of the day.

Caught lots of fish, many short. But it was fun, and comfortable for my crew. I was told, that this crew wouldn't have taken getting seasick very well.

I was left with a box of fish, so I cleaned them up and see a fish fry coming soon, next week at the Jettywolf's house.

"Small Craft Advisory"
20-25 knots, gusts to gale force is the forecast.
I have a crew of just two......So guess where we're going?
Hiding in Mill Cove!! 

Friday, October 16, 2015

10/16 - Everything off a "cork".

Started the morning off right quick with a bit of, Tug 'O War. Within 5 minutes from leaving the dock.

31 inches and a great fight on the "float rig".  As we headed toward Mill Cove to do some "shallow water fishing".  Get to Mill Cove and this was the 1st cast!

Nice Black Drum for the fish box.  But it was "Too Damn Nice" for Mill Cove in all reality. Beautiful no wind, 'blue bird day'.  Especially Mill Cove, we will always do better on days its about t rain, it's blowing 30 knots, overcast as all hell, and just this side of heinous!

But, we got dinner. A 19" Redfish, and Trout amd this 4 pound Black Drum. But that was'nt all we caught. 14" Trout, small pup Reds and plenty of bites, is what kept us busy today, up in 3 feet of water.

Saturday:  3 guys, Jig-n-shrimp (with and without Corks) at Jetties or inshore up river. Haven't made my mind up yet.   With NW winds 15 knots.

SUNDAY is definitely Mill Cove weather: 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

10/15 - Slower & Windier. RIP Jetty anchor # 103

Momma Heng broke the ice with the slow and steady technique today up on the bow of the boat.

Marc, twice while "vertical" jigging with a 1-1/2 oz. Glow jig hung into metal eating sharks, that smoked his jig........Yes, the Blacktips are still around out there and will eat a jig!

Then Marc hangs something else on the jig!
The fight was different this time.

W-T-H, is that?

Marc snagged a Turtle with a Vertical jig!

Just tired and a bit pissed off, it went back no worse for the wear.

Momma Heng, does it again!  Thank goodness, because the action was quite slow.

Dad hung a whopper......a whopper 6' Nurse Shark that broke off at boat side.

And see where I was at the rocks? Well, I left my 5th anchor right there as of today. Yep, and that was my "spare".  So that's two for me in 2015 . I guess I won't be anchoring up in the deep with big current for the next 5 days.

Only anchor I have left is a small 12 pounder that won't hold me in more than 20 feet of water.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

10/13 - A JETTYWOLF MOMENT; Fishing Obsessed?

-Hope passing on the "tid-bits" found in my Jettywolf Moments Video's give someone out there some help.

If it or any do. Send me a comment.

10/12 - Jacksonville fishing charters; Mayport Jetty Fall Fishing

Done with my tiny Mobius camera on it's hat clip mount.

A lot of fish action was not captured due to the limited battery power.....but, ya'll get the "jist" of what you are missing, RIGHT?

Truely, the best charter days are just two persons. I'm not a "inshore party boat". (photo represents the kind of fishing boat charter some only know of. "referred to as not all that quality and dirt cheap) 

But really would like to go quality over quantity of people I can take, "and charge for".

Days like this one ran me ragged and I only had two guys that "know" how to fish aboard.
The action was fast at times and nothing comes easy at the Mayport jetties.

From anchoring, to knowing how to hit the bottom and stay there in the river's current, with heavy sinkers. To battling BIG FISH. If you are new to it all. Be ready to be challenged!  Especially if "bottom fishing is involved".

Sunday, October 11, 2015


November thru May.

What makes it "best"? Answer; More variety of species.

By late November, for me it's all about Speckled Trout fishing. That for the last 6 months has been near futile. So, I'm tracking them daily. But throw in Keeper Redfish, Black Drum, Flounder, Sheepshead, by December.



But like anything "fishing" is not carved in stone by any means.

10/11 - will be most likely will be the day the change goes into effect.

What the hell are ya talkin' about Dave?


Yes, the forecast says November for Trout tracking, but let me tell ya, I just get plain tired of the smoking tides and heavy lead and NON-LIGHT TACKLE FISHING!  Yeah, how can you call heavy rods, line, and large reels "light tackle"?

Time to go for "keeper fish", versus that Jumbo fish or two.

I transition, just like the seasons. It's how I stay sane.....hahahahaha.

More of this:

Yeah and this too.....

Friday, October 9, 2015


OH.......we were "TOO CLOSE" to the precious bank that was taken over by the Military.
Sensors, camera's, Floating gates, you name it just isn't good enough.

Well, we weren't moving, because we were hooked up!!!!!!!!!  Finally, after one boring morning at Trout River.

We left after this and had two more on that got off, and this:

A 12 " Yellowmouth Trout that was a glutton.  A tough day on a hard EAST breeze. Due East and Due West not good.

Some one was HUNGRY!

Monday, October 5, 2015


Had the Brandt's Family aboard once again. Don and his parents have been regulars of mine for 10 years at least. And over the years we've built up quite a few fishing stories.

But today, is one that was purely EPIC.  And one that in my entire 20 year career as a fishing guide in Jacksonville, has never happened before, or I have I ever witnessed. And there isn't a finer set of people who I'd rather share this with.

I threw my castnet twice, And had almost enough on the first toss. But as usual, one good throw always deserves another. I look to my left side while anchored in 18 inches of water from the bow of the Jettywolf and there they sat, literally hundreds of perfect 3 inch Mullet just milling around in a circle right next to the boat, I couldn't believe how easy this was going to be...

We filled up the bait well with perfect finger Mullet and I remember even saying, "That was easy, I only hope catching some Redfish will be as easy."  

Little did I know at that time, I was going to have the most Epic day of 2015.  Right here, right now!
Yes, right here. Because where I caught the Mullet is only 200 yards from where we were going to anchor up and fish.

I looked over at the "spot", and the birds were going completely nuts. Hundreds of gulls, screeching loudly and diving into the water 20 birds at a time. I remember saying to Bill Brandt, "that's where we're gonna fish!".

After we cast live Mullet out on the bottom with just 2 or 3 ounces of weight in the light falling tide current in what is a super hard bottom area in 20 feet of water, the birds started working the surface right behind the boat.  And off goes the first rod.  The Ugly Stik bends over and there we go, fish number one!

Don, brings in a perfect 27" keeper bronze colored Redfish. All the while around the boat fish are busting the surface, we're hooking up again and again, having big fish pull off the hooks, eat the bait off the hooks, break leaders off my rigs. I can barely make out what these fish were that are busting the surface. And then we all see it....Big Wide Tails!!

It's big Redfish coming off the bottom and feeding on the surface smashing some kind of bait, from below as the birds go nuts from above. I almost can't believe my eye's!

I've never ever sat in the river anchored up in 20-25 feet of water and seen schools of big Reds busting bait on the surface like a school of Trout, Jacks, or Bluefish.

Needless to say we fished the area all day long at anchor, catching big "pumpkin" colored  Redfish like it was shooting fish in a rain barrel. Don Brandt even said, "These aren't like other reds we've caught with you before, these fish act as if they have never eaten before." as he looses one that snatches his mullet off the hook.

They did that all day. Stole the mullet right off the hooks, bent hooks, and broke 40# leaders on bottom structure.

But, in between my crew caught more than their fair share. We estimated at least 25, from 27" to 30".
And they did it on the light tackle I brought. No heavy tackle needed, because it wasn't all that deep and the current wasn't like at the Jetties or around Mayport.

After a quick lunch we even started chasing the birds and catching the Reds on the drift. Again, something I have never experienced in my 30 plus years of fishing the St. Johns.  This might be something other people get into all the time, but I doubt it. Certainly not for this Mayport Jetty Guide.

But this wasn't anywhere near the Mayport Jetties. But rather closer to downtown. The water was so "sweet" with freshwater we even caught a nice sized Freshwater Catfish.  My hydrometer broke on me, so I had to test the salinity of the water the ole fashioned way, "I tasted it".   

Yep, my hunch was right, These fish are going completely nuts because we were fishing in water that had no salty taste at all.  The water was the color of that perfect cup of tea, and the Redfish glowed in the sun light, like Halloween Pumpkins.

We were in water that was, 'Perfect". And in all reality the way this river should be, given the fact that the State, City and Feds are out to destroy it.

After having so much fun in Mill Cove on Friday with Paul from N. Dakota using nothing but clip-on rattling corks and 1/4 oz. jigheads tipped with dead shrimp, filling the box full of puppy Black Drum and 18-19" Redfish and a few Trout in 2-3 feet of water.

Today was just icing on the cake of how great the fall fishing, can actually be.

There would have been even more. But the battery on my Smartphone went dead, between all the calls and all the photo taking.