Monday, July 29, 2013

7/28 - Need I say more?

Had Walker and his wife Sarah aboard the Jettywolf on Sunday. As it turned out. Sarah had no fishing experience at all. She didn't know how to cast a spinning reel, didn't know how to hold the rod.....Nothing!

But, she was a quick study. And what happened?

Yep, you guessed it.
Sarah out-fished her Husband!!!!!~

We ended up with a big box of Trout, and one Flounder. Trout to 24".
Of course, I helped out. But not wanting to catch. But just showing what and how to fish each spot.
Be it using a Matrix Shad, a Kick-A-Mullet, or a float-rig and live shrimp.

I told Walker, what might happen. He said, "I'm Okay with that. Happy Wife-Happy Life." seeing they were Newlyweds and all.

And I was right, when I told him the day before that his wife may out fish him.

It was a fun day. Sarah also caught Jacks, hooked a few Ladyfish and caught one Bluefish and a Flounder.

What a day!

Get your gal out there.
Visit: for info.

Look at these crazy shrimp I had. They had blaze orange horns. Ready for Mardi Gras!!


Saturday, July 27, 2013

7/26 - Manatee Orgy & Arm Aching Blacktips!!

What a day...Great Kids.

Huge action!!   Left at sun-up, back by 11:30am for lunch!

1/2 day behind the Mayport Shrimp boats with the Ridgeway Crew.



Cooler morning, overcast, perfect tide, just after full moon, whackin' some fatties on  River2Sea Wide Glide, and Green Hornet Matrix Shad, and 1/4 ounce jig head.

Could hardly catch a small enough Trout, after dropping a 23 incher in the box. (Trout regs: 6 Trout, from 15-20", only one of the 6 can be over 20 inches, per person...REALLY SUCKS!!!) Released FOUR, 24 inchers, and couldn't find any under 20 inches. Only boxed 5, before the ride home.


Bite was pretty much over by 10:30am.

-Low light conditions
-Cooler temps
-Lures only = no dealing with bait stealers!


Friday, July 26, 2013

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

7/24 - 1st stage: NEW WEBSITE

It's kinda funny, and I have mentioned it here before.

But I have no idea who and how many people even come here and read or surf thru my blog pages.

Not unless I hear from YOU.

You can and always have been able to "comment" via the comments window at the bottom of this blog post....."But ya have to click on the title of the post to get to the stand alone post for the date"

That's where the comment posting window is.

Yeah, I know...."an additional 3 seconds spent, for free info"

So now Google Blogger just came out with a Contact me form. So I installed it on the right side bar at the top of this page. It just emails me. Nothing else.

Check out my new website design. It's stage #1 of a revamping project I'm into. 

The header on this blog should have been an indication.

Monday, July 22, 2013

7/20 - Super Sharkin'

It always cracks me up when I watch those Keys guys on TV and they're somewhere on the Gulf side, behind some islands, and they are shark fishing. They always seem to hang a butterflied Barracuda off the side of the boat (flats boat) and all of a sudden from out of no where comes a 300 pound Shark in just 2 feet of water!

Even once watched a show where the guy used an AFTCO "tailer" and tailed the Shark, and it went nuts and bit down on the rubber rub rail of his Hewes flats boat. Really? A shark by the tail, attached to a 3 foot long pole? Really?

Either way. That's N-O-T how it's done here.

But here's an old example:

And I wish I could be showing you todays, VIDEO.

Because I had Jason G. and 3 friends on board for a big day of N.E. Florida Sharkin' on Saturday.

I did hours of "LIVE" action video. Even had the underwater cam going.

But when I got home, fired up the computer and went to editing all of it. Something happened.
And that something wasn't good!

The files were all gumbled around. I got half way thru editing out the parts I wanted. And then my editing software shit the bed and just wouldn't do what it was supposed to.

Hours and hours I spent playing with it. And since I was up at 4am..."I just couldn't take it any more." 

I hit the sack at 8:30pm  Yeah, it was still light outside. And then the next day (yesterday) I screwed around with it even more. Till total frustration set in again.

Then, I gave up and just cleared everything out and guess I'll have to try again.

So... to make a long story short.

We instantly were hooked up on a big Blacktip 5 minutes after leaving the jetties.
And that's all she wrote. For the next few hours it was more I.G. - Instantaneous Gratification!!!!!

By 8:30-9:00 we left the shrimp boats and headed to the beach. Jason threw the castnet and we loaded up with Pogies and loaded my chum chopper and took off to the S.E. hole. (3 miles east of the ole Sea Turtle Inn) Pulled up in 56' of water and just let the SSW breeze blow us along.....


Yeah, the Jettywolf is the catz azz. The boat drifts perfectly stern to the breeze, so we just drifted perfectly due north. No gas used, no pulling Pogies too fast. Just the perfect drift.

The 5 of us working the rods, and reeling in a few more Sharks. This time they were all small ones.
Then, came the GOOD BITE.

One Pogie was eaten off the hook on one side of the boat, then we saw a streaking silver fish run to a double pogie rig on the other side of the boat, then a big boil and then a screaming run!!!!!!

Oh, man were we excited as we sent Emily our 100 pound enthusiastic lady angler from hell and back to the rod. This gal was so much fun to watch. Small like a sports car, and full of energy.

The line buzzed off the reel like a King.......but was it a King?

We gave chase and then saw it on the surface. It was a Bonita about 10 pounds. Dead and tail wrapped.

Emily was reeling the poor bastard backwards. And it died after a big run and then being reeled backwards.

She was great though, and the video was great too.

(Capt Dave's Sport Fishing daily rates: )

We drifted all the way to the St. Johns River Sea Buoy, passing schools of pogies out in 50 feet of water that were blown out there with the winds and falling tide. Each time we passed the pods, we hooked up a Shark.

If sharks were Kingfish today we could have fed a third world country!!

So we picked up and ran to the exact same shrimp boat that we followed this morning. The sharks were really small behind the boat. But the ones close to the shrimper and over top the nets were BIG!

We ended the day with a 100 pounder that Rick handed off to Emily and she finished the bad boy off.

But as it turned out. I was missing footage of this battle anyhow and it was all about Emily today.
What a litl' ball of fire she was.

Again..."the girls make the day fun!"

So, I have no video or photos. Who needs photos when ya have two GoPro camera's going??

Well maybe next time.

Either way, the action is out there. Close, and no long runs at all.  But, I guess if a Kingfish was needed for sure. I supposed the reefs are the ticket.

Friday, July 19, 2013

7/19 - Not what it used to be:

I remember that when it came Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament time, I'd dread it. Because of the boat ramps, no parking, and crowds everywhere.

I even went to Maine in 2006 while the tournament was going on to order my boat from the company rep. (that was sooooo nice to be in cooler temps in July)

Although the tournament isn't no where near, two days of 1000 boats anymore (thanks to our U.S. economy, and fuel prices) I still had to be "hours" early to the boat ramp, for a 2 hour Kids Trips at 8am, just so I could park in a decent spot. Then, as the crowds cleared. I slipped the Jettywolf in the water and my folks showed up and we headed to the jetties for a little fun.

Here's my observations:

Video from Iphone5

Thursday, July 18, 2013

7/18 - More "Kids trips"

My summer time staple...the Jettywolf taking the next generation of Fisherman & Fisherwomen!

Yes, it's been a Gal summer so far. Not a whole lot going on at the Jetties. "Normal mid summer deal", but the kids caught Jacks, Blues (why are they here?) and SeaBass and Yellowmouths.

Then, we took a short ride over to see the Kingfish Tourney Grounds at Sisters Creek Boat Ramp.

WATCH IN 1080 HD, select via "settings gear icon". I did the video in Hi-Def. Might as well watch all my video's in Hi-Def..."if your connection can handle it."

By no means is GJKT week, like I remember. The boat ramp wasn't a zoo..But I'm still waiting to see.


Tomorrow another 2 hr Kids Trip
Then Saturday, a 4 person regular day...

-want to take your small children out for the morning? Check out my Kids Trip rates at: reasonable and even NO deposit required for
weekday morning trips.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


And I thought St. Augustine inlet sucked!!!

Not a "part-timer".....a life style:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


If you notice. When I go "solo". I wait to go on the perfect tide (and hopefully weather too). Plus, I depart EARLY!!!!!!!

Here's a heads-up for anyone interested in my $350 for 2, Early Morning Top water Trout Trips. 

Next week, I'll be departing the boat ramp in the dark (prior to 0630 hrs) making a fast but safe run to my area. And working top-water plugs and Matrix Shads for deep summer sweet-heart sized Speckled Trout.

I'd love to do Saturday, but there could be alot going on at the ramp and river seeing the circus is in town (GJKT)

But with high tides at 8:00-9:00'ish, Sunday and Monday. (even though Monday's the full-moon) I'll still give it a go.

7/15 - Weather? East winds, and slow bite...


OFF BEACH, CHUMMING, DRIFTING...river/jetties has reached the "duldrum level"

WATCH IN 1080 HD!!



Sunday, July 14, 2013

7/14 - River tour

Had Akli aboard today. He's from Algeria, and has never ever fished before. Let alone been with a "hard core" guy like me.

It was really fun. Because everything, ever where, from live shrimp to tides was new to him. Our trip was basically a "show me kind of day".

Croakers, Yellowmouth Trout, were the catches in the river. But Akli wanted to also see the "Ocean".

So we ran all the way from the Dames Point to the end of the north jetty at one point, and when we got there, the tide was changing and the dark brown was hitting the bright green water. Tarpon were rolling around near us, even. But I don't think Akli ever saw them. I of course with the "keen" fish eyes saw 10 roll the surface as we drifted out the rocks.

We eventually anchored up. Fished Live Shrimp on a "dropper loop rig", and to my surprise started catching Speckled Trout in 33 feet of water.

Akli, also caught some small Jacks and a Ladyfish.
Which all looked like dinner fish to him. And I told him, there's some fish not worth eating.

Fun day, showing someone from very far away "my world".

Saturday, July 13, 2013

7/13 - Morning.....

Guess what I did this Saturday morning, in mid July??

Here's a clue:

Took these "two cuties", but still a handful, to catch their first ever saltwater fish.
-Yellowmouth Trout

Brother, sister, and of course Dad.

One of my 2 hour Kids trips:

Next up:

Sunday, solo fisherman, on his maiden "learn to fish trip".
Monday, regular Don B. I'm expecting a "VIDEO DAY" coming with Don & guest.

Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament week....(aka: major morning boat ramp congestion)

Starts on the: 18th with V.I.P day
                        19th Kids Tourney
                        20th General Tournament
                        21st General Tournament
                        22nd a Redfish Tournament

Usually this tournament "shuts" me down. But, if you're looking for a simple 2 hr. KIDS TRIP or something don't hesitate to call 904-642-9546 or shoot me a message:     

Friday, July 12, 2013


Yes, some photos on the ole Blog here have come up missing because I'm fixing, relocating, re-naming, my many photo albums hosted by Google Picasa. Never fear. Nothing is wrong.

I have some think like 5,000 photos so I had to whittle them down, and re-arrange them. So a few got lost out of the below "postings" because of that.

Changes happening at
So, stand by.

7/11 - Again, "wife out fishes husband"

Crazy day, yesterday.....

So, without dwelling on that ....we left the dock till 11:30am.

(in the summer time, in my "fishing guide" opinion. But just one of the few things they learned as begginers in the Jacksonville fishing, world.)

Oh, we had a prefect tide. If it was 6am in the morning! 
Because it was a rising tide, and high at essentially NOON.

We worked "up river".  I wasn't into fighting the daily S.E. Seabreeze, that was starting right as we departed the dock, at the jetties.

Used soft plastics on jigs, the "Matrix Shads" which are of course official soft plastic lure. Because live shrimp on the jigs lasted a NANO second after hitting the bottom because of all the litl' shitters we have now carpeting the river bottoms structure.

It was HOT, very HOT. And as the tide poured in it was a struggle in the MID-DAY, no doubt. Not what I was used too.

But as Dr. Phil says on TV, "This ain't my first rodeo, either."   So we plugged on with one healthy Trout in the box.

Next spot.....Trout and Ladyfish! 


Bring you best gal....'cus she's gonna outfish YOU.

Tried to get some perfect finger Mullet. That's one baitfish that been NON-existent on the Jettywolf lately.  By this time of year. I get at least a dozen or so. And it makes for an easy Redbass, Trout and Flounder.

I hate those little Mud-minnows at the bait shops. I think of it all like I do when it comes to "plugging" for Trout. I'd just as soon cast a BIG plug, to Target a Bigger Trout. Because when I'm throwing lures, I want only large trout, if I can get them.

Same goes for bait fish. I'd like 4-5" Mullet......because when a Redbass or a Trout eats one, usually it's not a 15 incher!

Talked to many a fisherman, and many are also frustrated with no big schools of finger mullet around.
I go to my usual "easy to catch'em spots" and they just aren't there.

So as we fished yesterday. It suffered. Because I only caught 2 tiny two inch Mullet and a nice 14" Flounder in my castnet..."Yeah, a bonus Flattie!"  

As far as float-rig fishing, just one Trout. and by then the wind was ripping from the SE. 

When all else fails:  BOTTOM FISH.

And that's what we did. Filling the box with more Speckled Trout (that ate a 1/2 a dead shrimp in 30 feet of water) and loads of decent Yellowmouth Trout, and some Croakers.

It was H-O-T and the wind was like a blast furnace in your face. So at 5pm we headed back. And Gina and her hubby headed home with a big bag of fresh "fish fry" fillets.  Successful day.

I learned a lot, they learned a lot, about how and when to reserve your charter. 

-Craigslist is not the best place to find a fishing charter.
-Do your homework, read reports and "up to date" info.
-Go with a "full-time" guide.
-Departing late is NOT the best way to fish in the middle of summers in Florida.

NEXT UP:  Some "TWO HOUR KIDS TRIPS". Very, very popular in the summer time.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

7/5-7/6 - The Gals are H-O-T!

Did you know that the boat ramp at 6am isn't a zoo? And if I had my druthers, I'd depart at 5am. Problem there is, it's kinda hard to get live shrimp from the bait shop at the time of the morning when they don't open till 6am on weekdays.

But "weekend-holiday" traffic magically appears when we return from our adventure around noon or one.

So, that's the morale of the "inshore fishing" story; GET OUT THERE EARLY!
And over the course of the last few days. Damn has the wind blew like hell from the S.E. by 12:00.
Add a falling tide buckin', and you got yourself a 50 MPH hair cut by the time we come back to the dock, for sure.....

I had the absolute pleasure of being able to take the Morrison Family out fishing, that are "ADDICTED" to Trout. As soon as Shawn contacted me by visiting I knew these were my kind of folks!!

It was Naschica's birthday! And my gawd was she the HOT rod. This gal was like a "Trout Whisperer".

Tossing the Egret Baits, KICK-A-MULLET she was making myself and her husband Shawn look like we didn't even know what we were doing there.....

Then she schooled us on the float-rig later on, also. But Shawn continued to play catch-up.

We hit the dock and a whole box of beautiful Speckled Trout. It was a very respectful day we had. And 8 year old Miles, even though he liked playing with jigs and lure, caught a few too. They had a major fish fry in store for them, while visiting Jacksonville. Can't wait to possibly have Shawn and Naschica back again, during the fall/winter or spring JETTY Trout fest.


The next day I had Brandon & Paulina. Brandon had a choice. We could possibly face the winds and go Jetty fishing and Shark fishing. Or depart early, and head down river and look for them Trout again.
Brandon wanted to play it safe. As Paulina was our "rookie" so he wanted to stay inshore.

Well, that did it.

We weren't on the first spot 5 minutes, tossing KICK-A-MULLETS on a spot with a rising tide, before Paulina caught a GATOR Trout!  Then, she caught another. While Brandon got some "swipes" and yours truely had one "swipe" Paulina had all the action.

The bite wasn't as hot as the morning before. But, it's summer and that's the way it can be. But Paulina put 3 nice Trout in the box easily.

We fished around mixing in some Float-rig fishing, and casting of jigs and shrimp. Catching a Mangrove Snappers, Yellowmouth Trout, and some small Speckled Trout. All the while working for that Redfish. But by 10:30am. the wind started honking pretty good, and all I could think about is how glad I was I had Paulina up in calm waters and catching some fish. Versus, being outside or even inside the jetties as I heard it was pretty nasty from friends.

Here she is in a "one of a kind" photo......"never seen anyone with a umbrella like that on the boat before." 

As for the rest of the ""deep summer"" months. There is choices. But one thing is for sure. There's alot of miles between the inshore fishing choice and the coastal fishing choice, during this time of year.

It has nothing to do with me. It's just the way it is.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013