Sunday, September 30, 2012

9/29 - Full Moon woes?

Had Art back again aboard the Jettywolf. And he brought Skip from Pa. with him this time. As I have been doing I went and caught little Mullet first thing. And to get what I deemed was enough was tough as the tide quickly rose. But we got some and headed off.

Well, it's time to change locales I believe. I'm not finding the Flounder, Reds, or Trout, like I have been. But, at the same time on weekends I hate to have to fish the "HUB". I like getting out of the high traffic areas....IE: Coasties everywhere, FWC everywhere, and boats galore everywhere, on weekends.

It's been a nice run. But after today, just like on Thursday as hard as we tried, there just wasn't much action. Not nealy the action I had back in August that's for sure. What Trout we catch are small, and I'm really flipped out that I go to some killer spots and we fish the Mullet and don't even get a Trout at all.

And today with the full moon, there sure wasn't much tide on the rising tide all morning long. We had a few runs, and didn't connect. Using the knocker rig and circle hooks again on light spin outfits.

But we did barely squeak out a Redfish, Trout, Flounder Slam. But the Flounder was just a "chipper".

It was dead calm, the air was still, and it was hot as all hell. Very unusually HOT.

But when the tide turned, I told the guys as I dropped anchor and they baited up with cut shrimp pieces. "We're going catching NOW. Before we were fishing...and that just wasn't working out!"

They dropped down, just like on Thursday and were slam dunked by big Croakers. We kept the 12" and above ones and let the rest go.

Now, this is always fun. Especially after working so hard for the "glory species".

Art & Skip were fun to have aboard. And they had a fish fry for sure after they caught all the big Croakers they could stand.

The heat was really intense. So as we headed back to Mayport and that big breeze hit us, it was like someone turned on the A/C, compared to where we were.

Really..."if you can go on a weekday. By all means book a weekday." "But if not, we'll work it all out. Don't worry."


Friday, September 28, 2012

9/27 - Jerkin my chain..

Had Tom and John and Jeremy aboard the Jettywolf for what I was hoping would be a big day of Redbass and Flounder.
Because that is what has been going on. But where are my Trout friends?

As I have been, I've traveled to my Mullet spot. And as we pulled up, there was thousands of mullet right there. Well, of course I wasn't yet ready with the castnet. So I pulled in and got ready. And here they came. I git a bunch, and didn't really get super loaded net fulls. But I figured it should do, so we took off.

I looked at a few spots close. The tide was ripping. So I said to myself, "Self, go, go ,go head out of here and get out of the hub."

So that's what we did. I made about a 6 mile run. Giit up on spot one and the tide was all wishy-washy. The boat swung back and forth. But the tide started to fall soon enough for us to feel the effects. So I adjusted.

We were all pitching live finger mullet, on my "knocker rigs". 1/2 oz. Bullet weights, atop a Owner Muti-light 3/0 circle hook. And we casted, and casted, and casted......WHAT???  not single "SNIFF".

Holy Moses. I run all the way here, after getting a boat load of finger mullet, set the guys up on a prime locale for Flounder, Trout and Redbass. And this is what I get for my efforts?

Yep. That's fishing!!

As I was helping one of the guys stuck in the bottom and hung into a toadfish or something. I set my "super fairy wand" AllStar rod in the rod holder. And that's when it happened. I look over and the super fairy wand is torqued and the drag is screaming. F-I-S-H-O-N, I yelled.

Tom, runs to the stern and grabs the rod. As he's getting smoked. I warn him, that the rod he has is the lightest baitcasting rod I could even find, so be aware......"That rods a noodle!"

But he expertly works the big fish to the boat on the light tackle. He did absolutely ZERO wrong. He took his time, let the Big Red just wear itself out. And up to the net comes a Beautiful Redbass.

32-1/8th inches. Of beautiful bronzeness. And one fantastic battle. I had to ask after the fish was released. "Tom, what would you rather do....Catch a Redbass that size on serios L.T. or a 40 pounder on heavy tackle in deep water with a 12 oz bank sinker?"

I kinda knew what his reply would be. He said, "I'd rather catch a fish just like that on tackle just like that!"

Me too.  I had to check. Because ya know I'm looking forward to winter and float-rig fishing live shrimp down the jetty rocks. And we don't use heavy tackle while doing that. So.....I may have a canidate for some winter Float-rig fishing trips with ole Tom here. Especially since he did so well with my "fairy wand" rod.

We fished and fished. We had a few Mullet get taken. We had a few Flounder bites. And even what seemed to be Flounder coming to the boat. But I don't believe they ever had the hook in their lips. I even had a serious bite from a flattie. So I thought, but every bite just let go of the Mullet.

Oh how these fish are "JERKIN MY CHAIN!"

We tried 3 other spots that should have produced. From shallow water to deep and Z-I-P.

So. What does a good fishing guide do if we just can't score on the BIG THREE (Trout, Redfish and Flounder). Go to plan B and sometimes even plan E.  I was fortunate I didn't have to go that far.

I told the guys. "Okay. It's time to go just get some BITES! And we ain't far from that spot. Just around the corner from where we were was the spot that was gonna make the day or break the day.

I pulled up, dropped the anchor, baited up some medium action tackle with dead shrimp. And it was....GAME ON.

Oh yes, and more than half of every Croak we caught were 12 inches. (My personal boat size limit) and I believe we had a good handful that were larger, too.

We ended up with at least 30 nice Croakers in the box and 4 Yellowmouth Trout. And in no time the shrimp was gone. So we packed it an and headed for the barn.

I had alot of Fillet knife duties to do!



Monday, September 24, 2012

9/23 - Oh, what a difference one day makes.....

Had two lover birds aboard today. Cheryl got Matt a gift Certificate for his birthday. What a GREAT GAL! We all need us one like her. Just a sweet as you can be. And she like's to fish too! Matt's a lucky guy.

They arrived on time and ready to go at the boat ramp. Which was seemingly half as busy as on Saturday. Guess everyone went and burned their "Snapper Fuel Bill" on Saturday. Because, as I left from my 1/2 day with Mike & Danny, trucks and trailers were parked down the street even.

The boat ramp was crawling with FWC questionaires...I was asked, "Did you go offshore today sir?" at least 4 times over the weekend.

Incase you don't know. Red Snapper fishing....I mean catching, is a done deal in N.E. Florida.  Big Brother says there's no Red Snapper out there, and I believe in 2032 "your children, which will be adults by then" will be able to keep them again (huge question mark). But over the last two Friday, Saturday's and Sunday's, they've made a carnival out of this by allowing one per person per day. The reason to me is still unclear.

But, it's not like that is of any great concern to me. My concern was getting those perfect sized finger Mullet. And catching Matt & Cheryl some keeper Redbass.

The Mullet were tough to catch. By Sunday, the boat traffic, and people joining in on my "band wagon" was certainly different than on a Monday morning. Boats were scaring the mullet from their usual track. Which was swimming down the bank, straight to my waiting castnet.   Gotta love these weekends!!!

Finally after some struggles I caught what I deemed enough to go fishing with. So we ran far out of the "hub", to be left alone. And we were.........EVEN BY THE REDBASS!

Two Flounder, and a 16" Trout later. Not a single Red taker of our perfect frisky live Mullet, I worked so hard to get.
But I wasn't about to abandon the idea. So we worked the area till there was hardly any current left on the spot. Then, I moved to another area. Gave it a quick try....with ZIP.

Then, we just went to do what Cheryl likes. Fishin' her shrimp on the bottom. But the current was still running hard. And after a few adjustments, and getting away from the non-english speakers who wanted to park on top of me. We found our groove.

Some big Croakers,  and plenty of swimming rocks. AKA: Toadfish. Then, as the tide slowed on the surface and started coming in on the bottom. It was time to go back to the Mullet. On LIGHT TACKLE, using a small circle hook and a bullet weight. Cast it out, let it sink, feel the bump, and the big Yellowmouth would run away with the Mullet. Oh, yeah, this was FUN.

So much, that I never took a picture. And should have. But this is how a fish fry is made. Matt and I even made casts, and played, who ever boats the next one first wins. The nice Yellers were that thick. But it was challenging. And that's what's fun. And Matt won! He ripped one right away. But, I couldn't stop, I pitched another Mullet out and hung one, and Cheryl ended our day with another carnivor, Yellowmouth Trout.

We had a box of fish now. And I was happy. Some what. But Matt still needs to catch a Redfish. It's a real rarity that we could work as hard as we did, pitching live mullet and not get bit by a keeper Red.

Well time Brother!

AFTER THE FILLET KNIFE....ready for some Zaterains fish fry mix and HOT oil!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

9/22 - Morning trip

Had Mike and Danny aboard the Jettywolf for a morning charter. Who was the boat ramp busy today. I suppose it was because this weekend was the second of the only days you'll be allowed to run way offshore with you and 10 of your friends and catch and be able to keep a single Red Snapper. Yeah, one Red Snapper!

Well, we had plans to catch us some of those perfect finger Mullet as quickly as all possible, and run and catch us some Redbass!

With not alot of time to waste, thank goodness we didn't have to waste time waiting on catching the perfect finger Mullet. No sooner I pulled up to the spot, threw the net we had all we needed in 2 casts.

Problem is catching them oce in the livewell. And it's not like my livewells are all that big. Just 14 gallons when maxed out and filled to the top. And we still can't catch the little speedsters.

On the spot, Mike had a run on his Mullet as soon as he chucked it ou there. But it didn't connect. And boy did we have to wait and wait and fish and fish. I think it was because the absolute last of the tide was really weird on the spot. Swooshing around and at one time making a complete "back eddy".

But then Mike slam dunked a perfect keeper. A 26 incher.

Then, as he was reeling in his mullet to re-cast, he was hit on the surface! And he caught a surface striking Flounder!
Of course the boat swung into probably 2 feet of watter at that time, so crazier things have happened.

Then, right when I thought the quick half day trip was about needing to come to and end, because I had the possible cance of doing an afternoon "2 hr kids trip" later. Is when I looked over and saw Danny hooked up with a powerful fish. It didn't run much, but was far away from the boat and on the surface. I was thinking "Polish Flounder"???? StingRay!

But, as he worked it to the boat is was another Redbass, and one so full of spunk it made Mike's seem like it almost swam to the boat. Danny a fresh water fisherman and now saltwater Fly fisherman, was hooked up to his very first evver Redbass and it was gioving him hell, on the light tackle.

Mike's Flounder was his very first Flounder also.

So today had many "firsts" all in the short course of this morning. Yes, folks, Capt Dave Sipler's Sport Fishing can be a life altering adventure in angling. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....

Danny's Redbass was an exact 27 incher with tail pinched, and that was all we needed. So we headed to the dock. And when we got back I took the sides off their fish and we were done by 12:45pm, I think.

So, don't delay. Contact me about tides and days to reserve and let's get you on out there. The fishing today was slower, but not uneventful at all. It just took a bit longer to get those bites than earlier in the week.

The Croakers are chewin' and I always like doing that because they're just plain F-U-N, especially after putting a few Reds, Trout and Flounder in the fish box.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

9/20 - Yeah, we knew it was supposed to rain....

Had Larry and his wife Melissa aboard the Jettywolf, today. When Larry booked his trip. The forecast was what!
We went anyhow, and it was really nice this morning. Really nice! We knew rain couldn't ruin "our" day.

It was cool, with low light, and low tide. So I went to my "mullet hole" and they were there waiting on me. Two, maybe three pitches of the cast net and I had all we'd use on a 3 day charter. But just incase, it's good to be a tad greedy. I can always let the Mullet go at the end of the day. They'll just be "relocated", that's all...Hahahahahahaha.

After a full bait well, we took off and it was a super nice ride in the river. Yes, no sun. But many times, no sun is actually really nice for a change.

I had Larry and Melissa pitching spinning rods rigged with a small swivel, leader line 30# about 12" worth, to a bullet sinker, tied to a 4/0 Owner  Mutu-light circle hook. Often called a "knocker rig", for offshore fisherman. Because the sinker comes down and knocks on top of the hook. I use it because it's like a jighead, but of course has a circle hook and is just a bit sturdier, over all. Plus, let's the finger Mullet wiggle around alot unobstructed.

We had 27-1/2" we released. One 26 incher. And 3 Flounder to 4 pounds. Once 15" Trout, and a 12" Croaker.

There was a slight interruption during the day.

RAIN....yeah, it came from the east. And was heading straight for us. So I picked up and ran for under a bridge. Where Larry and Melissa  and I still got plenty wet. So they found a better place to fish. "out of the boat, behind a bridge piling!" 

Some times ya just have to improvise!

After the rain, bites slowed. And my crew had later plans. So we headed back to clean the catch....and it started drizzling again back at Mayport. So I moved quickly.



Tuesday, September 18, 2012

9/17 - The Gals = a good day!

Had Mike and Beth out for a gorgeous Monday morning. Slick calm after an absolute traffic jam weekend. (yeah, like a dummy I went and messed around on Sunday. It was insane out there!)

But what do I always say?  "there's nothing like a Monday morning at 7am!"

I picked them up at Sisiters Creek boat ramp, and before I could even lash a dock line to a cleat over there, here came the waves of perfect sized Mullet along the dock. I wasted not a minute and had my cast net ready and as the sun poked up I had no less than 100 swimming in my bait well.

When my crew arrived, I was already sweaty, and wet. I told them, "fishing guides do more before sun-up than most people do all day. Like the ole US Army TV commercial"

We made a run up river and headed for a dead calm area, and I had them trying their luck on tossing the Wide-Glide lures for any Specks that maybe in the area. We were really early on the tide timer. I knew that. But if we got slam dunked by a monster Trout it would all worth it.

There were plenty of Mullet in the area, but neither Mike or Beth got any whacks on the plug. So I set Beth up with a 1/2 oz. jighead and a live Mullet. It didn't take long before she was into fish.

First bite was a decent Flounder. Then came a 26" Redbass. I also switched Mike over to a Mullet, and he had a "chipper" Flounder.

I set out another line with a live Mullet, as I made casts with the Wide Glide, and when I turned around the rod was doubled over and Beth got into another nice keeper sized Redbass.

I tried it for a little while longer and she caught a small Speckled Trout, too. Our fishing gal now had her "slam" of a Redfish, Trout, Flounder, all on the same spot.

Things slowed, so we moved on. I wanted to try and find a pile of large Yellowmouth Trout. And brought along some dead shrimp just incase. But as it turned out the Croaker's were chewing on the rising tide at the Dames Point. And as we did that I dropped two live Mullet out the back of the boat, to see if we could catch a bull Red. But nothing was interested in our Mullet. The Croakers were fun, and some of them very well worth keeping for fish fry material.
We boxed about 20 good sized Croakers and moved on. As you can see, the water was nice and calm in this area. But as soon as we hit around the west end of Blount Island, the wind went from damn near nothing to an all out hurricane in comparison.
I had a spot in mind, to try and get Beth a really big Red. And to do so, I had to switch over my anchor to the "big HOOK", the 25 pound grapnel. And it didn't even want to old us very good.
But once in position, we pitched out some live Mullet and watched the rods as the wind blew mega-bellies in the lines. But, it didn't matter.  One of the rods bowed over and we yelled there ya go Beth......Big Red!
She reeled but there was no long run. I just figured it was a smaller Red that didn't know it was hooked yet! And up comes to the surface yet another Flounder. I stretched out with the net before that Flounder could make a dash for the bottom. Or flap it self off the hook, as they do so easily.

I said, "yet another Flounder." Because on this same spot about ten days ago, we had a 4 and a 6 pound Flounder. And Beth's Flatties was 6 pounds!

Beth had to get on a plane and head back to New Hampshire at 4pm. And the anchor gave way and we started to drift in the 20+ knot SE sea breeze. So we headed back to Sisters Creek, because we had alot of fish to fillet, skin and de-bone and bag up.

What a great day. And a great crew!


Saturday, September 15, 2012

9/14 - Fish or Die hard Trying!

Well, looks like my charter call for today made the right decision. Without even knowing it.

I had a back-up plan in the works for fishing on Friday. My old buddy DOA Rob wanted to go. He has his own fleet of yaks, and a boat. But thought it might be better if the Jettywolf took him to the Trout spots. So with a "iffy" weather forecast and early departure we headed out with a bag of ice and nothing but a handful of lures.

First spot. Rob gets a just 15" Trout on a surface plug. We both get "followers", and "swipers". And that was it on our plugs.

We'd intermingle, tossing jigs too.

NO BITES. By spot # 8, it was overly obvious that there wasn't going to be a Trout bite today.

Hmmmmm, was it the barometer (another name for weather?) The next days, new moon?


Working our way back to the dock, I finally connected to a few Ladyfish on a 1/2 oz. swim bait, as the tide turned  AND THE WIND WENT FROM NEXT TO NOTHING TO 20 KNOTS. 

I told Rob, that I have discovered at least a few "rules of thumb":

-Mullet need to be jumping and present all over.
-If Ladyfish are present, so will be the Trout.
-If a Trout doesn't wack our plugs by the 5 cast, they're not thick.   

It was a bumpy ride back, as the "due east winds" pushed against the falling tide in the river.


Rest of the week?
On and off big winds, and possible on and off rain?

I think summer is on it's way out folks. Time to luck into perfect sized Mullet on days like this, and just sit and fish for whatever and Flounder, huh??

Thursday, September 13, 2012

9/13 - Ouch.....back-up?

When it rains it pours, huh.


Yes, I was supposed to be out today. Didn't even think that much about rain on and off all day long. The marine forecast talked about winds 15-20 knots. And that was my deciding factor.

Trout, lure chunkin' and big wind. Naw, ain't gonna happen. As I sit here "rather bored", I also had a call for Friday. (tomarrow) One fella, from Ga. And it sounded like a great trip, in the process.


This forecast may have impeeded the man's speedy reservation of a Friday charter.
All this weather when, I could really use the business. (thanks to presidential elections??)

Which brings me to the topic of weather and the seasons.

We're gonna get to the point where we'll start seeing more and more weather. Fronts start to get closer and closer to eachother. In July, fronts pass and you don't even care. They come and go once a week or every week and a half.

But as we get closer to "fall". That gap closes, tighter and tighter. It's the seasonal transitions are taking place.

SO, you as a possible "crew member" aboard the metal monster also know as the JETTYWOLF. Will have to start not only having your charter day in mind. But that "back-up" day in mind also.

I have two charters on the books right now, and neither one has a back up day. Sure, we could re-schedule for a fture date. But no back-up day, that same week.


Although kids are in school, don't forget about my 2-4 person, 2 hr Kids Trips for $200. Even though they are in school, they seem to be out of school alot too. Teacher Conference days, holidays, and all that. If you plan ahead, you could get your kids, or grandkids 4-10 years old out on a F-U-N mornings adventure. I cannot say I have ever had a child aboard that didn't have fun. And bringing a day just down to basics, and watching them catch some fish, is a joy for me too.

It's CROAKER season. This is the time to do it.

Croak's = fun, even for adults!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 - The fishing future...

Watching the news, and they're talking about where you were on 9/11, and how everyone remembers exactly where and what they were doing when we were attacked.

Of course......I was going fishing. I was standing in my driveway hitching up the boat. When I called my partner Pelican to see when he's be at the boat ramp. He said, "WE CAN'T GO...AMERICA IS UNDER ATTACK. THEY'RE ATTACKING US!!!"

I was so out of it. I hadn't a clue of what he was talking about. "TURN ON YOUR RADIO, TV WHATEVER, THEY'RE ATTACKING NEW YORK CITY!!!"

Heck, the way he was talking I was wanting to go load the rifles! And get ready to take someone out!

After the smoke cleared and we both got a better handle on what happened, I asked him..."So, does this mean we ain't going fishin?"  (I'm the concement, die hard)
He said, "I don't think we should go, we need to watch what happened and learn more." I grudgingly agreed. And said, we'll go later.....

So today, I took out the most "all about Fishing" 4 year old I have ever met. I always say, when I see a little kid like that, that he reminds me of myself. AND HE DID!

Ethan, his Dad and Uncle did a two hour, that went into almost 3 hours. Because of the big winds, and on the water struggles I had. As in there was a boat on the exact spot where I like to take little kids. Really......there is no water around here. Or at least not enough! The wind of course, and the tide wasn't exactly right. Targeted species was Croakers, and Yellowmouth Trout, and more.

It was a dead shrimp on the bottom kinda fishing, but the tiny little pinners (pinfish) were killing us. Eating the bait so fast,  it was as if they were carpeting the bottom. And they probably were. Because that river is a major Pinner magnet!

We whipped around on anchor back and forth. Then finally the current, wind and my lines went all the same direction and that's when the Yellowmouth and Croaker fest was on! Ethan had a ball reeling them in one after another, and talking to other boaters near by.

He will be the fishing future, that's for sure. This kid was ate up with it. He even brought his own 2' long rod, his own soft plastics, and was asking me about "lure fishing".  AT 4 YEARS OLD!

The best bait turned out to not be dead shrimp. But that ole Croaker standby I keep on the boat at all times....
FISHBITES. Any flavor will do.

Here's the latest "wind" report:




My next day is supposed to be Thursday...but I doubt it. Friday's better.

Monday, September 10, 2012

9/10 - Early....Bag 'O limit, solo.

I guess dealing with the oh so important issues of Obama or Romney has your head in a tezzy???
You can't fish because the world's coming to an end?

Yeah, yeah....I dealt with it with Bush vs. Gore.....and look what Bush did to us.

You missed it again!

But then again. I plan, I watch the tides.....and then I go.

And whack'em.

I was finished at 8am.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

9/8 - The Statistics!

My Fishing reports blog. I've been doing these pages since May of 2008.  People visit here. But then again, I don't pay much attention to all the stats. Maybe I should? Of course I see the ticker or page view counter along the right "sidebar" of this blog. And I do see the up's and down's. But then again, we all can. So I looked into the stats. And it's kinda interesting...

Here's the countries from which readers come from:

(page views from Sept. 1 to Sept 8th at 6:00pm)

United States
 - 309
China - 
- 3
Germany - 
United Kingdom
 - 3
- 2
- 2
 - 2
Sweden - 

Here's Page views by Country, since May 2008:

United States - 
 - 405
Canada - 
Germany - 
 - 229
United Kingdom - 
South Korea
 - 114
 - 86
 - 78

Here's Page views:
Page views today - 48

Page views yesterday  - 78 (Friday's, huh?)
Page views last month - 1601

 Interesting....but does this blog produce charters?

The jury is still out on that decision, after 4 years.
(Not unless they're $200 for 2 people!)

I follow other charter service fishing reports. Especially from areas that interest me. And it's hard to believe, but there's actually guides who have successful fishing report "clubs".

With membership comes exclusive tips, tricks, observations made, and even charts of where the bites are.

I have to let you in on one clue though...this all takes place in another state, and one that "lives and breathes", Trout and Redfish. (Not just Sheepshead, like J-ville seems too.)
Just as in "Friday's" reflect the most visits to this report blog. The weekend crowd I suspect finds these "memberships" a great wealth of knowledge, before heading out on Saturday morning.

But here's the kicker! This particular fishing guide is selling this info to just a dozen people for $700 a year!!!

Holy Mackerel!!  That's a nice chunk of change, isn't it? And the guide boasts, that he sells out, every year!

There is areas in the southern part of the country that have serious "fishing communities", and I believe this guide fishes in one.

I had a "donation" button on this blog for a year.

One person donated $5.00, to these fishing reports, all that time. And he was a personal, long time friend.

What's that say?

To me, it says alot! 

Friday, September 7, 2012

GET READY....days are gonna get shorter!


I have a very good friend that was a commercial fisherman for 40 years. We used to also do charters together, when I was booked I gave them to him, and when I had the need for another Captain and boat. Of course, I asked him for the help.
And I remember him always saying to me, "Dave, it's all about the length of days...."

Besides being a fisherman that forgot more than most people ever knew. He is also an avid hunter. I always called him the "Great White Hunter". Because after he retired off his big boat, he'd always be travelling to where the hunting for Turkey or 12 point Bucks, was the best in N. America.

And that's dead-on RIGHT! It is all about the length of days. Especially here in N.E. Florida.....or all of the south really. Because the summer is so dang HOT.

Shorter days brings different tides, cooler weather, triggers migrations of bait and predatory fish species. Changes the water clarity, with die off of organisms that live in the warm waters.

With that being said. YOU should be planning.....OH, I know how that's a word that doesn't usually fit into today's busy world (for most people).

But either way, if YOU are AVID. Like my buddy is about his hunting. I bet you're planning that next hunt to the mountains. YOU HAVE TOO!
You plan, because seasons open and close. And your quarry is there and availible.

 So, fishing shouldn't be any different.
The fall thru winter season when it comes to fishing in Florida. N.E. Florida in particular.


I know many people "think" that fishing is supposed to be best when they are on vacation in July, when it's 110 degrees in the shade!
But, I'm here to tell you it's not!

My favorite month out of all 12 is November. I love that first real feel of coolness, the water temp dropping, the sweatshirt wearing in the morning, the fog on the water at sunrise. The livily shrimp jumping out of my baitwells. And the DIVERSE species that comes with it. 

NOV. 2010

From Flounder to Black Drum. It's easier to "split" a tide in half and do two completely different kinds of fishing in one day during the fall-winter-spring.
That's the NICE thing about this area. "We have seasons."


And starting in Late summer.."right now", thru April. Is some of the best fishing of the entire year.

So, it's starting. And unlike many man-made things, is gonna get better and better with each passing month.

So come see for yourself. - Jax-Amelia Island Florida
Light tackle, NO-LONG-BOAT-RIDE fishing adventures.


Cypress Cove Marina, La. - following Hurricane Isaac

I visited Cypress Cove in February. Awesome place. Just up Hiway 23 from the famous "Venice Marina" (at the end of the world).  And the Woodland Plantation, a really nice B&B style stay over. Super low lying area. But, Incredible fishing! Also, Hiway 23 is lined with fishing guide lodges. Yes, fishing guides can and did have super nice lodges there, with 4-5 identical bay boats, ready to go parked out front.

Many of you TV fishing shows came from this area since Katrina. Roland Martin, Bill Dance, Jimmy Houston, Hank Parker, many of the Florida Keys guys with shows, even my favorite of all time. Larry Dahlberg's Hunt for BIG Fish.  Fished out of this area, and they stayed at these facilities.

You go down there for two things.
* work in the oil industry
That's it.

There's scattered Orange groves, and mobile homes, refinery's, and even fields of Cattle on the way there.

They'll be back

Thursday, September 6, 2012

9/5- Late 1/2 day...."staying close"

Had Chris (Skinny C) and his father-in-law Jeff aboard yesterday for a quick half day trip that started around 3:30pm, till dark-thirty.

First thing was BAIT?  Yeah, besides just some dead shrimpz I brought for Croaker fishing (maybe) I planned on doing what I have been doing...."Tossin' plastics" on jigheads.

But when I pulled up to the dock where Chris wanted me to pick him up at. I had a "vision".....small bites sized mullet EVERYWHERE!


Being early as I always am. I had a little time to grab the 7' mullet net and just stand there on the bow of the Jettywolf and throw on massive schools of the most PERFECT sized mullet swimming by on the surface. A few tosses and I easily had 75 of these "fun sized Snickers bars".

Skinny drove up with Jeff, and I showed them what I had captured. I had a plan, even though the SE seabreeze was kickin pretty good, and the tide was getting ready to RIP. So we ran the ICW to a spot where I've had some action in the past along the ICW bank.

When we got there, bait was everywhere. We received a few "bumps" on the 3" mullet. But no takers at all. Another reason you'll hardly ever see me in the ICW. "DAMN, I SHOULDA JUST STAYED IN THE RIVER!" 

Okay, enough of these crap. We're out'a here!

Being just a 1/2 day in the middle of the afternoon, I wanted to stay close. The next spot, well proven fishing grounds. In the river.

The current was literally (as it usually is in the St. Johns), bordering on "LUDICROUS". And the boat was swinging all over the place. Because of course where we fished was  the "nexus" of currents.

But, we hung out and fished the mullet on 1/2 ounce jig heads and scored some meat!  I can't believe we didn't have even better action on the perfect sized Mullet. But then again, where we fished was the easiest place to fish. That's for sure. We kept lines in the water versus going on a longer boat ride. "And I'm in for that."

4 pound Flounder

6 pound Flounder

Yellowmouth Trout

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

9/3 - Summer, "run & gun"

It was a wacky holiday weekend for sure. Because the Trout fishing was off due to the full moon. I had a Friday and a Sunday trip in which we tried early morning "top water" plugs and jigs. Friday, we had lots of swipes, and half hearted takers that never hooked up. But made the day a sort of success, dropping good sized Yellowmouth Trout in the box with just one top water Speckled Trout. And it was fun, because I had two guys that were super fisherman.

Then, on Sunday I took my over-worked neighbor Tom, and his friend Chrissy out to try again. Same deal, but cut in half....a few top water swipes at the River2Sea Wide-glides, with only one hook up of a 22 inch Trout, and a bunch of small Yellowmouth Trout, and Ladyfish. Then, about 10am the river turned into a I-95, with incessant wakes and splashing waves along the river banks. But, then again Tom & Chrissy, got to see what I love to do.

While out on Sunday I of course started getting calls. Last minute calls. Which is usual, during extended weekends. When I got home, I made calls back to confirm because I didn't see deposits. (I do not leave out of my drive-way, without a deposit. Period!) One caller, never did the deposit. It was getting late...6pm. The boat was unhitched, and in need of fuel. In the mean time, I received another call, for Monday. Mom, wanting to take her two teen-agers "sharkin". I immediately received a deposit. So I hitched the boat back up, and went to the gas station. By the time I put the Jettywolf back under her shed for the night it was after 8:00pm. And I hit the sack at 9am!. Because I get up at 4:30am!

I go back and forth with emails. And I get a phone massage from the original guy. And then, have to call him back and tell him someone else just booked the day. And now, it's after 9:30pm!

Just so you know, my hours are from 8am-8pm. Because fishing guides, at least this one. Get up very, very early.

I was happy to take some kids out Sharkin' behind the shrimp boats on Monday. "If there would be any shrimpers dragging, on a holiday?"  Heck, ya never know. They might be at home drinking a beer relaxing too.  But, on Monday morning at 7am, that wasn't the fact. The shrimpers are just like me, I guess. Having to make hay, while the sun is shining.

And as Jennifer, Alex and Ashley and I headed out the Mayport Jetties. I spied at least 10 shrimp boats working from the chum-hole to the S.E. hole.

It was a little bumpy and slow going out yonder...the moon was still up having the tide flushing out. So a few boats were real close. Armed with my short and stout Shakespeare Charter series 6' "can catch anything that swims rods", coupled with my Accurate Twin Drag reels. Shark floats, a 200# leader and 15/0 circle hooks. And a big bag of Boston Macs for bait. We made a few drifts behind the close-in boats, with no love!

Alex, who happens to be 15 and a Shark nut. Was reelin' with excitement. Third shrimp boat and still no love....

But as the sun came up, and we pulled close behind the "Pappa Hobart". One of the rods bent over and the drag started to sing. We finally got a hook-up.

.......we now were into the sharks!

Blacktips of all sizes were caught. Some larger, some smaller. But all exactly what Alex our Shark crazy fisherman, was wanting.

His sister Ashley, got into the mix too.

Thank goodness she wasn't getting larger Sharks than Alex. Or there may have been even more competition going on, than there already was.

My crew did get some good jumpers, and a few up to maybe 70 pounds.

It turned out to be a great day. And a good break from fishing the river during that Full Moon, inshore.
By noon the sun was high in the sky, the heat was coming on. And that's when the bite usually fades anyhow. I let Ashley work the helm of the Jettywolf, and she brought us back from offshore, to the Jetties.

One last photo of the wore out crew before they headed home, to most likely have a nap. After their big day bouncing around behind the shrimpers.

Monday, September 3, 2012

My favorite place...."just after Isaac"

These people are resilient.

Check out Eden Isles, Louisiana. Dockside Bait & Tackle

Just after Isaac.  This is where I get my Matrix shads.

I'd still move there.

You think the fishing in the river in Jax would be worth a crap if we got hit a few days after a Hurricane like Isaac?

Hell no. We couldn't catch a cold after Tropical storm Buryl, even!!!!!!!