Saturday, March 30, 2013

3/30 - my world famous "Kid trips", 2 hours.

These charters are designed for the "short attention span theater" crowd. And I did edit out all the jungle gym'ing all over my leaning post and the touching stuff that they shouldn't touch.

But other than that a good morning trip, on a day when again the jetties were wall to wall boats. And I would have just been more pissed off the longer I'd be out there.

I had a "ski" boater wanting to anchor on top of me already where I was at. Can't imagine what 6-8 hrs would have been like.

One more day till people go back to work on weekdays...
3 people for a early Easter Sunday trip. Then, back to weekdays Tuesday & Wednesday. Then, Zoo Redfish spots tournament Saturday the 6th...I'll have 4, with two being kids for a 6 hr trip.


Friday, March 29, 2013

3/29 - Chamber of Commerce...Mayhem!

Okay, I certainly not that good to list everyone's name. Because I had four guys on board today. But Tony T. was the man who booked the trip. So, there ya go.

There was a few nic-names floating around. Such as "Ted Williams" famous baseball player and Angling personality.

Well, here's "Ted", by nic-name only. Received today after no sooner we were on the first spot and he slam dunks this:

Yep, a 30" Brutas T. Redbass! But prior to the Redfish. He scored quick on a Yellowmouth Trout right out of the gate.

That's the way today went. Four guys, rods flailing, the net getting passed around. Hooking shrimp, hooking "granite grouper". You name it. It was happening.

I had two guys running float-rigs behind the boat. Then, I had two guys casting spinners with a jig-n-shrimp combo meal off the side of the boat.

That's why at times it was mayhem. Good mayhem! Numerous fish on at a time. "Jus look at the concentration on their faces." 

We had piles of Yellowmouth Trout, Speckled Trout. And even those "7-striped jetty snappers", three or four of those...Small Specks, keeper specks, small yellowmouths, keeper yellowmouths. Sheepshead on the jigs, Sheepshead on the float-rigs (slip floats)

I'm lucky I even got to take a few photos!
Because we'd have fish on when taking a photo, and then the anchor would trip from the wash over the jetty rocks. So we'd have to pull up and re-set the anchor.

There was so many people out today. That I opted to do just a 2-hour kids trip on Saturday. Cuz, it's gonna be a zoo out yonder!

And then I have 3 on Easter Sunday and then 4 on Tuesday. 

No one is giving any notice. The late notice callers are wild.

So I have my hands full, let me tell ya.

Just like today. The Jetties were lined with "FLOAT-RIGGERS".

20 years ago, heck 5-10 years ago there was no one float-rig fishing the rocks! Wonder where all these people came from with floats rigged up?
Could it be, R-E-P-O-R-T-S, that they are reading????

Either way, we only had to fish two spots today to surpass the amount of fish that Tony's crew even wanted.

And by no means did a get enough photos. I was too busy.

I never took a pick of any Trout friends till back at the dock when I opened up the fish box and started cleaning the fish.

So, the weather was perfect. And only if it was a Monday morning would have made our any day better. Because no one would have been around. We had zero "wiggle room". aka: room to move around and investigate other spots near us. So when the tide slowed, we picked up and headed in and hit another spot and got more small Trout, and a few more keepers for the box.

And we actually ended the day a "tad" early. 

Next up:

Kids on Saturday for a short morning trip.
3 person on Easter Sunday. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Oh don't ya love this "transitional time of year"???????

Entire blocks of days with the wind howling. Oh, then comes the cold air! Yes, very unseasonable.

But, if this keeps the 99 degree temps at bay. I'M ALL FOR IT!

Nothing is worse than sweating by 8am, and not catching my Trout friends.

It's been a zoo here at Jettywolf central. No one books ahead of time, they all wait till the last few days before a major holiday. And then scramble to get a day on the water.

Glad I'm not that way. I'm a super planner kinda guy. I like knowing exactly what I'm doing.

Oh, and my 2 hour kids trips? Really, I can't do those on Holiday weekends, or maybe even weekends all together. I have to keep my "real" charter trip days open and available.

I have a lot of dates booked till May. But still, if you want the best tide dates please call and let's look at them.


-Momma's Day
-Poppa's Day
-Memorial Day
-Independence Day 

2 weeks ahead of time, or even a month is when you should call.  Don't e-mail me for a next day charter. Telephone. 8am-8pm.



Oh, they seen their days. Seen loads of fish over the course of their 8 year life span. YES, my ole Float-rig fishing reels have been retired. They are tired, corroded, and no longer up to Capt Dave's standards any longer.

(I can only wish.. because I can't find them. For a reel that really small, that has "auto-engage" that's exactly like the Shimano TRN-100 G's.  I wish they made a Shimano TRN-50G)

So, I had to go to a reel that's not as high-tech, but you all have used these before. The same reels I use for bottom bumping....the Shimano TRN-100G's.

Only big difference is you'll have to manually "flip" the lever to dis-engage & engage the spool. Which isn't aweful.......but actually give you less time to loos a fish by re-acting too "quickly" when your float goes down.

These Shimano reels are absolute work horses. 5:1 gear ratio, and all graphite, so they are easier for me to maintain. I played hell keeping those Shimano Citica's working smoothly the last years.

I believe I'll enjoy the break in tackle cleaning and big time line capacity and larger drag surface, when it comes to a customer laying the wood to one of these again....

And this time of year, even "float-rig fishing", we seem to be into more over sized Redbass, lately anyhow.

ALL OFF THE "FLOAT"....(it's always better on a 'cork')

Saturday, March 23, 2013

3/23 - WET YET?

Really.....when it gets down to it. You as a fisherman, especially as a charter customer need to come prepared with "foul weather attire" 12 months a year.

I tell people about how I got hypothermia in July during the great Jax Kingfish tournament. Yeah July!
I was beat down, hadn't eaten, got no sleep. And forgot all my foul weather gear. It started raining at 7am, and didn't stop till 3pm. My dad and I were fishing off of Ponte Vedra beach, and there was what felt like a freezing cold wind blowing off the beach. Dad wasn't feeling super great either. But I was on the deck with uncontrollable shivering! Which led to passing out from exhaustion, I guess. Not a good tournament fishing scenario.

That's a extreme example. But, when it comes to the outdoors. You have to be prepared! Period. Or your day is ruined.

With that said, I was out today with Jeremy and 9 year old Hayes. At least Hayes had a jacket. Jeremy, had nothing but a t-shirt.

We left at 7:30am. And the clouds loomed in the distance even at sun-up. We started at the ship yard at high tide just messing around.

Little Hayes caught a Sheepshead that was 5 pounds. We had some small yellowmouths, Croakers, etc.
Then moved on to do some float-rig fishing for Trout and Reds. But before had we tried one more bottom fishing spot.

When we got to where I wanted to float-rig. There wasn't a single breeze. And the Gnats ate us alive!
We tried fishing but it was brutal. So I went and looked at a second spot. A yaker was sitting there, taking up the whole area. So we couldn't float-rig, because I want 100 feet. We didn't have it or current either. So we went back and tried floatrigging the Gnat spot once again. We lasted about 4 drifts!!!
Mouthfuls of Gnats isn't fun!!

Hayes said, "I wanna catch a Sheepshead again."  And in reality, bottom fishing was more fitting for this 9 year old balll of energy.  Float-rigging really takes some patience and concentration. I usually can't do much of it with kids, unless the bite of something is through the roof.

So we went back to the Shipyard and bottom fished. The current was really ripping now. So we sat the rods in the rod holders and watched the rod tips. Baited with live shrimp, just as it really started to rain hard, we hooked up a 7 pound Sheepshead. Jeremy picked up the rod and it kicked his butt!

In the video below. That footage isn't there. Because my editing software crashed and I lost the scenes of Jeremy's Sheesphead. After putting already two hours into editing this video.

So what you see is what was left and saved.

Jeremy was freezing, wet and had no jacket!  So we headed in a bit early, I cleaned the two Sheepshead and some Yellowmouths.

It would have been a bit better if he was prepared with some kind of foul weather attire, and little Hayes too.

PLEASE, come prepared. I'm not asking for a duffle bag full of clothing. But a good jacket, waterproof and warm is always good to bring along, that's easy to store. No matter if it's July or December.

Friday, March 22, 2013

3/21 - Radical change..."slow tide"

Jus' stand on you boat deck for about an hour anchored in the middle of the St. Johns River near the coast. And probably within that hour's time. The weather (IE: wind, clouds, temp, sunshine, humidity, etc.) will change. ESPECIALLY THIS TIME OF YEAR!

This is a transitional time of year there is NO doubt. And there's NO planning for it. Because YOU (and  especially I, as your guide) cannot determine what the heck the weather is going to be like. While we're out there fishing.

Oh was Wednesday's charter with Alan & Cassie fun, although the weather was for crap. So, we as "Humans" think that if the weather's going to be better the next day, "then the fishing has to be as good if not better."  


I had Dan and his visiting brother Jim aboard the Jettywolf on Thursday. It was brighter, not really warmer, but at least we'd see sun. The wind was blowing......"but when is it NOT blowing in March?"

I had huge plans. I was going to kinda follow the successful pattern of yesterday, with Alan & Cassie.

Well, the first spot pretty much set the precedence for the whole morning.  NO BITES, and attack of the Pinfish!

I don't know what I actually despise more. Pinner's or Bluefish......"Right now I'll say Pinners!!!"

Okay, on ward we trekked. Next spot, spot, Zippola.....Yeah, you read that right.
Float-rigs, seriously sweet big Gulf live shrimp and couldn't give them away. last spot in the river, while no tide was even moving. Two Bluefish.

Oh great. Pinners & green scourge fish. What a bite.

"Okay, fella's. It's time to go to the BIG rocks. If we can't get bit there. I can't help ya. It's just a BUST." I told Dan & Jim.

We get out there and it's dead calm. Slick-Slick-Slick. The water's clear as a bell, green as new grass.
But on the rising tide hardly a 1/16th knot of current.

Please, Please, let there be, the old used to be, "February saviours" out here!  Yellermouths, at least!

So we started just pitching around. Casting the float-rigs, in which I hate doing. Because casting just beats up your live shrimp. But it had to be done. 

And what happened? Dan hits a yellermouth, then a nice Speck, then another yellermouth. "Whewwwww, finally some fish!"

But it wasn't like we were killing them. A few in the box, that's all. 

Being great white north Walleye guys, I went ahead and brought the "spinners". Rigged with 1/4-3/8ths ounce jigs we started chucking jig-n-shrimp combo meals into deeper water.

And that was the ticket. The Yellermouths were killing themselves literally, to eat that shrimp on the bottom as it bumped along.

Here's Dan with one of approx 30+ we dropped in the fish box.

But even after finding these, we would pop in and out of float-rigging the rocks. I hooked up a Sheepshead and of course it pulled off the hook. And we may have had a few other fish bite, that never made it to the boat. But either way. I found some kind of "action".  After doing the world tour of the river, earlier.

All I can blame the lack of bites on was the weather the day before, and a sudden pressure change. What else could it be? Even another buddy was out there who called me later and asked what was up. He said he could hardly find a Trout. I told him, "either could we." 

When there's a barometer problem, like fast flucuations,  and mix that up with a slow tide. Meaning we're smack dab in between the two moons. And the current velocsity isn't going to be that great. I believe that's what did it, for us.

But either way, we did catch fish, and alot of them!!  Just not a whole lot of variety, or "targeted species".

"It be that way sometimes in Bazzaro world...."

But Dan and Jim were great sports. And we laughed and joked around all day long and still had fun. But as we all know, that's well and good. But it's even more fun when you're wackin and stackin them in the fish box. And their names are; Brutus T. Redbass & Spotted-Speckley T-rex Troutz.


My prices haven't changed in years.

And when I think about the expenses.....Oh well, let me just show ya'll the video:

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

3-20 - GREAT DAY...despite the weather.

Had Alan and his daughter Cassie aboard the Jettywolf today. The forecast wasn't great. But my crew was right on time, and ready to go.

We went to spot one, and after a brief  "how-to" of the float-rig on the spot. I sent Cassie out first, and Alan followed up behind her drifting their floats and live shrimp.

Yep, Alan had the rod in his hands a whopping 2 minutes and his float went down, "FISH-ON". This was the definition of good ole I.G. (instantaneous gratification).

It was a big fish. It took drag, bent the rod over, and was a glorious sight to see on the first spot and on his first drift.

A 14 pound 33 incher, Redfish! Just what Alan was hoping for. and he got it instantaneously.

I've learned to NOT put on a shrimp, when I'm showing folks how to fish this spot. Because it's inevitable that the first drift I'll hook a fish. AND I DON'T WANT TOO!  I want them too.
And that's what happened right here.

The weather wasn't great. We had the breeze blowing up the stern of the boat. So we were very dependent on having the current hold us exactly where we needed to be. The current was strong. (we're between moons right now) So we had a limited amount of time that we'd have successful fishing here.

But the current lasted longer than I thought it would and next up......Cassie, with a keeper, Redfish at 20".

Hmmm, where my Trout friends? We need some sweethearts in the fish box for a fish fry!
Instead, Cassie hooks up a Sheepshead. Not a whopper, but a funny biter. So a hooked Sheepshead is a good Sheepshead on the ole Float-rig.

We hit another close spot after the tide slowed on the first spot. And Cassie got a small Specked Trout right off. But as good as the spot looked and as good as the current was. We never found any other takers. So it was time for a Ladies break time.  I pulled anchor and we stopped in at the Carlucci boat ramp on the other side of the river.

Now is when some rain started to fall. The sun was never really "out". But heck we already had a decent morning in my book, being that the winds and over cast conditions. Didn't seem like a super fishy day.

The next spot was the rain spot. But my crew was hardy. It rained just an aggravating rain. Not a massive down pour but just enough to get you very wet. So everyone had on some kind of rain gear, so we were good.

One side of the boat was Trout, and one side of the boat was "pup" Redfish. Alan had the little Reds penned up and caught at least 3-4. While Cassie and I worked the other side of the boat for 3 Trout, with only one a nice keeper at 17".

I looked like I was either visiting from the Alaskan Crab boat crew, or the Gortons Fisherman with my full Grundens foul weather digs on. But, I was dry and comfy. And when "working" on the water, you can't be over prepared.  Cassie donned her plastic poncho. When she put that thing on, I told her "all that does is flap around and it's gonna scare the dang fish!" But I was just messing...although she learned something with sleeves is the ticket, when fishing.

The bite started to be far and few between. The air temp seemed to really drop. So we headed in.
Here's my hardy crew while running back to the boat ramp.

Gawd, how I love a two person crew. It's such a more productive day so it seems to me, comparatively.  Not that 3 people is too much. But when Light Tackle fishing and doing the Float-rigging. It's just better quality. Even though the Jettywolf has a ball room in the stern, as you can see.

We got to the dock with all hands on deck, as the wind in the river seemed to be gusting 25 knots from the N.E.  I cleaned up the fish in the cooler, fed my Egret buddy "Pencil Neck". And bid Cassie and Alan farewell and Thank you. Hoping to have these two hardy crew members aboard the Jettywolf in the future.


Thursday 3/21 - with two guys.

The weather's supposed to be a bit better.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

3/17 - "Wicked Jettywolf"

3/17 - Been D-O-W-N

Been without any internet for 3-4 days now. (Thank you AT&T)

In the mean while I have done a complete Jettywolf show. I named it "Wicked Jettywolf" "Wicked Tuna" one of my favorite TV shows.

Orange slickers and all. Because he who wears orange slicker pants is dead serious about catching!

From start to finish. A day out with on the Jettywolf, with Capt Dave. Is what you'll see.

I have to upload it to Youtube still.

Just got home from wackin' my (6) Trout limit in the first 15 minutes of fishing today.

Yeah, no one wants to go when they're CHEWIN!  What wrong with you?

So I have to go out solo and stock up.

Okay, the theme of the reports lately has been "it ain't spring yet".


Ya'll know how it is around here. The seasons change in a matter of just days.

The Drum are around, the Triple-tails are around, the Yellowmouth Trout are on the feed bag, the Sheepshead are spawning, the big Reds are a nuisance as I try to catch trout. "So pack up yer squeeze toys Farful"'s GO TIME!

As you'll see when I post the latest video.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

3/14 - Kids Trip

I actually went out this morning 6:30am and did some playing around with some video. But, by 8am I was frozen!

It still ain't spring yet, folks. I know some people are hurrying full blown summer to be here.

"I'M NOT". (I'm dreading the heat that I know is coming)

But I had a call for Kingfishing the other day. But then again, I've had calls for Blue Marlin fishing in February, while I was at the jetties and it was blowing 20 kts and 20 degrees!

Not many people actually do any home work. They just want, what they want.

But, March is still winter in JAX.

With that said. I'd had enough of the cold wind. So I went home. (takes me all of 5 minutes to get home) No biggy.

My couple hour Kids Trip wasn't till 1:00pm.

I ate some breakfast. Two giant pancakes and 3 over-easy eggs. And checked My Ebay page, and checked my e-mail.

So, 2 kids 8 & 14 and Dad for a few hours in the afternoon. The wind is supposed to back off and it'll be warmer. Tide was high and not moving, as we started. So we stopped by the Croaker spot and waited for the tide to start, catching just a few Croak's.

We moved on and hit a spot that was  a "level 10" spot. I always say, better have your all your "stuff" in one sock, when your float goes down. There's not a lot of room for error.

I had my butt handed to me...breaking me off in the structure. "THEY'RE HERE!!", I told John as I looked at my broken leader.

Then, he was up next. His float went down and he was ON!

It was a B-I-G Redbass!  Drag pulling, Ugly Stik bowing!

John let the kids take s a few turns. But this was a bit more than they could handle.

Without any problems (thank goodness) the Red popped up next to the boat and it was a big one!

32 incher...about 12 pounds.

We packed it in and headed back to the dock. And when I got home. I was finally warm again.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3/13 - It's still out there......

Dang it's gotta be ten years now...and many a boat.  Yes, this was one of two attempts at being a movie star!

"CLICK HERE" to see what I mean. It's okay it's just Ebay.

Oh, it's so much easier now a days.

And that's what I've been doing the last few days. Getting all my stuff ready for a big video production.
Big for me.

Will be playing with different things. So stay tuned.

More J-ville, Jettywolf, Fishing, Video to come.

Monday, March 11, 2013

3/10 - GORGEOUS DAY! (for a weekend)

I've been in this business long enough, that I have the super pleasure of having a good network of fine folks out there. And today was absolutely no exception.

I had Craig Erker, his girlfriend, and his Mom & Dad visiting from Canada. Last year, in March I took Craig's older brother and his wife who were visiting from Canada. And we had a big day at the jetties. From Sheepshead to giant Gator Trout and Redfish.

So, boy did I have to come up with something to rival Craig's brother Sheldon's charter! Plus, Craig was concerned, because the same crew went on a chater last year, also. (I was booked already) The group of four went with a competitor of mine, and didn't catch anything. NOT GOOD!

I could certainly understand Craig's concern.

First off, when I have "4 persons of ranging abilities." We're not going CASTING. Where putting the bait into a two foot circle, is the difference between success or not.

Just doesn't make sense to me.

I believe in everyone aboard having the same chance at catching the same fish. And that's accomplished by going "Float-rig fishing!"
Jettywolf rigged & ready! Standing by for customers arrival.

Of course, I wanted to quickly set the tone for the day. Catching nothing, "ain't gonna happen!!!"

 So, 10 minutes after leaving the dock. We were anchored up and dropping over for fast Croaker action. One after another. Ruby, Craig's girlfriend said she hadn't caught a fish since she was 8 years old. Well, we were putting that to bed, ASAP!

So with 20-30 Croakers, and a few Yellowmouth Trout, bending the rods. Mission accomplished! Now let's go catch some "BOX" fish.  Fish box, that is.....

We slid into a spot that I wanted to just try out, and didn't have any action. Even after re-positioning, it didn't feel right anyhow. So we picked up and left.

The next spot...."Hmmmmm, I just wasn't all that sure." Because of the tide. We had a NEW MOON tide today. So I was a bit suspect. But I told my crew, "Let's give it 5 minutes."

Well, that 5 minutes turned into the, REST OF THE DAY!

It was A-C-T-I-O-N, mania!



-How about this? Catching the same fish that "busted ya off just minutes before". Yeah, two hooks in it's mouth, and they are MY hooks. #1 Matzuo snelled turned in eye, sickle bends. W-O-W!

My crew didn't catch every fish that bit. They had bites, break-off's, and sand-bags while float-rigging with live shrimp. But the difference is....."EVERYONE, got and equal chance." And everyone had a ball. So much, that they were totally whipped by days end.

That was a hell of a 5 minutes, just to go in and check the spot, huh? We ended up staying there for hours. And left the same spot back to the dock to clean the fish. All the Reds were "over-sizers", (of which I lost count of how many they caught) except for two. They ranged from 26" to 30" roughly. And on the LIGHT tackle were a blast. With just one big Trout. 

Probably, because the Redfish were so ferocious a Trout didn't stand a chance! 







Thursday, March 7, 2013

3/7 - Chilly...But very worth it.

Had returning Keith K. aboard today with Joe and Don. Departing at 0730 hrs it was "still" a bone chilling ride in the river. My hands were so cold, I was trying my best to steer the boat and run the throttle through the pockets in my fishing jacket!

Yeah, I had gloves somewhere. But hell, fishing guides don't wear gloves. That's something those "office people" do on cold morning while driving to work with their Starbucks mocha Java in the other hand.

First spot, was a trial...and we boxed one or two out of maybe 3-4 Trout. And some scourge Bluefish.
But it was action! And I liked that on this burning cold morning in S.E. Georgia. Opps, I mean Florida.

Not studs. But targeted species. I was happy.

Next it was time to try out a 2- float spot, with three guys fishing. OH NO!

Yeah, not optimal. But if we caught just one "sweetheart" it would be worth it.

We didn't have the best current on the next spot, but as we sat there it worked out as Keith put his float right where I said there would be a big Trout.

When the float got there. D-O-W-N, it went and he was hooked up to a nice one.

At 22-1/2 inches. It was just the fish we came here for. One or maybe two is all I was asking for, so as we lost the current it was time to move on.

Frustrating, but the slack tide seemed to last for hours too long today.

So we slide into the Little Jetties and I went rogue. The Jettywolf went, outlaw. Because I was tied off short to the sign for a few minutes. And as we all know. It'll get ya 5 years in prison and a $28,000 fine via the Coasties.

At least that's what they shouted at me one time. But I told them, "ya never consulted me before you put this sign here. I've been anchoring here for 30 years!"

I'm such an hooligan, I know.

B-U-T, all I wanted off the spot was one fish. And we got it.....

A "float-rig" caught, Sheepshead.

I'm satisfied. Time to move on. All current just quit.

I went into the ICW, and again. I went rogue! I tied off to the Wonderwood bridge! The tide was barely flooding. And like a magnet to aluminum. Here comes the Coasties from the south. OF COURSE, they went under the bridge, swung around and yelled at me because I was tied off to the bridge.

AGAIN, I'm a damn OUTLAW. Either that or, a threat to national security. It's always one or the other.
The last time a cop on the streets of Jacksonville stopped me in my truck to tell me I did something wrong was 22 years ago. The last time I was told I was doing wrong on the river is almost every time I'm out trying to make a living in the city on it's waterways.

So as we moved and the tide started to roll. I went to a better spot anyhow. And then another guy, a "sheepherder", pulled in and tied off to the same spot I was at. ANOTHER OUTLAW!

Hell, doesn't the feds know these waters are full of them????  L.O.L

It wasn't the fastest action. Be we were back into trout. Lots of 14 inchers, a few 13 inchers. But we pulled some decent box fish to 17 inches out of the water.

Even Don caught some. Even though his wife told him he didn't know how to fish. (so he said)

The sun was high...bright and the sky was blue. And I was still in two jacket, hood land.

A few more for the box. And it was time to head in. We were about out of bait, and the bite seemed over.

Here's the intrepid Trout chasers holding a few before they were taken out of their suits via my Havalon surgically sharp fillet blade.  The Pelicans were really a menace today. I guess the cold had them dying of hunger.

After yesterday's winds gusting to damn near 40 MPH. I wouldn't say the fishing was easy today. But a tad better than I thought it would be after winds like that less than 24 hrs before.

April is the BIG BANG month, I guess. I have a huge amount of dates pre-booked for April. And a good handful pre-booked for May already.

But don't discount March. Just look ahead, watch the weather, and the winds, and lets go. Less people around before all hell breaks loose! Especially on weekdays like today.

I jus' hope ya'll don't mind fishing with a rogue fishing outlaw. Apparently, they don't have a clue. That if you build it, I WILL TIE OFF TO IT.

They just have to catch me.
95% of the time, they don't.

Any one sell cloaking devices? How about a Hologram projector?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

3/5 - Video Blog Post:

3/4 - Jettywolf's "Kaizen" Project

TECH-TIP....Just an FYI that there is such a cool product out there. And for us boaters, there's plenty of usages. I found one, right after I was done filming this.

I have other's brewing too.

Thanks for watching. And don't forget to "comment" on this blog post if you have a question. Just click on "comment" on the bottom of the post.

Kaizen foam link to FastCap's website:

Plus, FastCap has a lot of just cool stuff.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

3/1 - It ain't spring yet!

But at the same time....."we found a lot of Trout!"

If I see you sitting there. Watch out for the under water mines.....Fish at your own risk. hahahahaha

It wasn't bone chilling cold, jus' very chilly. And I'm a "hood wear'er", so excuse my looking like I was fishing the Aleutian Islands.  I did have shorts under my slicker pants. Not something they'd do on the banks of the Bering Sea.

Had a great day with Jonathan and his dad Don. We even tried some Sheepshead fishing with clams, and come to find out the reason we didn't even have a Sheepshead bite, was because we were Sheepshead fishing on a Trout spot! And adjustment of fifty feet, add two float-rigs, then the guys were wackin' the Specks.....again.

Had over a two person limit of Specks, a few yellowmouth and a pile of "okay" to "large" Croakers in the box at the end of day. We fished the slack tide dropping dead shrimp and were into the Croak's from the 1st to the last drop....Then was boarded by the Coasties, because we were the low hanging fruit as they drove by us.  That's Marine Law Enforecemnt for ya. Guess, there was no real bad guys out there doing bad things. Just me and my "CUSTOMERS", who had to be held up for 30 minutes. Surprised they didn't get frisked.

Total Trout catch for Jonathan & Don had to be at least 25. And I was surprised. Not many bait stealers and only a Bluefish or two.

One fantastic day!