Sunday, January 30, 2011

1/30 - Jr. Angler day.

It was a beautiful morning. Not a breath of wind. We decided last night to get a good early start. And I'm glad we did!!!!!

The boat ramp parking lot by 7:25am as we pulled away from the dock started to look like a Wally World parking lot on Black Friday. (and it was way worse when we got back at noon.)

Either way, hit the water this morning with two Huber's.....Sr. & 6 year old Junior. It was fine when we first got there on the spot. And personally, we were never "coneheaded".  But I sure felt sorry for some guys in a small green Jon-boat.

It was if there was only one one place to fish the river. I call it the "HUB". And the "hub" was lined with boats.
Our first fish was a pup "sandwich sized" Black Drum.

And Huber thought that this one was a "whopper". But he ended up reeling in allot larger fish, with help from Dad.

Sheepshead, roe-laden females up to 7 pounds.

The really monster spawner Sheeps are on their way. Because just in this area, each trip the Sheeps are getting larger. We weren't doing anything all that fancy. Just fresh dead shrimp on the bottom.

Huber wanted to make a move (It's a kid thing...) so I made a move over to a good spring time, pogie bait, Redbass spot. But in hopes of a really big Drum, for him. But he caught Seabass, instead. Then, it was time to go. Our 1/2 day quite successful trip came to an end. "It was time to go make the Donuts".  I mean, clean all the fish.

With Sheeps this size it didn't take many to go home with a big bag full of prime jumbo fillets.

Don't let the chill of winter in Jax stop you from thinking about booking a trip with a few friends. This can be prime time for good fish such as Sheepshead, Drum, and even Trout. Easily, "stocking up" on some good fish. Just think ahead, that's all!

-Reserve 2 weeks in advance
-Have more than just one day available
-Dress appropriately

There's NO comparison between right now and the middle of July in the river and at the inlet. But of  course, when it's blazing hot, is when everyone thinks it's inshore Fishing Time. I'm here to tell you. That's wrong.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

1/27 - YOUR RIVER!

More fights....and more e-mail notices I get. 
It never ends. Battles from all fronts to protect OUR way and quality of life.

Protect Your River - Stop the Pipeline

Today, we are launching the Cleaner GP awareness campaign to encourage Georgia-Pacific (GP) to abandon its plans to build a pipeline to the St. Johns River and to pursue alternative solutions to its wastewater pollution problems. As part of the campaign, we are asking our members and the public to sign a petition to Governor Rick Scott asking him to require further toxicity testing of Georgia-Pacific’s wastewater and to require GP to find an acceptable alternative that will protect the health of our river. You can access the online petition at:

(please visit link and sign petition, it takes 2 minutes to help save our river from further decline!!)

The Georgia-Pacific paper mill in Palatka has been discharging its wastewater into Rice Creek, a tributary of the St. Johns, since 1947. Unable to meet water quality standards in Rice Creek, Georgia-Pacific (GP) has been proposing a pipeline for over a decade to divert its wastewater into the heart of the St. Johns River. Recently, GP announced that they are ready to begin construction of the pipeline.

Building a pipeline is not a solution to a pollution problem and would be a major setback to the ongoing efforts to restore the health of our river. This will only add additional pollutants to a river that is already sick. We believe that viable alternatives exist that would allow GP to meet water quality standards in Rice Creek, keep jobs in Putnam County , and help protect the St. Johns River.

In fact, St. Johns RIVERKEEPER recently hired a team of engineers and water-quality experts to analyze the GP study that was used to justify the pipeline. The preliminary findings of the analysis indicate that viable alternatives exist and important questions about the pipeline remain unanswered. The final results of our technical review will be released soon.

We are also pleased to announce that Peter Thliveros (aka Peter "T"), one of bass fishing's elite professional anglers, is participating in the campaign with us. As someone who grew up on the river and makes his living fishing, he has real concerns about the health of the St. Johns and the potential impacts from the pipeline. You can read more about Peter and the campaign at:

(please visit link and sign petition, it takes 2 minutes to help save our river from further decline!!)

Get informed and get involved by contacting Governor Scott. Together, we can stop the pipeline and find a reasonable solution - one that protects our river and everyone downstream (YOU & ME, OUR FISHING!) of the mill who has a stake in this important issue.

For the River,
Your St. Johns Riverkeeper

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1/26 - Just sick of it all......

I'm on the Coastal Conservation Associations (CCA) mailing list. And it seems like each week I get another shocking e-mail.

Shocking because I read the e-mails and all it sounds like is LIFE as we know it, is nothing but one ridicules fight after another. When it comes to the "sport" of fishing. Yeah I said SPORT, for fun, non-commercial. You know, taking the family out, spending hard earned bucks on Fuel, Bait, Tackle, Boats, Trailers, Trucks, Maintenance, do I need to go on?

All the while supporting business'  like; your local boat dealer, mechanic, Habib, that owns the zippy mart that sells BP fuel. The bait shop, the company that delivers the ice, the bait company, the tackle distributor, do I need to go on?

All this really pisses me off after watching that speach from the President last night on the tube. Which was just a pep rally, it seemed to me. While we get slammed constantly, because what ever management of the fisheries that's out there just isn't good enough. SO LETS SHUT THE DOORS! Is  what they always want to do. On old science. I'll spare you the dirty details of each email I recieve from the CCA.

You may not have heard about the battles over Red Snapper and Grouper off our coast. It's a soap opera of back and forth with the supposed "rule makers and their science."

But, we're talking peoples livelihoods, here.

Just like the oil spill took work and food straight out of the mouths of many. This fight is the same. But the Fisherman themselves are the BP? And the blame is on the fisherman, for fishing under the limits and rules.

I play by the rules. But as the joke goes, "Us fisherman have to carry a damn lawyer with us each time we drop our boats in the water, these days."

Yeah, these recreational "weekender" fisherman are supposedly depleting the resource, while fishing with the present rules. But the rule makers are never happy. It's a "shut them down" attitude. But at the same time our goverment wants us to spend the dough every weekend. Ya keep Americans working!

Here's a few of the headlines from each CCA email notice I have recieved,  just this week alone!

Federal fisheries managers are set to close another popular recreational fishery in the South Atlantic in the latest example of how chronic lapses in science and data-collection are wreaking havoc on the recreational angling sector. Less than two months after narrowly avoiding a massive closure of all bottom fishing in the South Atlantic to recover red snapper, federal managers have announced that black sea bass are set to become off-limits from February to June due to circumstances that sounds frustratingly familiar to anglers.


Public hearings and scoping meetings will be held on four separate amendments regarding fisheries management measures proposed for several federally managed species within the South Atlantic region.

Dolphin, Cobia, and Wahoo anglers should be very concerned.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1/24- MONDAY...and you missed it.

I told ya it was going to be nice on Monday. Monday was the only day this week that was supposed to be fishable.
(referencing: This post from the 22nd.)

This time of year, you have to go when it's right! That's, when I go. (what happened to all you retiree's that asked me about my 2 for 1 winter  fishing deal?) You missed it, and will continue too, I guess.

A real box filling trip for sure. No crowds, just an east sustained 10 knots (bad direction) and an incoming tide. I'd usually call it a "KOD" - kiss of death, day. But I was determined to really fill up on winter fillets. And played it real simple.

Talk about simple:
  • 2 miles from the boat ramp.
  • Fresh Dead Shrimp.
  • 4 hours total.
  • one "fairy wand of a rod".
  • K.I.S.S winter fishing.

Enjoy my super novice production. I'll get better. I'm just getting all the parts an pieces together for solo videoing. And am moving over to Adobe Premier Editing software....."the good stuff."

My YOUTUBE Channel:
-come on by and be "MY FRIEND" hahahahahahah.....

Saturday, January 22, 2011

1/22 - Economy block, Jetty Anchor

Had a request by a fellow alloy boat brother up in Washigton, on my favorite hang-out site,

He was interested in how I rig my economy concrete block anchors, to hold a 26 foot boat in the tidal current.

So....I made him a video.

I believe (because they are so cheap) I've had a request from blog readers to also post the "how-to".

So here it is. BUT, there is definate technique to get it to hold,come loose or at least break when time to move.

I only use these in the deep winter/spring months. Come May, they go back in the shop till next winter.


1/22 - Monday(s)...not a problem

There's an ole saying I use all the time;
"there's nothin' like a Monday morning at 7am!"

per National Weather Service, out to 20 nautical miles:

"there's two words that are my favorite during the fall, winter and spring months....Light & Variable. Ask any fisherman worth their salt, they know that too."

So much interest and no takers....Gawd dang ya'll are missing it! Is it just this Town? Or what?

Ends March: 2 for 1 charters. One person, weekday only, no Holidays. Get two 6 hr days for the price of one day. (rates page: ) Reserve with $200 deposit, $100 for each day, in advance. $75 cash balance after each trip.

Monday: 1/24/2011, would be one of those days!!!!
-work a 4 day week
-just sick & tired
-flexible schedule
-want to learn something
-want 'one on one', personal fishing instruction

-all good reasons to take advantage of this. I'm not going to even bother with this, next winter. Because no matter how affordable I make a weekday trip, everyone e-mails me asking about it, and then doesn't follow through.

Another ole saying....

"Ya wanna catch more fish? Then, you have to fish more often!

Is this your problem?

NOT MINE...I'll post my day instead I guess.

Friday, January 21, 2011

1/21 - Steppin it up a notch

Yeah, I got the BUG. I need to step it up a notch or two. Now that I'm getting more familiar with my Kodak Playsports video camera.

I just bought myself this suction cup mount with tether. to mount my Playsports camera too.

I'll be able to use my remote control, to take video with out touching the camera, and have this mount sucked on to the top of the Honda outboard.

Because we're always fishing in current off the back of the boat, it's hard to get the front of folks as they are battling a fish.

My Camera mount that I have now is on the side of my windshield. An on Wednesday's charter it wasn't really in the right spot to cover any action, and still leave me free to net fish.

So I hope this will help me take better video footage of what's going on.

The fun for me isn't about the fishing.....well it is, but I like to do other things. Like while my crew is using my special bottom rigs I developed. I like to toss out a heavy jig down deep. While they're using my standard bottom rods,  I like to take an absolute "Fairy Wand" of a rod and hook up with something that "looks" as if it's huge, by the bend in a really, light action rod.

Besides having a great time taking photos of what's going on. Having the video camera is something new and exciting aboard the Jettywolf. And I hope you folks out there that have signed up for these report pages, who are on the fence about what I do out there, or really have no idea what it's all about have found some of the super novice video footage I've posted here very informational, at least.

No other guide/charter service I know of is going through the extent I am to provide YOU with as much information as I do. Let alone having every single charter day documented.  AGAIN, I do it for the person interested in booking a trip. And for the person that booked the trip to enjoy afterwards. And for past customers to see what I'm presently doing, when thinking about going out again.

We're on the path to moving from Google Blogger (here on this page) to heading the blog over to WordPress, the more professional blog pages, I've been discussing lately. And with the change over forth coming, I will be implementing other changes to my "Daily Fishing Report Pages".

Don't be shocked or run away. We're doing all this to make it better. And for way more control over the information on these pages. The future could be a "test" of who really wants to be a daily/weekly or monthly reader.  Because like a monthly magazine, we're dabbling with the idea of a "subscription".
But that's still a ways away at this point. 

I have not recieved much, if any feedback on if any readers like the video's. But then again, ya'll don't comment on any reports either. Lurking in the shadows is what many are comfortable with, I guess.

I only hear from the same people.......but then again get 10-20 new sign-ups to read these pages "PER DAY!"

So I know ya'll are out there. If there's something that's on your mind. E-mail me:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

1/19 - Challenging But F-U-N day......

Had Erica J. and her cousin Curtis aboard today. Originally, we were supposed to go on Monday. But rescheduled because of the nasty weather all day on Monday. Rain, wind and just plain damp all day, wasn't what any of us were looking for. Erica had off all week, which was great. So we decided on today.
I knew going into it, that the Full Moon could be a butt-kicker.

And since we got started at the last hour or so of the rising tide. I was hoping for a quick Black Drum bite at the high water. Because one week it seems to be high falling tide, then the next week it seems like a low tide bite. These fish in the cool winter water seem to do the opposite, right after you think you have them all figured out.

So the challenges for me this time of year are numerous. People call and as we talk I always feel as if they want me to guarantee what will happen on their day. And honestly, I play it all by my "G-U-'T". There is no rules. And there is no guarantees. All I know is that we will catch fish. We just have to find them, FIRST. And being that TIDES are the number one thing that dictate when, where and how, we'll catch them. Tides are my first concern. Wind direction and speed is the next during the winter months.

Erica was easy to work with. She understood fishing. And it was Custis' first time....a genuine "green horn". But that's okay. That's why I'm here. I'll teach you and help you from start to finish. So it seemed as we sat and sat and sat anchored up, getting not as much as a sniff of our baits, that it was gonna be a day we had to wait on the tide to get to where it makes the Drum happy, not us.

But as I told Erica and Curtis, "The way I look at it is, we're here, and we'll die trying." I may be the most impatient fisherman you'll ever meet. WHY? Because as we fish I have all the days I've fished out there flying through my head. The current, the tides, the wind directions, the seasons. I remember them all. And when I see a "condition", I can easily remember a day that was exactly like this day. And I'll figure it out.

Fishing for me any more isn't a activity. It's a function, a puzzle, that I work on figuring out, for you. Dispite your skill level, or your own personal experiences. This is my puzzle. Without the challenge of each day. It would be a job that's just too easy......."ya know, like the fishing in Louisiana probably is? "

A long time client of mine taught me a great saying. But it's also the dead on truth. "it's not how you start, it's how you finish."

And since he said that one day in December and proved his point with a 45 pound Redbass. I'll never forget it.

I had to change up locales today to get on the Drumat all. The usual area just wasn't doing it for us. But a change in location a mere 75 feet, made the difference and I went from a zero to a hero, right away.

The fish today were smaller than the past few weeks. But actually a whole lot better eater size, in my opinion. The perfect eaters in my book are from 15-20 inchers approx. I call'em "sandwich fish", because they are easy to clean, versus a 12 pounder. And the fillets are just so much nicer. And fit on a big soft roll allot better after blackening! Yeah, allot about fishing to me is the "eating".

Fish....the other white meat! I could eat seafood 7 days a week. I just need someone that's a better cook than I am to make my seafood more apealling. That's my only problem...
The morning started out over-cast and looking like more rain could happen. But we watched the dark clouds veer off to the south as we sat under sunny skies, warm temps and slick calm seas.

Here's the day in video:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

12/13 - BAIT TIPS: "and more"

Here's a tip from fellow blogger Ron Brooks of This will work great for me....if I can catch some T-routz. And since I'm on my BIG JIG kick, now.

By Ron Brooks, Guide since 1998

Trout Bellies

On trips where I catch a limit or two of seatrout, and I bring fish home to eat, I always take particular care when cleaning the trout.

As I fillet off each side of the fish, I make sure I leave the belly of the fish intact. That white strip of belly meat runs from the pectoral fins back along the underside of the fish. It is pure white; but, it is also pure gold!

I save these belly strips and cut them to shape them into a nice jig or bucktail trailer.

The salt toughens them and allows me to keep them unrefrigerated for an extended period of time. This trailer bait is cheap and it works to add just enough smell to a jig or bucktail to entice a strike from an otherwise wary fish.

(Jettywolf FYI.....I always keep a one pound box of that coarse Kosher salt in the house for stuff just like this. Just never thought about all them Trout bellies I feed to the Pelicans......DOH!!!)

Here's a funny video I found. .....and that "LAZY  GUIDE" better get to work.

How to post comments to posts, video below:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1/12 - Another special via Pure Fishing

Fishermans Factory Oulet is having another sale.

Save $$ via increments

Only till the 18th of January.

Great deals on great tackle. Shop and save 30%, 40%, 50% or more fishing tackle for walleye, bass and more. Official outlet store for big brand names like Berkley, Abu Garcia, Fenwick Fishing, Spider, Mitchell, Johnson and Red Wolf.

Just an FYI, from the Jettywolf.

1/12 -Naturally frozen bait, during a chill.

If the live shrimp at the bait shop are not already in a "cold water coma." They sure will be by the time you put them in a livewell, and go to use them. it chilly out there this morning.

The reason I'm saying this is because I'd love to try some Trout fishing on Thursday.
I wanted to try a few spots that I haven't been in a while. Actually, a few "creek" spots.

It isn't as easy to "warm up" a livewell full of expensive live shrimp as it is to cool them off on a hot summer day. In the summer, a frozen water bottle will keep the livewell water cool. But what can you do to keep the water warm in the deep winter?

I'll give you a few thoughts I've had.

I have alloy boat brothern up in Washington that use the pee stream water out of the outboard motor going into a basin at the stern of the boat as a hand wash. A warm water hand wash. All they did is connect the outlet to a hose and run it up to the stern of the boat and into a little aluminum sink. So as they're fishing, with the motor running. Customers can wash fish slime off their hands with warmer water.

I thought that was a pretty slick trick.

But, I'm not worried about my hands, I'm worried about my livewell full of cold induced coma live shrimp. So, I let me outboard run. And then fill-up a small pail of water and dump it in my livewell.

The only problem is, it doesn't feel all that much warmer than the water I'm floating in. Maybe it is a bit warmer. Or maybe I just need to run my outboard longer.

This time of year a long run is from the dock to the end of the jetties. A whopping 2.5 miles. Not all that long for the engine to heat up that much, as 50 degree water is running through it, and metered by the thermostats.

Another idea is a small heater.

I know a fellow aluminum boater out of Mayport, that uses a small heater similar to this.

And at the same time, this could be pointed toward the livewell.

 Just needing to just keep the shrimp from laying over and playing dead is the whole reason for looking into such a thing. Because I'm sure it's not good for them to go from comfortably warm to cold river water with a hook in their head.

Damn, it's expensive caring for live shrimp. The cheapest of the heaters like the one pictured is about $55 bucks, and then the disposable tanks are another $9.00 bucks. They'll last 5 hrs.

Last winter was the "mother of all bad winters" in Jacksonville. And when I did locate some Trout, we used dead shrimp on a float-rig. They ate it, but at the same time they never pulled the float down, either.
That day the water temp up in Fort George on my RayMarine C-120 Sounder was 42 degrees.  DOA Rob and I, were anchored up in 10 foot of water. So ya know it wasn't like it was warmer on the bottom.

Many times if you have a quality sounder with a temp gauge. It can benefit you to check your temp reading, and adjust it. If you can. A water hose pouring over the transducer, and a pool thermometer is all you need to double check if your temp sensor is anywhere in the ball park.

I know many machines I've had read wrong. And at one time when I was always hunting King Mackerel offshore. I actually purchased a seperate temp gauge for my dash. It was a $150 item, but it was calibratable to +/-  a 1/2 of a degree. I had two sounders with temp gauges, plus this designated temp gauge. So I had multiples of the information I wanted. And back then, was well worth the money.  Especially in the spring when hunting King Mac water temps as early as April 1 as close to the beach, as I could find them.

I suppose I'll keep trying with the pee stream water out of the motor. It's sort of "free".  Now there's an invention I haven't seen on those boats like the 34 Everglades at the Miami Boat Show. A thermostatically controlled heated and cooled livewell. Instead you'll find heated seats, with adjustable lumbar support, and a drink holder every twelve inches, and a electric up and down windshield. Ya know...for the real "tough" crowd.

Here's this weekend:

Saturday...Mostly clear. Highs in the lower 60s. Lows in the lower 40s.

FEET OR LESS. INLAND WATERS MOSTLY SMOOTH.  Sunday...Partly cloudy. Highs in the lower 60s. Lows in the mid 40s.

70's by Tuesday?

Who wants to go?

One person, weekday only, 2 for 1, is still in effect.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1/11 - Snelling a Jig trailer, a follow-up

Been messing around. During the rain and wind the last few days.
If you missed the last video, scroll down. Then come back here. Because this is a "follow-up".
Yeah, when you know the versatile "snell" connection. Allot can be done. Guys have been snelling wire leaders and treble hooks for light Kingfish rigs for along time, now.

Here's a creation I made out of a big jig.
(the jigs alone have been catching Drum & Reds along the jetties)

Monday, January 10, 2011

1/10 - Snelling a hook w/ Capt Dave

The hook model was cut off, because the Youtube screen doesn't completely fit on here. GO FIGURE, Google owns Youtube, and still can't get it right!

My prefered hook, "turned in eye" VMC - bait  holder #9292 4/0 
VMC is the only hooks in larger sizes that has turned in eyes and is a bait holder 

Here's the link to the VMC catalog:

Friday, January 7, 2011

1/6 - Drummin' the jetties.

Had Greg H. and son Mike aboard again, and this time daughter Danielle. What a great time. And since I was feeling allot better this morning, after a healthy dose of antibotics. (I believe I had a bladder infection from passing a kidney stone, yesterday) I  was fit and my crew was ready to rumble.

No Trout fishing today. Greg and crew were getting the winter Jetty treatment. One day Trout, one day bottom fishing. So around 9am we headed off. The forecast wasn't all that great. The winds were supposed to be 10-15...leaning on the 15 knots from the west. Well, it wasn't very windy at all. And at the big rocks, the direction was N.W. instead. Yep, tiny details make a difference in my world.

So, with a rising tide still, I tried a spot that I've seen some Drum and Reds caught, lately. "Ohhh, that power of observation, is a biggy" spotting what's going on is half the deal, out there. And I know I'm being spied upon, too. But today, NO ONE was around. We had the whole jetty to ourselves. So we went over and anchored up on the area. We weren't there long, and the little drum started chewin'.

My new'ish Drum rule, if I have to clean them is release the small ones into the fish box, and release the big ones back into the water. (hell, my cutting table is only so big.)
So, if they were "keepers", they hit the ice. I believe the little Drum are better eating anyhow. Just like if the limit on Reds was 14-27". I'd be dropping 16-20 inchers in the fish box.

Here ya go...This is a perfect "keeper" size. Actually on the top end of the keepers in my book. With plenty of different size fish out there. Why not let the bigger ones go. Especially if you're like me. Hitting them hard!

It was really weird, but as the tide fell very slowly. The bite dropped to near zero. So, as usual these Drum love to play games. One day it's all about "high water" and two days later it's all about "low water". But that's what keeps it interesting, I guess.

As a ole aquaintance used to say, "In Jax (compared to Miami) you have to stay rigidily flexible." 
Yep, that couldn't be any closer to a fact of life, on the St. Johns river. As soon as you think you know what's going on and get all cocky about it. Momma River and it's inhabitants sense you're getting too good, and that's when Momma River, kicks you back into reality.

Our only "exotics" today were one small pup Redbass around 16", and a giant for jetty standards Seabass at 14" that Danielle caught.

The action was good. But we had to work for it a bit. We had one heck of a great time in the last two days.
But at the end of it all. Greg said, "Boy, if I had my choice that float-rig fishing for Trout is what I'd do all the time." Wow...that's something. Because most people from far away all they want is to catch giant Tarpon and Marlin, thinking I have just giant fish penned up here for them. But Greg, wasn't your average guy coming from Colorado to see his kids. He's AVID. When it comes to hunting and fishing. So he appreciated the "hunt" for the trout yesterday, even though we didn't get into any big ones. Maybe next time??

It's all relative. Because I try and use the lightest tackle I can. And I tell people, "sometime ya better watch out for what ya wish for." Mr. Tarpon doesn't care if you're here on vacation and have one day to fish. I'm in my glory right now. And am not even thinking about Summer, July's heat, or snipe hunting for Tarpon. I love Light Tackle Fish Catching!

C'C'mon....your invited along to see the action aboard the "Jettywolf".
Check out the video clip:

Tell your friends, local reports get no better than at Capt Dave's Reports Blog.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1/5 - Trout fishing in Slick calm waters

Had the Hornecker crew aboard the Jettywolf today. Started out Trout fishing, and stayed with it all day.....thru the discomfort of passing yet "another" Kidney Stone. Just groin discomfort today, and lots of using the lil' blue bucket on the boat. (like every 2 minutes!!!!) And sat thru a bit of cold rain.

Caught lots of Trout, but more than many were just short of keepers. Probably 20+, while keeping 9.
None were really big, just 15-16 inchers.

It was dead slick calm. I probably haven't seen the jetties in January as windless as today in a long, long time. Remeber December 23rd's photos of water busting over the north Jetty like a water fall?
It was the direct opposite.

No day I have out there is ever the same, that's for sure. I've been hearing reports of no trout, to a few keepers, so today's almost constant action at each spot was nice to see. But they weren't everywhere, that's for sure. Two places that I thought for sure would have been a few Reds or a few larger Trout, turned out to zero spots.

It was really hard to concentrate today. My internal discomfort had me hardly picking up a rod. But Greg and his son were great to have aboard, Greg understood. He too has had a Kidney Stone. Great attitude and good fisherman, helped me get thru the day.

I couldn't really concentrate on talking much video or photos, really. But I did get off a bit.

Here's a about all I could do. But it's to show you how nice it was this morning.

Boy, I thought I made it without getting really wet. Until I was done cleaning fish, and my crew left. Then while I was putting the boat on the trailer, here it came. Wind and rain by the buckets. I was soaked, tired and still having to "go" every two minutes.

Thursday, same crew plus a daughter and this time we're bottom fishing.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1/4 - Testing Kodak Play Sport /boat tour

Finally, received my new Kodak Playsport water proof camera. It's actually a video camera. And of course takes "stills" too.

I hope this will be a new and exciting thing for this reports blog. Catches, tutorials, and more.
I figured out that Google Blogger will take videos straight off my computer, but they can't be very long, probably a 1/4 the length of this one. It takes quite a while for me with a wireless internet connection, to post one to youtube.  Looks as if it'll have to do, for now. 
Either way, here's a quick test  of my PlaySport camera and tour of the boat you'll fish aboard.....while at rest in her "nest", at home.

Next up:

-Wednesday 70% rain, two passengers.
-Same folks on Thursday, three passengers.

I'm hoping for some T-routz!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1/1/2011 - Favorite links:

I get allot of e-mails asking for advise. And many of these questions are where to find "stuff".
So, I'm going to lay out here some of my favorite links. Now remember, I'm a complete and utter tackle Junkie.

I can't seem to have enough play toys. It's part of the "life style", I believe. Equipment is an intrical part of success, as is making your rigging, work for you.

So here's some links that you may find useful, or not.

  1. Striper Rods, by Shakespeare:  Take a good look at the reviews on these rods. It's a no brainer!
  2. Swivels, 3-ways, and more. I take some of these products on this site and "create my own".
  3. This guy is GREAT! And you cannot buy jigs cheaper and as well made with FAST shipping:
  4. BULK HOOKS CHEAP...or cheaper. I don't buy a small pack of hooks personally. I buy in bulk and save $$
  5. I've posted this site before. Along with money saving coupon codes. Lightning fast delivery. Close-out tackle,.reels, line.
  6. My favorite bottom rod for river/inlet fishing of all time, Shakespeare Ugly Stik Catfish. So far they ought to rename this rod, Redbass, Drum, Sheepshead, and everything else rod. Works everywhere in our river. Another "no-brainer".
  7. The oxygen infuser I've been using for the last 15 years, lots of small bubbles is the key: When the river's fresh, the last thing you want to do is recirculate your livewell water. So it's time for a Keep Alive pump.

1/1/2011 - B&M Bait and Tackle New Years Party & Fish Fry!


-mutton snapper chowder
-smoked venison
-pulled pork
-fried squid
-desserts galore

Friend, Allan Batsons 1953 Ford Truck he just finished restoring and making a daily driver....It was Sweet! Brought back memories of my old 1949 Dodge I had as a young man. But I always wanted a Ford like this. That's such a classic look.

Getting the "fry tent" all set and ready.

Rusty owner of B&M, dropping the first two baskets of fish.

Everyone filing into the boat yard, where the 50' feet of tables covered with good food were.

WARM....(T-shirt and shorts) beautiful weather (except for the non-fishable due east winds) Made for a perfect day in Mayport.

And just think. This is how the rest of the country could look today. Poor them....

All donated by friends and patrons. Each New Years day B&M hosts this party, starting at noon till...? Open to all. I just got home and man I'm stuffed.

Sorry, I didn't see you there. If I did see you there. Good to see ya again. And Happy New Year!