Saturday, March 31, 2007

3/31 - Blustery, overcast, WHO CARES?

LOOK AT THOSE P-fish!!!!! of the special spring time treats, that I love catching on the Float-rig.

And so did Jeff & Carl....Carl's was 1st, and we were excited. Then, came Jeff's whopper Pomp and we were really excited, because it hit as I was dragging on the anchor and idling the boat forward against the anchor line.

They were 2.5 & 4.5 pounds.

We also had Speckled Trout, (of course) and all but one were good keeper size fish to 19".

Then a Sheepshead, a frisky 5 pounder. And way to many Bluefish. And let me just say..."where the hell did these Nantucket junk-fish come from?" This year they are like in plague proportions. I've been fighting them since January, and I'm about tired of it. I hate them....and they're green NOT blue!

So we sat in rough and tumble waters most of the morning to get our fish, then all of a sudden the bite fell off. So I went shallow, down river. We went to kayak country. Yakers all up in water where the birds wade....why? Fish need to swim yaker-man. So as we laughed and joked about the yaks fishing in 3 inches of water, we caught some pupper Redfish, and then came the one we were fishing for, Harry's 26 incher that fought real good. (in 3 feet of water...where the fish were)

The day was overcast, blustery winds shifting from easterly to the south. Waters disturbed, and rough, with swells in the river. But we didn't care. The fish were chewing. And I was surprised, seeing that yesterday it blew like hell.

Wanna see the whole days pics? Go to my Catch page 3 on my web site:

Next day up, Monday with just two anglers. I'm looking forward to it. The Weather Guessers say it'll be nice, I'll see, and if so I'll enjoy that.


I've notice A LOT of fishing guides who constantly fish-hard on their charters. They are always casting, and seem to be "just going fishing" and letting paying customers tag along. That isn't a charter, that's paying to fish while the guide fishes. That's tacky, and hack-like in my book.
And I guess at the end of the day the Guides fish are what his "charter caught" huh? I see something kinda wrong with that do you? If not. Stop reading any further or you'll get your feelings hurt.

I just want you to know, my people aboard catch all their own fish. They don't just reel in a fish after a guide hooks it for them, or watch the fishing guide reel in a fish. This seems to be a running trend with the flats boat/bay boat crowd on a trolling motor. I guess that's their excuse they're using. Personally, I see some guides never, I mean never bait a hook, or personally instruct an angler. I've done it all, had bay boats, small skiffs with trolling motors....)I hate them! Because they always break, when ya need them the most.) I was in the fore front of developing the jigging the jetty rocks with jigs and shrimp/fiddlers. I've done it all, and believe what I'm doing right now is a true and a honest days fishing.....for my customers. Where YOU always catch the fish, not me. And personal attention and instruction is something you get a lot of.

And I even read an article about a outdoor writer who did one of those "$400 a day take a Guide on a Fishing charter, type trips." And man was he telling it like he saw it. I'd love to find that article again and post it here.

-Just food for thought, that's all. I'm always watching and observing.

Friday, March 30, 2007

3/30 - Ya' should have been here...a few days ago.

Of course after several beautiful mornings, with low-'er' winds and fish-able conditions with no reservations, for when it was nice. So here comes today & tomorrow, 3/30-3/31 and I have pre-reserved days. But the forecast is of course, NOT GOOD.

20 knot N.E. winds for rain, over-cast skies, and ultimately crappy.
Saturday supposive 10-15 S.E. and getting better, toward the new week. ( we'll see)
Easter Holiday, no one has pre-reserved yet.
And of course no one has thought about Memorial day week, either.
I best be prepared for the onslaught of late callers.
2- weeks to 30 days notice makes a Happy Cappy....remember, plan to "succeed".

I'd hate to know the ratio of reserved trips on "Iffy" versus "good" weather days, so far in 2007.

I'm sure I wouldn't be surprised.

So, the theme of this weekend and UGLY MARCH is the photo to the right. Because calm waters....slick seas, and low wind, where the fish are has been hit & miss this month. I no sooner have a big time game plan and then get shut out, for Friday (rescheduled to Monday) and I'll have to see what's up for tomorrow......but we're going anyhow.

I truly believe I have rescheduled more trips in March that I ever did in January & February.

I think we're on the 17 day with Easterly or N.E. winds, and tough fishing conditions.

"and people ask why I do not fish offshore any more", include me in a trust fund and I'll go right back to it any time. It's hard enough making a living fishing the river. I'm not a part-timer! This is what I do.

But, each month has it's challenges. And so, I procceed on.

This is just a weather FYI, incase your trapped in a cubical with no windows. (UHG)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

3/27 - They came ready to rumble!!!!!!

Had a two boat charter today with Capt Bryan, and some fun guys from Jax. Port Authority. Had Mike, Dave & Dennis on my boat.
We left out at sun-up, with somewhere in the neighborhood of 7-8 dozen live "river crickets" (aka: Shrimp), more than plenty for a 1/2 day river trip...................SO I THOUGHT!
We pulled up on the spot, and I had "I.G." - Instantaneous Gratification, showing them what to do, catching a small trout. And then that was all she wrote. It was time to rumble. I could barely get them all ready to go with their rods before Trout were hooked up and coming to the boat.
We flew threw the shrimp, as the fish flew over the gunnel as floats were disappearing, as soon as they hit the water. The tide was the last few hours of the falling, it was calm with low winds and all was right in "Cappy Dave's World" again.
The catching was so fast and furious, I felt as if we were bailing schoolie Dolphin from under a mat of Sargasso weeds offshore.
And the guys were having a ball.
Then right as I turned and said we ought to get another species fired up with all this commotion, the hook was set in a Sheepheads mouth. It crushed the hook flat, be it made it to the net.
The Trout were big'ish and small'ish, we had to have caught 30 plus easily, and kept 20 of the largest. We were astonished, at least I was when Mike hooked a Trout and it took off like a Bat outa hell. Ripping drag like no Trout could. And then we thought it came off.....NOPE!
It came back crushed, ripped up and mutilated. Some MONSTER something came by and grabbed it, mauled it and then let it go. I'm scepticizing (fancy fishing word), that it was a huge Bluefish, a really big Bluefish like a 10 pounder that we "used" to get visits from around here, but haven't seen in many years.
Then, quickly we were down to just 2 shrimp left..and we were only 2.5 hours into the charter.
HOLY CRAP! I've never burned through that many shrimp in such a short time.....maybe I had but it's been a real long time.
That's when Dennis sets the hook on another Trout, and Dave sets the hook on a different fish. One that was clearly not a Trout.
"P-FISH"....I yelled. IT'S A POMPANO!
And I didn't even have to see it. I could just tell by watching the line in the water. It zipped around so fast, making 180's on a dime. There's only one fish that I know of that can turn from one direction to another in the length of it's own body, and that's a Pompano. And all during a high rate of speed. The last shrimp of the day caught a beautiful 3 pound Pomp, and the first one for the 2007 fishing year. And nice and early too, just like the 5 pound Jack Crevalle on Friday. I usually do not catch the first Pomp or 5 pound Jack until were into April a little ways.
So we hit the dock, snapped a few pics and then began the a long fish cleaning process. ( And I was happy) Between the two boats, these guys had some serious fish fry fixin's, make that 4 fish fry fixin's, for several people.
I may have to go hit the Trout myself tomorrow. I have a experimental plan, I'd like to try out.
Then next up is Mike a regular on Friday, and another regular Jeff and his dad on Saturday.
Hope the weather holds, (because it doesn't look that good for Friday, right now the NWS is calling for Friday to be 15-20 knots out of the N.E. and we all know, that means 20-25 knots out of the N.E. in reality! And Saturday is iffy'ish wind wise too.)
But the closer we get to the weekend the more people on the river "will" affect the fishing. It always does, that's why I hate weekends this time of year with a passion. Maybe the wind will keep people off the water???? But if it's sunny, I doubt it.
There's nothing like a Tuesday at sun-up on the St. Johns, except for someplace else where there's no one around.
Just stand a whole lot better chance at catching a lot of or BIGGER Trout when there's less boat traffic.

Friday, March 23, 2007

3/23 - Renewed Vitality "Spring has Sprung"

Alrighty...Finally a day where the East winds weren't the center of my world! The wind was there, a bit more N.E. and not as strong as it has been. We could actually F-I-S-H.
Can ya believe that?
Had returning customers Rod & Charles on board for a 7am departure..."suns up, let's GO!"
So we went hunting the Speckley T-routs, and caught some, all nice fish between 16-19", but still not as many as I wanted, where I wanted.
So we hit another creeky spot and the tide (incoming) wouldn't off to the BIG ROCKS we went. "We ought to be able to bang some fatties out there", I said. But we only caught one 17 incher. The swell was big and the water disturbed and off color, but Charles got a nice Sheepshead, and then 2 minutes later had another, but it "crushed" his small hook and got off. The Bluefish are just aggravating enough to make ya wanna kill'em all, but we hung in there.
I even fished along with them on and off. I find I need too sometimes to get an idea of what the drift and to do some trial and error in varying depths. So my float slams under the water and I'm thinking another Trout, when line peels off the reel...IT'S THIS YEARS FIRST JACK!
Then, I get another slam dunk and have a huge fish hooked up, it runs towards the boat, under the boat, around the anchor line, and POW.....leader breaks! Monster Red, or maybe another Jack?? I bigger Jack?? I just didn't know.
But it's Charles to the rescue. He get's slam dunked next, and has a real runner on, heading out towards Lake Atlantic. He gets it under control, and it's a 30" Redbass.
We pack it in after that because we're out of good size Shrimp, and have maybe 3 tiny ones left.
IT'S SPRING FOR SURE, NOW. Here's the progression in a nut shell. It's Blues First...(although they seem to have been here all damn winter.) Then, the Jacks, then the Spanish Mackerel come next, then the C-O-B-S-L-O-B-S...the Cobia. Then Kingfish, then after that, it's Tarpon & Shark time. And it's Summer all over again. But never fear. I'm already gearing up for targeting Larger TROUT, and have another "Keep-Alive oxygen infuser", live well for the boat coming (I'll be carrying 2, 14 gallon tanks. one for shrimp the other for special baits), and have plans on using some different baits and tactics this spring and summer, because I want BIG Trout.
Ya' know....It's just my addiction. Some are into 7-striped Jetty Snappers. Some are into Flounder, mine are those pretty speckled types, that get me all excited. Especially really large ones.
It's apparently obvious, on my side of the fence that some thing is really backwards. The winds are lighter this weekend, the sun brighter, but I have no charters booked....."because the weather will be actually nice." I just had 6 trips in a row reserved of course, during some of the worst winds I've fished in 2007. So that's why I have a saying, "if its blowin' I'll be charter fishing, that's for sure." It's sort of a fishing guides joke, we all talk about amongst eachother.
So Monday morning at day break, I'll be out there somewhere hunting down some Trout. And ya know what? The weather will probably be great! (just another observation from the other-side, of the fishing business)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

3/22 - Leave it up to March

Just doing an update, here.
yesterdays charter, because I had locals that could, we're pushing it back to sometime in April.
Tomorrows trip (Friday) is suppose to depart at noon, I just don't know if that's a good thing, or not. I'm just looking for a falling tide.
But because of the bla,bla Equinox the tides are really powerful, this time around on the new moon.
Had friends out yesterday, and they certainly didn't look thrilled afterwards.
The East winds are just playing hell with us on the river, and I thought I was the nutty one, because no one was really talking about it.
Because most people I talked to are "casual" fisherman, just going when they can. And don't have to try and get kids catching fish in very tough conditions.
And just last night the "Weather Guessers" on TV started mentioning how bad the ocean would be...........they finally woke up from behind the desk and said..."damn the ocean should be messy because of all this!"
So, there maybe a good, bad or indifferent report after Friday's trip. But now you know what incessant East 15-20 knot winds does to the charter fisherman out there, at the height of a busy "Spring Breaker" week.
One thing is a sure bet, this HIGH that's sitting there creating all this East Wind will eventually go away and things do turn around, again.

Monday, March 19, 2007

3/19 - More Spring Breakers and EAST winds

Had Carl B. his son Danny and his friend and his son aboard today. It's still spring break, and the kids have off, so it was the "boys day out".
But again....the heavy duty due east winds were incessant.......AGAIN!
And this really effected the fishing, well its affected the Trout fishing a lot.
But first off, (ALERT, ALERT....Editorial forth coming) I supply 2 coolers on my boat, each one is 72 qts. And each one is filled with fresh clean ice each day. If any thing gets me fired up it's buying ice and coolers and not using them. I go days on end not using the cooler and ice I have provided for drinks & sandwiches. WHY??? Because my instructions are disregarded.
I tell everyone, "bring your "whatever" in a plastic bag, leave a cooler in your vehicle for when we get back for your fish fillets, I have coolers and ice".
And the cooler size is what it is because you do not need any more supplies than a 72 qt cooler can provide. So, (in the photo) my white 72 qt cooler sits full of ice, with two coolers full of Gilligan's Island provisions. More food than has EVER been in my refrigerator in my entire adult life. Does anyone need all that? NO. I got this way, back when I was in the offshore fishing business. I supplied a 200 qt cooler for just fish and bait, and another cooler box built into the boat that was 120 qt. And still I had to convince people to take all that stuff back to their truck! You will not eat all that or drink those 75 bottles of Gatorade!!!
So as you can see the boys caught some fish. Largest was a 22" Redfish. But it was a tough day, that's for sure. They caught another small 14" Redfish, a small Flounder, one small Trout, and a bluefish. THAT WAS IT! And as usual I even extended the day a little while to try a few more spots.
Everywhere we went it was challenging for these boys, if they knew it or not. Today would have been tough for the highly skilled, even. It was because of the wind.
And I just realized, after talking to my neighbor about this week so far, that this has to be the first strong tide week, that I couldn't get the "keeper size" Trout going. I could have, if they possessed the skills to fish the area. But as Carl said today, "people some times I'm sure don't realize what you have to do to catch good fish." And Carl was so right, especially about today.
Things are looking really good for the upcoming months. Multiple Corporate bookings, meaning multiple boats, multiple days.
Three more days, to go.....and just one more with a junior spring breaker.
Damn, if the wind actually lays down and I can get complete concentration, we may be back into the Trout. Damn, that would actually be nice!
This time last year, I was knee-deep in big fat Specks every single day I was out that had "some" version of a falling tide.
Is my frustration evident? Because I'm trying to keep a handle on it.

3/19 - Special

I had a request to put up here on the Blog Page the rigging of the float. I can't remember who asked.....but someone did.
It's all on my Fishing Report page too, along with the weather links for Mayport, and season calendar.
But, you can also go hog wild with modifications, as I do. I use Salmon Stalker Floats, one ounce, Trout weights, very long leaders, and very small hooks, so the shrimp can "carry" the hook rather than being weighted down by it. (plus I also make adjustable rattling popping corks for shallow water applications)
But the rig is only one thing......using it is another. Have your bait about a foot off the bottom in which you are drifting. "How do you do that??" It's real simple. Take a 4 ounce sinker with a piece of wire on it and hang it on your float-rigs hook and drop it over the side of the boat.
The heavy 4 oz sinker will take the whole rig under water. Keep adjusting your "stopper knot" till the float is only pulled 12 inches under water, by the 4oz lead. Un-wire the 4 oz. sinker off your float-rig hook and now you'll be set up for your bait being one foot from the bottom. You should only have to do this if you want to be exact, or do not know the depth, or sometimes I do it in very deep water, just to really be perfect. But if you're in 8 feet of water and that's where your drift will be basically and you use a 7 foot rod......measure against your rod. It's that EZ.
But in fishing there is no "exact", or "perfect", so do not be afraid to go a tad longer after a few drifts with no bites or a drift a tad (6-8") shorter, if you're still not getting bit. Always play with your depth till you start getting Targeted species in the boat.
If I know I'm after Reds or Flounder I may set up to about drag closer to the bottom with my shrimp.
Reds are pigletts.....always rooting around on the bottom, and of course Flounder are there too.
Sheepshead, Trout, Yellowmouths, Drum, Flounder, Jacks, Ladyfish, Croakers, Tarpon, Sharks, Whiting, Pompano, and Porgies are a sampling of what I have had caught on this versatile rigging method.
And if you're doing it right, you hardly even loose a hook, or get snagged. That's the wonderful thing about it!
People stay busy, it's interactive, light tackle fishing where the angler has to always paying attention. To me it's similar to Fly Fishing that you can take it to many levels of expertise. And fishing areas that require a special touch, after mastering.
It teaches you to pay attention to the tides, currents, and velocity of the water movement. Underwater structure, hard bottom, and where the fish stage at various tides. Its a great learning tool, no doubt.
This traditional N.E. Florida method of fishing the St. Johns river, can be used in the creeks, the river, the ICW, the jetties, and the surf. It helps immensely if you know how to "cast" a Bait cast reel, and I laughing when I see the float-rig used with a spinning reel......"this person really ain't with the program or is from Miami", is what I'm thinking. I'm an ANTI-SPINNER.....I hate them aweful things! (I have my reasons!)
All casting is nothing more than a "pitch" over to the area...or away from the boat, not some long bomb cast. Because you should always be ahead or along side the area you're wanting to fish. I call the position of the boat the "point of origin". Because that's where you begin your drift from....not on top of the spot. This isn't bottom fishing. Stay clear of where you think the fish are. Do not disturb that area.
Gotta go get ready to do this afternoons charter. So I have to close up shop. But I hope some of this was helpful.
Report coming tonight.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

3/18 - Quick time tide......

Had Chuck R. and two boys out today. They were here along with all the girls for a Cheer leading competition down town. And as Chuck said; "We are not hanging around to watch all that...."
So we left out in the cold and I mean C-O-L-D, NNE winds, to see what the boys could catch.
I, was having flash backs. Flash back memories of February, more like the first week of February.
Because the cold wind burned as we ran down the river at even 9am.
And once on location I just had a feeling it was gonna take a long while to warm up...and it did.
I stayed in my heavy fleece Grundens fisherman's jacket, with a fleece vest underneath, and insulated slicker pants all the way till almost 3pm. Can't imagine how the 3 of them felt in light sweatshirts.
The tide finally started falling. And they caught some Trout, mostly small ones with maybe a few keepers thrown in. Then moved and picked up a few small pupper Reds, and more smaller Trout, and a Flounder, then went back to the Redfish spot again and caught some more small Reds. Then went into the river and went to a spot HIGHLY affected by the wind and caught zero.......then went back in to the same creek and caught a Bluefish and 3 Flounder at dead low tide, plus plenty of those bait stealing yella perch.
And man was it low. The falling tide is a negative 1 foot, and the High tide was a 5.0 foot so we're looking a a 6 foot tide, and when it gets low, it gets low. But I'm sure it could have been lower, if the NNE wind possibly wasn't holding the tide in the river.
BUT...we never hooked a big fish all day. Anchoring was a struggle in the wind, staying on the spot, and of course the boys were just learning to fish.
They all had a big time, but I wanted to get some bigger fish for Chuck, the adult avid fisherman. But no matter what we did I just couldn't find a spot that was BIG fish friendly in the NNE wind.
The boys including Chuck caught some fish and learned A LOT, because Chucks fishes the Gulf, and our tides were definately new to him.
The forecast is really unbelievable for the rest of the week. East winds projected, and at least 10-15 knots. I hope, maybe one day out of all of these reserved during "spring break for kids", I'll get a comfortable day on the water.
I have some Amelia Island customers Tuesday, and I think I'm just going to pick them up that way, and fish there. I certainly do not know it as well, but at least I'll be working my way towards my goal of knowing the area a lot better.
Have Ole Carl B. (the hog farmer) and his son, the neighbor and his son tomorrow. (like I said, it's Kids week with spring break from school) I can't wait to get some of that organically raised pork, in sausage, bacon, and Boston butt form.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

3/17 - step back.....take a look....reschedule....

My dad said, "It'll be interesting to see how many of these 6 days in a row that ya have reserved in March, that you actually get out."

I was thinking the same damn thing.

Here's #1:

6:00 am report from National Marine Weather Service:


Friday, March 16, 2007

3/16 - MORE WIND! (how much can I actually take?)

Had Pat W. aboard today from out around Liveoak Florida.
As you can see in the photos it doesn't look windy, because when we got started it wasn't........but just give it an hour or so. That's when the west winds blew like stink. Pat got kinds side tracked, and lost some "time on the road". And we ended up leaving the dock almost 40 minutes late. OUCH.....that hurt us. Because this was a 1/2 day trip, and the tide and current doesn't wait for anyone. Add in a huge blow from the west and you have water exiting the Big St. Johns River at mach 10 on a falling tide. So needless to say, that fouled me all up.
Can ya feel a commentary coming on?????? I do.
People, people, please leave with adequate time to travel to the boat ramp, and get lost also. If your coming from France, then leave France with time to spare, because I'll be at the boat ramp waiting on you. I'm ALWAYS EARLY. And if we leave earlier than we're supposed to then treat it like you're getting a Free-bee. Everyone likes things for free, right?
So off we go Pat and his son and daughter. I pull up to the "sacred spot"of of mine, same one I "Pre" fished yesterday in the howling S.E. 20+ knot conditions. And upon our arrival the west wind was just starting. Then it would stop. So in the middle of getting them fishing I have to re-adjust the boat on anchor twice. Not good, when your making noise in 3.3 feet of water!!
And then, and just then I realized something! Hit me in the face with a big ole cast iron skillet, kinda realizing.....
This spot really doesn't want to produce the same on a hard west wind as it does on almost any other wind direction. And I have the "notes and tallies" mental and physical, to prove it. WOW, but now its too late.
So we catch some Reds, small ones and the largest at 26" at 6-1/2 pounds, and that be it folks.
Now the tides current...over, what ever you'd like to call it. And the wind is blazing from the west. So I try a few other things, and NADA!
The "Front" has officially arrived in my fishing mind.
So I resort to going out towards the Navy Base. Realize we're at the 3.5 hour mark of a 4 hour trip now. I anchor up. The anchor pops loose and we get a case of haul azz.....backwards in the wind. I try again...No Dice, says momma nature. What do I need a Tug Boat anchor to hold in this wind????
So I opt to give them a tour to the jetties. Dolphins everywhere, birds diving, and the south Jetty at dead low slack water was like someone took a million dump trucks of dirt and dumped it in the water, the sandy color is a dead give-away that there's NO good fishing here....its the jetties saying, "Hey Dave. Here's yer sign! Now go away!" But like the hard head I am, I attempt to anchor in the sandy bottom, and the anchor (a brand new Jettywolf anchor) again will not hold in the wind.
Pat says, "Dave its okay we gotta get going anyhow." So we come back and I clean the 26" Red and they headed home.
So that was it, but they saw the coast, the river, caught some fish, had one keeper, took pictures of either Dolphins or the water, and learned how this coastal guy lives day to day, with the weather issues.
Tomorrow?? I guess its still 20 knots out of the Northeast. This ought to be a fun one for me. At least its two past clients from a previous trip last summer.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

3/15 - Not a great day for the Speck Hunter...but rather the 'spot' Hunter

Ya wanna talk WIND,
I can tell ya all about wind!
Man, it was either just one hell of a blazing "sea-breeze" or just the start of this front coming through that would give ya' a rash on your face like road burn with out the pebbles stuck to your skin. all I can say, as my face is still burning.
As you can see, I caught Fish. And I mean I caught some fish! For the kind of day it was.
I left out at 12:30pm and was back to the dock at 5:00pm. But first I went to the jetties...."Huge Mistake", because I didn't catch but one Trout, a real nice 20 incher. But the tide wasn't gonna be coming in and be 1/2 up (the way I wanted it) for a while. And the sheepherders out there are unreal.
(ALERT...ALERT, I sense a commentary brewing)
Do those fish ever get a break? I still haven't figured all that out yet. And we surely are celebrating the fact that this part of Florida "isn't" main stream Florida, with the Sheepshead declared the "King of inshore fish". I was really getting kinda sick of it after two days of reminders this last week. 1st - I was in the bait shop, and a long time acquaintance says, "are ya getting those Sheepshead?" I said, "you know, I don't target them, Jimmy." "What? Why not? Damn, Dave....bla....bla...bla...Then what the hell do ya fish for?" 2nd - I was getting gas at a station in Mayport, and I see the ole manager of the bait shop I go to with his wife.
We talked about how slow the pumps are, when he says...."ya getting on them Sheepshead?"
I don't have to tell you my responses. (end of commentary)
So to continue the way today went. I ran west from the jetties and right then the wind started howling. And it just got windier as the day went on. But, as I got inshore I found the tide REALLY LOW....I mean, so low that I was shocked. But not disappointed. There was white caps blowing across the top of the water up in the shallows, though.
And of course the falling tide was about over and even though the current was "bucked" by the SE wind, it barely had enough power to move my Float-Rig, which I was amazed.
I had up in 2-3 feet of water...
6-Redfish, mostly puppers, up to the one pictured that was 27 inches, and was BEAUTIFUL and donned a total of 28 spots (those tandem spots were really unique, huh?)
3- Trout total, a 20 incher at the Jetties, and a 20 incher (pictured) and a 16 incher, up in the shallows. I really wanted to find more of them, but I was a bit restricted, by the 25 kt Gusts!!!
5 - Flounder.....Man, do I wish I brought some ICE!!!!! All 5 were 16-20 inches and very fillet-able.
So, here I go. Starting a whole months worth of charters in a matter of the next two weeks, starting tomorrow. Yeah, you got that right, tomorrow it's supposed to rain. HEY, I DON'T PICK THE DAYS!!!!!!!!
Then on Saturday it's suppose to be 20 knots from the north, and get cold. (just a reminder that it's March not June!!)
You can easily see here on this Blog page. I don't pick them for myself, either. I just GO every other day with or without a charter. Some days are more challenging then others, but for me it's a walk in the park no matter what the weather compared to what it is for a total novice. I can't wait to see what the next 6 days in a row will be like. Some how I always get into this kind of schedule. I hear it's spring break??
Just remember...
It's Just Fishin'.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

3/13 - A New Face & Giant Shrimp Vs. T-routz

What a day!
I'm up and bright eyed and bushy headed at 0500 hrs this morning, so I decide to go fishing.
But remember, "again" the west coast bait shrimp guys are having some sort of problem, and there might not be any live shrimp today...
So at 6:15 I call the bait shop. "hey Rusty this is Dave, ya'll have some shrimp?" "Yeah we have shrimp, but they're big.", Says the owner. "Okay, I'll see ya alittle later".
So I finish my coffee ,while listening to my Clan ne Gael, CD. And load the boat with my swords (aka: Fishing rods). I get to the bait shop and Rusty wasn't kidding...The shrimp are like 6 inches long. Local Eatin' Sizers. But at least they are shrimp.....maybe 12-16 count types that were destined for the seafood market, but now destined for my hook.
(SEE THAT PHOTO OF THE SHRIMP ABOVE? Each one of those white stripes is an inch. I took the photo so you could see that the shrimp easily measure 6 inches long!!)
Actually, this wasn't a good thing, if your a Float Freak, trout hunter. They were WAY too big, and died easily on the return of a drift, they weigh too much and although in the other photo, you can see I could just reach in and pull out the shrimp from the trouts mouth, because even Fat and Healthy Ocean run Trout couldn't choke them down before I set the hook on them.
I had to let the float go under and then do at least a 5 count before striking on the fish.
I fished today from The jetties to Nassau Sound, and then back to the jetties. I caught Trout at both places. But "again", the falling tide was really weak. I started at the jetties and caught no Trout, so I bottom fished. I caught 3 Whiting and my first Stingray of the spring season, because there was no current. That's when I said "I think I'll run to the sound, and get out of here for a while".
I caught Trout up there on a new spot, didn't catch any on an old spot, and then moved to another old spot and had (5) 15-18 inchers in 5 casts just as soon as the anchor came tight, and then they just shut down......or I caught them all, either way. So I ran back to the Mayport jetties (both ways via the Ocean, damn my new boat rides the open ocean nice.)
The Bluefish are still chewing anything that moves at the jetties, but at least I found the Trout chewing too. And caught about 10 all between 18-20 inches. Lost a Sheepshead, and fed a very annoying seagull at least 4 giant shrimp. Or more like it stole 4 giant shrimp from me. Another huge annoyance.
So I had my 5 keepers, out of 22 Trout. (I wish they'd make the Sheepshead limit 5 and the Trout limit 10).
Now for the NEW FACE thing...I had one person actual say something today. Buck at B&M Bait and Tackle. My Face or more like cheeks have not seen day light in over 12 years, because I've been the "red bearded guy". So to update my image, I'm now a Goatee wearer. It's funny how only one person out of 5 that I spoke to face to face even noticed and said something. The problem is now I have to keep with it. The beard thing was because I'm lazy, and have always hated shaving. Maybe Goatee's...Can change my luck.
What weather were having huh? Ya'll missed another beautiful day.
I just hope that it stays decent for the run of trips I have starting on Friday. But most of all I hope we'll have some Normal size bait shrimp, and hope to have shrimp at all. Something always goes wrong with the Gulf coast Shrimp right when I have a whole month of charters crammed into a 10 day stretch.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

3/11 - Early Rising...Blurry eyed and Fogged

Had some really nice people aboard today. The Kennedy Clan. Mom, Dad, and bother and sister. Son, Sam I had on the boat back in February, with 3 of his Navy Buddies. But this time his family was visiting, so dad said, "Lets go fishin'". When Sam was out with me in Feb. we fished the falling tide on a cold but sunny day and we targeted Reds up in the shallows. This time we had a few hours of the falling tide, and not such a strong one either.
But Cappy Dave made do.
Pictured, is Sam's sister and dad. Between the (4) of them his sister caught all but one of the keeper size Trout. And as you can see we fished the jetties to start off. The current was really weak, and the scourge of the jetties the Bluefish were ravenous. But we picked and poked a few Keeper trout out of the spot, and had a TON of 14 inchers. And a small Sheepshead.
THIS IS THE SAME SPOT THAT LAST YEAR ON MARCH 6TH WE ABSOLUTELY SLAYED THE BIGGER TROUT. (I put up a photo of last March 6th's stinger...see the other posts)
But this ain't last year.
So we moved on so to not feed all to the dinks and Blues our precious live shrimp, Inwhich B&M bait and tackle had ZERO of. They were out on another gorgeous weekend. "OUCH...thats gotta hurt."
But by now the tide was coming in and we picked and poked around and caught more trout, again all dinks.
But we they had fun anyhow.
I knew it was a lot to ask, but I asked Delk, Sam's dad, to be at the boat ramp at 6:30am.
Add in the time change, and we all were loosing sleep.....I know after fishing till late yesterday, I was a ball of silly puddy this morning. Because I did yesterdays Blog entry at almost 11pm, and lost an hour of sleep and had to be up and boat loaded and at the ramp by at least 6:15am. So I arose at the prime hour of 5:00 am.
So I'm pretty tired right now. But I'm always on top of things concerning fishing, and my reports are fishing related, so there ya have it. This is a "must do" in my book. (all for you, the reader)
The river traffic was heavy, but not until after 10am.
We didn't end up leaving till 7:12am, because of it being so damn dark still and FOGGGGGY.
I mean thick stuff over the river. I was afraid to attempt a dark and foggy departure. I'm a Die-Hard, but not stupid. Especially with clients aboard.
So we caught some fish at least with the slow and death like tide. Totaling 25+ Trout and the Sheepshead, but with only 6-8 keeper Trout in the box.
I know slow tides mean, DINK-VILLE. But lately this is rediculas.
No reds up in my creek area....may have had a pupper hooked up but it got off.
This week the tides will continue to be slow till at least Thursday.
Then I have a Friday and Saturday & Monday reserved........"I HAVE SUNDAY OPEN..."
Which has near perfect tide times and flow. It's a 6 foot falling tide at 8am....WOW.
Anyone up for a Sunday Trout & Redbass trip??
I know I had a lot of you email me that you read the reports and want to go learn a new trick.
So Sunday 3/18, is your chance. (11am-5pm)
Lets see if any of the readship of this report page truely wants to pony-up a quality charter.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

3/10 - Late day falling tide, BLITZ

Took Tom W. out today for a late day falling tide whammo. The breeze from the N.E. was still up, but nothing like yesterday. Although it was still chilly.
Since we had a very weak tide (all this week).
And one Beldar Conehead after another, driving by us. It made for a very anxious start, for me since I hate other people in boats near me.
"I need to start fishing another part of this State to get some consideration". And I know where that is it'll just take me another 25 years to learn it as well as I know where I fish now. You can quote me on this: "You will not catch BIG TROUT very often where there is incessant boat traffic." I've R&D'd that topic to death, and that's my findings.
So we started out picking thru the small Trout, in between the pinfish bites. Because there wasn't any current, and the water temp is now a good 65 degrees. When you have big time current, and cold water, is when you will feed most of your bait to only the targeted species. But we're about out of that scene for now. So take more shrimp cuz you're gonna need it.
Either way, the later it got the more people went home....Thank you. And left some of my favorite spots wide open. We only went to (1) spot that didn't produce a single fish, and that's surely because of boat traffic all damn day.
So as you can see in the pics, Tom smoked me! I told him, I'm such a great "host & coach" I want him to catch all the fish, even though I fished right along with him. He caught the Redbass. Largest was 27" exactly and the other was 26-1/2". And we boxed a only 5 Trout, 16-19 inches.
But we must have had no less that 20 Trout total.......THERE WAS SO MANY DINKS!!!!!
But Tom had a Blast, and learned a lot, he said. Tom's a fisherman already. So he appreciated and understood the Saturday traffic, that's gonna get nothing but worse as the season progresses..
Tom and I observed, that there's a lot of people who need to go buy a chart of the river, because we watched no less that 5 boats drive into the bottom today. If these people had even a small clue that it takes water to float a boat, they wouldn't have gone there. And these are the people you drive next too in traffic....damn that's scary!
This is the way to go fishing (hint, hint) Take the tide that insure bites. (the one I've been talking about for weeks and months.) Take the best 4 hours. Plan your day. Get 4 dozen shrimp, leave when the tides right, fish those 4 hours, come home with more fish than you can eat in a week. And save yourself a lot of frustration.
Tomorrow......(4) people, bad tide, 6:30am start time, "God please let there be no 20 knot wind!"

3/9 - Cold & Windy, and a follow-up story.

W-I-N-D-Y....was the word for today.

More like, "an airborne attack from the North East, at 20 knots Skipper, should we drive up the sails??"

I was out early. And should have just stayed home. Because my heart just wasn't into it. It was a waste of shrimp and fuel for me today, I just wasn't in the mood for fighting the weather once again. It seems that's all I do any more.

At high tide I went and caught a bunch of small Trout on a MirrOlure on a submerged Mud flat, and that was about it. And constantly wonder why this spot never holds a single Trout over 14 inches, no matter what. So I'm Xing it off of my Map.

But, to FOLLOW-UP on a previous story....

I was catching zero, and ready to go home, by the tide got low'ish. And Nick who fished with me last week to get some "pointers & tips", comes on by in his 17' SeaChaser the Red Drummer.

We talk as I sat on a rock hard spot, with two lines out with light lead looking to get a Sheepshead bite...(waiting on the falling tide) in which I received zero. So Nick took off and went float fishing in a creek, and later called and said he caught an 18" Flounder. But his float rig wouldn't stand up for some reason. Since my power of observation is very keen, I noticed his big ole Float was too big for his trout lead when he came by earlier. I said, "Your floats to big for your lead, that's why....come over here and get a lead off me."

I was wanting to pack it up and go home. So Nick pulled up minutes later and I gave him a few weights to try. Because when Float rigging, your float must stand up straight, on the drift. (It's a trial and error thing, because 99% of the floats out there do not tell ya what size lead to use. The only ones that do are Salmon Stalkers, by Premier Plastics found in Cabelas.)

So, as Nick and I shot the bull for a few more minutes, I pointed to an area that he ought to try. I said, "You need to go over there.....and anchor up along that bank in 8-9 foot of water because if you don't I might." Since EVERYTHING....EVERYTHING lately is about the low tide, there ought to be some Trout in there.

So Nick takes off, and I go home. I get a call a a few hours later, while slopping together some thing that resembles a supper for myself. It was Nick, and he said he caught Trout, some small, some good keepers. I said EMAIL A PIC TO ME. And I'll do a follow-up story.

PICTURED ABOVE...a 25 incher. That has to be a 5 pound Gator Trout?

Man, was I happy for him, and sad I didn't go over to that spot I sent him too, myself.

But the point is, a day or two of "Coaching" can go a long way....a very long way. Although there was still some coaching going on today too, the guidance he received on our two trips together was worth their weight in gold. I hope, Nick is on his way to being a Full Time Float Freak now. He's got good tackle, he bought a G. Loomis Popping rod, and a Abu Garcia Chrome rocket reel. He's got a good fishing boat, that drafts no water, but has BIG water capabilities too. And now he's got an idea pf what to follow to find his own good spots, and get his own groove going.

And best of all, when he buys two dozen shrimp for a 1/2 day trip after work, he'll come home with Fish, not with two dozen shrimp still in his live well.

This is what a Private one person weekday charter can do for you. If you want to improve on your skills......FAST!

I get a lot of e-mails, and people think it's a magic spot, a magic day. There's no such thing as Magic, you have to learn to make your own magic. And that's called local fishing knowledge.

Or you can do what one guy does to me, and others. He follows me around all the time. His name I think is Doug, and we call him "the shadow". He knows just enough to be dangerous and maybe someday he'll get his boat shot with a flare gun and sunk at the jetties, if he keeps pissing people off. THAT IS NOT THE WAY TO DO IT.

Nick's another happy angler on his way to "float-freakdom". Now maybe he can teach me to play the Bongo's or something. Since he is drummer (percussionist).

Thursday, March 8, 2007

3/8/07 The Weather Guessers

Looks like they had their
heads up their -----, again with the forecast.
Today is the "variable winds 5-10 knots" that I surely did not experience yesterday. Although that's what the Guessers said it would be.
More like 15kts west, than ESE!
Sure wish I went today rather than yesterday. The weather guessers can surely screw you over.
And another beautiful day, that we could have spent wackin' them......and if not at least having it EZ trying.
Bring a client, then you'll have a receipt that's tax deductible. I do receipts.
Monthly Charters:
6 or 12 months, once a month or more...perfect for companies. And with a payment in Full, you lock yourself into a discounted rate. And isn't that what every ones looking for, a good deal?
Weekly charters:
Reserve two trips in the same week and receive a $100 discount.
Single angler weekday charters:
Businessman's day off, or travelling and just stopping by J-ville for a day or two. Call for a special weekday single anglers rate.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

3/7/07 - Another beautiful day.

Well I went out solo again, on another beautiful day. Can't wait for someone to actually want to go when it's nice instead of blowin or cold.
Don't get all excited......That's James manager of B&M bait and tackle holding the 5+ pound Striper he caught early this morning down in "XXX creek" between Mayport and Palm Valley.

He came by and wanted me to take a picture of it for him, so I did.
Like I said here we had three fantastically nice days in a row.....had a call for this week, but I guess they couldn't pony-up.
I don't think people go to all my web site pages, because I just answered yet another email about prices. I think it's pretty plain and simple if you look at it on "my inshore-coastal trip page". It's "all inclusive".....meaning I supply you the very best tackle, ice, coolers, licenses, fish cleaning (filleting, deboning, skinning), just show up dressed for the day and with a bag containing your lunch if you feel the need to eat one. (most do, and most over do it)

Today, wasn't at all what they (the weather guessers) were calling for though. Remember I said that the tide carries and atmosphere with it? Well, I wish you were there, because I was happily catching one Trout after another on the high tide over a shell bar, and as soon as the tide changed the wind came up and blew 15 knots from a dead still morning, just an hour earlier. And it stayed that way for quite a while. Which made things really tough. Because it started out as a SW and turned Easterly as the day wore on. Due East and due West 15kts or better is a real bitch in the river. And the tide seemed to take forever before it actually got low (when I catch my best fish).

Again, I guess it's my wickedly bad azz boat, but I get so many stares I wanna shout, "take a damn picture it'll last longer" so again today I took no photos, because I don't feel like showing ever knuckle head out there my fish, I just caught. It's not EZ doing a self taken photo, without killing the fish.
Plus, it was so nice that 1/2 of Jacksonville didn't go to work, they were out on the river like it was a Holiday weekend. The absolute most inconsiderate idiots were drawn to me with a magnetic force, for some reason. Blowing by in 4 feet of water right across where I was fishing at full plane....(mind you, this was up in a creek!!) I guess the inconsiderate's act that way because they obviously were let out of their cage on a weekday.
All I can say is they'd hate life if I did that to them. And I'm gonna start doing it too.

I'm gonna do onto others as they do on to me.

So do not email me, or come up to me and complain, because every other idiot with that got a new boat for Christmas, just ruined it for you and me. I'm gonna do as they do me, and that's completely ignore that fact that your fishing a spot.
Besides all that I had a bunch of Trout...small ones and keeper sizers up to 19" being the largest. I never caught a Red, or a Flounder or anything else all day. I did hook a Sheepshead but lost it, because it "crunched my hook closed" wonder. They're Sheep!
I was in severe economy mode and never fished any further away from the boat ramp than maybe 2-3 miles. But probably had 25 Trout and finished up catching them on a MirrOlure 52MR.

I did go east of the boat ramp once. And re-confirmed why I haven't fished the Jetties area in almost 2 months.......BLUEFISH everywhere! Like swarms of roaches, pecking and pecking the shrimp into pieces. This already isn't the same March "out there" as last year was.
By the 6th of March last year it was a free for all on BIG Trout at the inlet. (THE OTHER PHOTO ON TOP OF PAGE, is Glen Feigum's Trip photo's......Him and his son in law wore them out in just one spot for hours up to 5 pounds! That's thier stringer of 15 keepers out of 30+ caught at the Inlet.)

Next up is a Sunday charter, and as far as my book says, there will be NO CURRENT, and if we want any falling tide at all, we'll have to depart at 6:30 in the morning, and being Daylight savings time, it'll be plenty dark still at that time. Then the rest of the day is an incoming tide.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

3/6- Wonderful weather.....You Choose.

What would you rather be doing?

Out wackin them like the GUZZINO BOYS last March.....or walkin' the nasty streets of Blizzardville?

Have ya'll looked outside???

8:30am Tuesday March 6th - did ya miss fishing today again?

Wind Direction (WDIR):
NNW ( 330 deg true )

Wind Speed (WSPD):
6.0 kts

Wind Gust (GST):
9.9 kts

Atmospheric Pressure (PRES):
30.35 in

Air Temperature (ATMP):
58.3 °F

Water Temperature (WTMP):
59.2 °F

Wind Chill (CHILL):
55.0 °F

SUN-LEVEL (fish-ability, and makes ya feel really good inside)

C'mon people.....this is it. Don't call in July and think the inshore fishing is gonna be as good as it is right now.

Monday, March 5, 2007

3/5 - Figure this.....

Had Nick out again today, and it sure was a beautiful day, although kinda chilly at times.
But I felt confident, because I was out yesterday alone in that gale of wind, and put a hurting on some nice Redfish, in just a matter of 2+ hours. Although Nick's trip is to figure out this thing called "Float fishing", that we always talk about between each other, there's nothing like doing a trip or two so to have one hundred percent of the teachers attention. And that kind of personal guidance goes along way.
But get this, out of at least 12+ Redfish, not a single one was big enough to keep. AND WE EVEN HIT THE SAME SPOT I FISHED YESTERDAY, AT THE EXACT SAME TIDE. If you could figure this one out and be able to prove what the deal was, you'd never need a charter, and I wouldn't have to take you.
And the Trout? A lot of 14-3/4 inch Trout too, with 10 keepers between 16 to 18". I'm was hoping to get some bigger ones. But then again me hit some pretty diverse places, rather than going to just big Trout areas.
And it sort of worked out for us with Sheepshead and Black Drum instead. Plus, Nick got himself a Capt. Dave Approved Float rigging outfit. A G. Loomis Rod, matched with a Abu Garcia 6500 Chrome Rocket reel. Functionality, in a gorgeous but serious float'n package.
Nick should be all set now. You can read about it, you can practice on your own, but a little coaching goes a long way, especially with good tackle.
We finished up at the Ship Yard spanking some Trout (mixed sizes) in the least place most people would (except for me) fish for them, and used every single shrimp in the live well.
Nick said, he would buy 2 dozen sometimes and come back with almost 2 dozen at the end of the day.....he's never used every single shrimp before, till fishing with me.
And today, we scrounged and even used the tiny little hiders in the well, and caught fish right down to the last little shrimp.
Commentary: (oh no not commentary!!)
-as I told Nick today. When that water temp. gets into the "solid" 60's, look for all hell to break loose. The fishing is pretty damn good right now, and has been. Evident is the posts on this daily blog page of mine. And as you may or may not know, I fish about every other day with passengers or I have zero reason to exaggerate. I don't have too. There's always tomorrow or the next day.
No one catches coolers full every single day...although some would make you believe they do. They're the ones that make me doubt every movement of their lips. But what's most important is having fun, sharing stories, and learning something new.
Damn, we had fun today and we even got sun burn too.
Rest of the pics from today are on my recent catch pages #1

Sunday, March 4, 2007

3/4-Blowing so hard there was seas in the creek

Just check out the seas in the creek I was fishing...(just a joke).
But my day started out, at 6am and as I let the dog out to the backyard, I could feel the wind. My back door faces Greenfield creek area, back behind Chico-pit. But I had no plans on fishing at all. I planned to go Monday. So I took a ride over to B&M bait and tackle (aka: the office) with a quick Coffee -Mocha-Java from the Zippy Mart accross the street from the shop.
And here comes the people or more like the weekend borg's...going no matter what because it was still the weekend. (I remember when I was in those shoes)
I was so bored yesterday, and I woke up bored as hell. So like the BORG, I told JB at B&M, get me 4 dozen shrimp preped, I'm going home to get the boat. I can't take this any longer I'm going stir crazy.....I gotta F-I-S-H! And in 15 minutes I was back at the bait shop and dumping my 48 count of shrimp into the livewell.
The tide was falling but still high enough. And the wind was sort of bareable. First spot, 19" Trout, and a small Redfish about 17". Next spot 3 small Trout. Remember when I say "spot", I mean next anchor location. Not a distant land from eachother. A move 50 yards, or 50 feet to me is a "next spot". Third spot, that area in the photo at the top of the page. The same place I see a lot of people park and chuck out baits, and then wait. But not this time, and not me.
First pitch into the current, 16" Trout....and then 4 Reds. Three were in a row. All "slot" fish in the 21-14" range. I WAS GONNA TAKE PHOTO'S BUT PEOPLE KEPT PASSING BY ME. And I do not show off fish when I'm catching them. So I never did any self potraits with my digital camera. (plus I was on the phone with a Blog reader at the time when I caught two of them.)
Fished two more spots and finished up my breif day. As the tide fellllower the wind got consistantly stronger. So I was out a whole 2.5 hours, and had enough to satisfy my primal urge to catch a few fish. And felt satisfied again. Remember, this addiction is a terrible desease to have to live with!
But that brings up a topic that many do not think about. TIDE & WIND. Do you realize that the river's tide and water movements carry an atmosphere along with it??
It does though. If you pay attention you will notice that on days like today when the sun is out and it's windy that as the tide falls the wind will get stronger. Many days when the tide changes you can feel the wind change direction. Because the incoming tide is cooler and makes the wind change direction. It's hard to explain, but believe it. The tide and the river's currents carry or change the atmosheric conditions many days enough to really feel/notice the effects.
Just and FYI kinda thing, incase you never noticed it. These are the kinds of things that you can just feel sometimes while out there, and the feel is sometimes good and sometimes bad.
Today it was real bad. As soon as that tide got real low (full moon low) I could tell, I had my fun, and it was time to just go home.
Finished up with about 6-8 Reds, and about 10-12 Trout, which 3 or 4 were good keepers. Just enough to have me wanting to go again tommarrow if the wind settles down.
Hey, lets go fishing. There's a few decent tide days left to choose from, in March and April is still about wide open. Everyone's dragging thier heels this spring I can tell.
Check my NEWS PAGE for details.
Breath the fresh air, and get some vitamin D in your system, along with some fresh fish.
It'll help that fishing desease!

Friday, March 2, 2007

3/2 - Reschedules, New's Page, and Your replies.

Well, lets see. I had a fella and his daughter scheduled for today....(first day of possible trout keeping) and this trip was a reschedule from last week. So we're on our third possible day, now.

Obviously we didn't fish today, "I didn't care....I own a rain jacket", but I gave him the opportunity to ask about rescheduling, as I always do. I let my customer pick the days.

That was some really BIG RAIN, we just had. And the wind seems intermittent though, as the storms pass thru.

(Capt Dave & Long Time client Ken Simpson pictured)

But per a conversation I had with a woman on the phone the other day, she asked if i had a schedule of days that are reserved already for the month, I said, "no I don't have that on my web site..........YET!"

So I put it up on my NEWS PAGE! But understand that there is always a "revision date" above it and things are seriously subject to change. But it'll give you a reference point at least.

PLUS, I put a schedule of events up there also. And mention bad tide dates, Holiday's and possible other dates of interest.

Your replies to my question; "does anyone read this Blog page?" was pretty numerous.

I think so far I had 16 replies, and comments total.

I appreciate them all. Iwas just what I needed to know.

Only one person liked the old "Forum" better.

And one person mentioned that you may have to refresh the page because your computer cashe's the page (remembers it) and you possibly may not see the most recent post, unless you hit "refresh". I said that sounds I asked my local computer guru, aka: Dad.

The reason that may happen is because "you" are visiting this Blog by way of your address bar on top of your screen in your Internet Explorer. NOT THE BEST WAY TO VISIT AN EVER CHANGING WEB PAGE, Dad said. Visit this page the way I was hoping "potential clients" may by via my web site. That's what kinda twerped me off about the forum when I had it. No one went to my web site, just the forum. And consistently missed the new recent catch page photos, the weather links, the rates & policies page. I knew that because, I'd get an e-mail about the report and a question at the same time concerning pricing, and where do I fish, from someone who stumbled thru and found the forum, and thought it was my web site alone. And the funny thing is I hardly ever advertised to the public just the forums address out in Cyberspace. So how that happened 20 times was beyond me.

As a regular viewer, yes you can come right here. But if you find the same report on top of the page you saw last week, it's because your computer just (CASHE) "memorized that page", and brought you to it as fast as it could, rather than returning via the newest page on this Google blog server. (does that make sense?? I hope so.)

You can easily page down and see the whole months reports, that's how I have it set up as per the months. If you want to read an old January report, it'll say January along the side bar of this page with a direct link to the archives I have produced over time.

Whewwwww.....that turned out to be a bigger mouthful than I intended.

Lets go catch us a mess of the Speckley Bastards!!!!!

Check the dates already reserved on the NEWS Page, and give me a call so we can hook up (pun indeed intended)

Damn, I'm ready to get into a riot of Trout mixed with Redbass, and toss in a 7-striped Jetty Snapper when the tide slows up.


"Inshore light tackle fishing is more one on one with your target species than offshore trolling, or even firing a bait down deep over a reef, in my book. Part of the offshore equation is just getting there, in the first place, and I'm not really a boater at heart, I'm an angler.

Inshore, just putting the boat in the water means; you're already there. Which equated to me, I can go more often.

Subtleties in your presentation, finesse, accuracy, small hooks and light leaders around massive structure, industrial waterery habitat's, patches of hard bottom under the shallows all make the challenge for me relaxing as well as frustrating at times. But because I fish my own back yard means I can go fishing more, and satisfy my addiction. And that's what I really suffer from isn't it? A very bad addiction."